Games Jan. 7-8

First of all, I’d like to apologize to Tyler because I apparently forgot his picks for the Mariucci Classic. So, before I get into the results, he had picked Minnesota to lose to Union and beat Ferris State and for Bemidji to do it the other way around.

Now, results! Remember, though: for non-fixed tournaments (so Shillelagh, GLI, Florida), only successful picks count. For everything else, losses count against.

Last … month Theresa: 12-5-2
Season Theresa: 75-48-13

Last … month Tyler: 12-3-2
Season Tyler: 74-31-9

Friday, January 7 and Saturday, January 8

Michigan Tech (3-13-2, 1-10-2 WCHA) at St. Cloud State (7-11-2, 3-8-1 WCHA)
Theresa: This one’s tricky. True, SCSU is coming off of a great win at the Florida College Classic; however, they might be reeling due to losing several players off their roster. MTU, on the other hand, played some tough games at the GLI but couldn’t break through with a win. Do I give SCSU the benefit of the doubt? Or do I call a split, picking Tech to finally break their winless streak? I think I’ll go with the latter – SCSU Friday, MTU Saturday.

Tyler: David Eddy had a hand in three of SCSU’s eight goals (1 goal, 2 assists) at the Florida College Classic so his addition to the team could be a huge plus for the Huskies in the second half. Eddy will be a scratch this weekend, according to Mick Hatten of the St. Cloud Times. SCSU will ride the momentum coming off their FCC title and sweep Tech.

Robert Morris at No. 2 North Dakota (14-5-2, 11-3-0 WCHA)
Theresa: How can you NOT pick the Sioux right now? Theoretical second half team aside, UND is rolling. Sioux sweep.

Tyler: It’s the second half of the season, which means it’s time for the Sioux to roll. UND sweep.

Canisius at No. 13 Wisconsin (12-7-3, 6-6-2 WCHA)
Theresa: Canisius is one of the better Atlantic Hockey teams this year, but that’s not saying much as a good chunk of the league is muddled together. The Badgers, on the other hand, seem to be gaining their footing so I think I have to go with a UW sweep.

Tyler: Another East Coast mid-major for the Badgers to beat up on in Madison. UW sweep.

American International at Minnesota State (8-8-4, 4-8-2 WCHA)
Theresa: The Yellow Jackets are typically one of the bottom-feeder Atlantic Hockey teams, but have been doing fairly well lately (3-2 in their last five). However, so have the Mavericks – 6-2 in their last eight. In this situation, I’ve got to go with MSU – ‘Kato sweep.

Tyler: The Mavericks have won 6 of 8 and should win 8 of 10 after this weekend. MSU will continue to roll against one of the nation’s worst defenses but should look out for the Yellow Jackets’ power play (24.4 percent). MSU sweep.

Bemidji State (7-10-1, 4-9-1 WCHA) at Alabama-Huntsville
Theresa: I’m trying to think here. The obvious choice here is a Beaver sweep, given that UAH is pretty terrible and BSU is coming off of a “sweep” at the Mariucci Classic. However, these are old conference rivals and both teams are very familiar with the other. Therefore, I think I’m going to go a bit daring and call a split – BSU Friday, UAH Saturday.

Tyler: Both of these teams have a lot of trouble scoring but Huntsville can’t keep the puck out of their own net. BSU sweep.

Minnesota (9-8-3, 6-6-2 WCHA) and No. 5 Minnesota-Duluth (14-4-3, 9-3-2 WCHA) vs. the U.S. Under-18 Team
Theresa: The future stars of tomorrow can sometimes surprise current D-1 clubs, but I see no reason why either WCHA team should have a problem here. Both Minnesota schools win.

Tyler: Also has the Minnesota schools winning.


  1. Robert Morris leaves its 1100 seat arena to get bombed in UND’s 11,000 seat venue. Morris is a good team and the 8-0 loss was not as bad as the score showed, but the Souix also didn’t play their best in certain areas; Dell is getting better in goal every outing. The Souix are the best team in the country with returning starters; Yale will fade some buit are legitimate.

      • Having UND and Minnesota in the same bracket is a sin. Obviously, I like/dislike them equally but that is just not right eliminating a likely FF team in the Regionals.

        • Kind of happened to HE with the UNH-UML matchup. Feel the pain but at least you guys still have more teams that could mathematically make the Frozen Four. Not a fan of the host rule right now.

        • everyone is giving UND way to much credit. They are not as good as usual. They are a solid team…but by no means are they a shoe in final 4 team. At best they were the 3rd best team in the wcha….and right now I would tell you that they are the 4th best team in the WCHA. Minnesota, SCSU are definitely more skilled and Wisconsin is hotter than hot. I would actually say that Minnesota’s bracket is close to as easy as the East. Although I will admit that UND/Gopher game could produce any result!

          • Pay no attention to nogopher, he just hunts around for MN comments to react to. He pays no attention to the team he “actually” cheers for just spends his time bashing the U

          • If you’ve been on these boards for some time you would know where I own property (Cities), for whom I cheer (ND) and why.

          • I understand where you’re coming from. If my memory and math are right Denver has an incredible edge in the win/loss column over us the last 5+ years. More than any WCHA team I believe. Any stat guys out there licking their chops to correct me? ;)

      • Absolutely. I bet Sioux fans would fill more seats in Providence than what BC could do. Their idea of bracket integrity is absolutely *ucked

        • i know these 2 hate each other, but they were the top 2 teams in the nation with attendance, in addition the arenas were filled at 99.6 and 99.5 capacity,

          • Its crap. I would be pretty mad if I were quinnipiac. Win your game and you may have to play the 6 instead of the 8. and it was just their way to make sure there was one bracket that didnt have a WCHA team in it.

          • half of our conference get in. I call that domination right there. Would I like to play a big national tourney game against the gophers? Absolutely. They are exciting, but make it in the frozen four

  2. QU lucks out with Canisius stealing that bid. If BU or Western Michigan snuck in at 16 (not Robert Morris, though), the Bobcats season would end Saturday night. Now they’ll win one and be done.

  3. BC received the easiest possible road to the frozen four. I’d rank them: Northeast > Midwest > West > East. I ranked west below Midwest due to MN being the clear cut favorite with Yale being weak and Niagara being AHA.

    • Don’t think there is a clearcut favorite in West. You have no idea the rage between UND-Minnesota. Rates up there with us and CC.

    • You have the number one rated team, plus BC, and a frozen four team from last year in Union but the East is weak? Does the East region have any rivalries, no but to say it is weak is rediculous!,

  4. How does Yale make in over WMU? Less wins, more losses, lower winning percentage against TUC, and they compete in weaker conference. I know WMU played very poor late, but still a quality season. Oh well, maybe next year…

    • an even bigger joke is Niagara, beaten 10-2 early in the season by a nobody, swept by lowly Michigan State and no quality wins that I saw I’d take WMU over that crap any day, might as well given ND a bye

  5. Funny how conference matchups are avoided in the first round but almost each bracket contains a possible one in the second round. NCAA loves grouping Mn and No Dak in the same region. Why not just give each a bye to the region final and avoid the pretense of impartiality.

  6. I live 10 min from providence and there is no way i would pay to go to those games. Going to the Northeast regional instead. Great job for predicting the brackets. was hoping you were wrong with north dakota though


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