Games Dec. 29-Jan. 4 pt. 1

Last week Theresa: 2-2
Season Theresa: 63-43-11

Last week Tyler: 2-2
Season Tyler: 62-28-7

There are a lot of games coming up with the tournaments and due to holiday craziness, we’re splitting up our picks for the next week into two blog posts. Here’s part one.

No. 20 Colorado College and Michigan Tech at the Great Lakes Invitational (Detroit)
Theresa: The Tigers have been a bit of an enigma this year. I’m sure that in the GLI, they’ll want to regain their winning ways, but it may be hard without Jaden Schwartz. Still, I think they’ll win at least one game here. Michigan Tech, on the other hand … I want to pick them to do well, but they’ve got to prove it to me first. CC over Michigan State and Michigan over Michigan Tech; then, Michigan over CC and Michigan State over MTU.

Tyler: The Tigers managed to score five goals without Jaden Schwartz and beat UNO Dec. 19, but only had 24 shots in a shut-out loss two days later. CC took advantage of 11 power plays in Friday’s game and scored three PP goals. I still don’t think CC has the firepower on even strength without the younger Schwartz brother; only 37 even-strength shots all weekend against UNO. CC loses to Michigan State and Michigan beats Michigan Tech, Wednesday. The Tigers beat the Huskies in the consolation game Thursday.

St. Cloud State at the Florida College Classic (Estero, Fla.)
Theresa: At first glance, I had the Huskies pegged to lose both games they played in this tournament. Then, I looked closer to how the other three teams in the tourney are doing this year. Both Maine and Miami are doing well, but Cornell is, right now, floundering a bit in the ECAC. Therefore, I’m inclined to pick SCSU over Cornell, but for them to lose in the championship.

Tyler: Before the season began, this one looked more like a regional than a holiday tournament with SCSU ranked No. 4. The Huskies have fallen from grace and Wednesday’s game against Cornell might be their only chance to get a win with No. 6 Miami and No. 9 Maine waiting on Thursday. Maybe David Eddy’s return at forward Wednesday can spark something offensively for the Huskies. SCSU beats Cornell, loses Thursday.