Boston College has two on All-USCHO first team

Michigan and Boston College each placed three players on the All-USCHO teams, while Denver, North Dakota, and Wisconsin each placed two players.

Leading the way on the first team was the Hobey hat trick of Miami’s Andy Miele (USCHO’s player of the year and the Hobey Baker Award winner), North Dakota’s Matt Frattin, and Boston College’s Cam Atkinson.

They all displayed a potent scoring touch, with Miele and Frattin finishing 1-2 in the country in scoring.

Wisconsin’s Jake Gardiner edged teammate Justin Schultz onto the first team by virtue of his outstanding defensive play. Boston College’s Brian Dumoulin joined him as the other defenseman.

Michigan’s Shawn Hunwick, whose 40-save performance against North Dakota carried his Wolverines into the NCAA championship game (where they fell in overtime to Minnesota-Duluth), was voted as the first-team goalie, rounding out the first team.

First team
F Andy Miele, Miami
F Matt Frattin, North Dakota
F Cam Atkinson, Boston College
D Jake Gardiner, Wisconsin
D Brian Dumoulin, Boston College
G Shawn Hunwick, Michigan

Second team
F Jack Connolly, Minnesota-Duluth
F Chase Polacek, Rensselaer
F Carl Hagelin, Michigan
D Justin Schultz, Wisconsin
D Jon Merrill, Michigan
G John Muse, Boston College

Third team
F Stephane Da Costa, Merrimack
F Paul Zanette, Niagara
F Drew Shore, Denver
D Matt Donovan, Denver
D Chay Genoway, North Dakota
G Pat Nagle, Ferris State

USCHO’s awards were voted on by staff members at the Frozen Four.


  1. Congratulations to Matt Donovan on having secured a berth on USCHO’s third team all star selections. Good luck to matt in the NYI organization.

    Having said that let me add I thought Donovan was better as a freshman than a sophomore and wasn’t even the best offensive threat from the blueline for the Pioneers this season. That distinction belonged to freshman David Makowski. Donovan isn’t nearly ready for the NHL at this point in his career and I think his departure from the DU program was ill-timed, as playing at least one more year in the WCHA would have helped his all-around game.

    • Is Donovan leaving for the NHL? Wow, that surprises me. Just as it surprised me when Pat Wiercioch left. Wiercioch was a phenomenal player and I was really excited to see this kid play in the WCHA this year. When DU played the Sioux last year he was phenomenal and he made one UND player (I won’t mention who) look very much like he did not belong in the same league as Wiercioch. To say this means something because there are not many players at North Dakota that you can say this about. I look at Donovan and Wiercioch, and a couple other players from UND that have left early and you have to wonder if this was the right move? I am not sure if Wiercioch had a great year in the NHL or not….but I think one more year in college would have made him a premier NHL player. I could say this about a few other players from the WCHA who left early. I always hated it when a Sioux player would leave early only to play in the minor leagues. I mean, what is the deal here? Maybe I don’t know something they do…it just seems silly to make this move.

      Getting to these all-American teams I think it is hard for any of us to really say who is the best since most of us do not get to watch players from the conferences we are not interested in watching. Yes, Hunwick played a once-in-a-lifetime game against UND….but I agree with the poster who said this should not be proof positive that he is the #1 goalie in the land. I am drawing a blank right now…but there is a goalie in the WCHA…was it the Gopher’s goalie….who was phenomenal? I think it was this kid….man he was unbelievable this year. I hope I am not making a mistake here? I do think Dell was as good as any goalie in the country but I am a bit hesitant to call him “thee best”. Genoway is an interesting player in that many people think he is over-rated. Well, this might be true. But, on the other hand he is not this horrible player some of the non-Sioux fans have lamented on here. Chay is certainly an above average defenseman in the WCHA and the US. I think his 3rd team selection is about right….but I know some Sioux fans (I am one) will think he deserves better. I was surprised by “Guests” comments about Matt Donovan to be perfectly honest. I watched Donovan about 6 times this year and I think he is a fantastic defenseman. Is he one of those shut-down defense guys like Ian Kidd? I don’t think so. But, he has a flair, can move the puck, can skate with the puck and is a very dangerous player to play against. To not see him on the 3rd team might be a little unfair here???

      To the poster who thinks Connolly (either of them) are even close to the player Matt Frattin is surely cannot be speaking with objectivity. Frattin plays far better defense and is able to do much more than just score goals. I think Frattin will have a better professional career than he did as a college player.

      I did not get to watch Michigan play much this year but I have to say I was very impressed with that Hagelson (sp?) kid. He is a beast and man can he move. They also had some very nice forwards and even though the Sioux could have easily scored a few goals in that game I have to say that there was not a team this year (Denver came close) that could hold the Sioux down as effectively as Michigan.

      Predictions for next year. CC, DU and UNO are going to be very, very tough. As I mentioned, I was not aware Donovan left and this will have some effect on DU’s overall strength, but the 3 teams above are all fairly young and all have very nice talent. Minnesota is such an enigma that it is hard to say what they will look like. I am still amazed that Lucia was able to keep his job. What gives there? Clearly there is someone in MN that is able to pull on some strings there. It does make one wonder about MN’s focus and determination to be the best team in the country by keeping Lucia in place. I love the fact that the Sioux are kicking the Gopher’s all over the ice….man this is so nice…but I almost miss the close and wild games of yesteryear. I was in GF for the series and even though MN won on Friday you just did not get the feeling that they were in the same league as ND. Granted, college hockey is a cyclic phenomena so I am sure the Goophers will be back soon enough.

      Lastly, I think everybody has to take notice that there are many very talented U.S. players in the college ranks. UND can no longer recruit our great friends in Canada and expect to win all the time. To see so many schools win with U.S. players on their rosters was very impressive. No matter how many WCHA fans think East Coast hockey is not on par with the West….I think we have to rethink this because there were a number of teams from the East and the CCHA that could play with any team from the West. Am I right here? I think so. Ok, tell me if there are any Sioux fans that have not gotten over the loss to Michigan yet? I hate to say this, but I am still upset and torn up inside about this loss. I know some of you will say to get a life….but the fact is I do have a life…lol…:) Seriously, I have never been this disappointed about any defeat in any sport in my lifetime. I was at the ’07 FF and seeing UND lose was not fun….but it did not bother me nearly as much as the loss this year. If anyone has a remedy for my sorrow please throw me a line….lol…as Jack Nicholson says….”I’m dying here”….lol. Y’all have a great summer and see you next Fall….:)

      • Hopefully the Sioux will have a better team next year. Being shutout in the Frozen Four is humiliating, especially with such overly high expectations, so hopefully the Sioux fans will be more humble in the future. The lesson to be learned is a group of the most talented individuals with amazing regular season statistics does not guarantee a national title. The best TEAM (i.e. 2010-2011 University of Minnesota Duluth) will find a way to score and win.

        • Congrats on being National Champs, but don’t start spouting off about “TEAM” or “lessons” that need to be learned. The Sioux played really well and never got a bounce while at the same time hitting Hunwick on a night that he was insane. I believe it was the second goal of the championship game when the UMD player was on the side of the net and went to make a pass across the slot. Hunwick stopped the pass but the puck went right back to the guy for a no brainer goal. Despite having 40 shots there wasn’t a single bounce like that on Thursday for the Sioux. It’s going to happen in a single elimination tournament. Look at Boston College or the Ohio State basketball team. Or the UConn women for crying out loud. They lost 1 game in 2 years and then happen to lose in the tourney. Do you really think they aren’t the best? That’s why professional sports typically play a series of games. That would be impossible to do in college athletics….but there’s a lot of things that have to happen and fall into place to win a single elimination tourney. Luck is one of them usually. If you lined up the teams that were in the Frozen Four and played each series a best of 7, I like UND’s chances. I think it would have been NoDak and UMD, but I think UND would have probably won it in 6, maybe 7 games. Weren’t the Sioux 2-1 against UMD this year with a loss in OT and a 5-0 win the last time they played? Let me guess…the regular season doesn’t mean anything anymore… Like I mentioned….I’m really happy for UMD. I think it’s a classy program and I’m a big fan of Sandelin. It was cool to see them win it all for the first time. They definitely earned it and represented the WCHA well. But while I’m 100% in agreement that they were the hottest team in the Frozen Four, I still think the Sioux and BC were the “best” teams in college hockey.

          • Woulda coulda shoulda. Some talk the talk (UND) and some walk the walk (UMD). Enjoy your regular season title, we’ll take the national championship. The layout of the national tournament is single elimination, so the Sioux should learn to prepare for it and PROVE they are the best. Put up or shut up!

          • I love the going to the past arguments. We all know North Dakota was very very good. All signs pointed to a UMD-NoDak final but it didn’t happen. UMD was fortunate enough to get some bounces for goals that North Dakota just couldn’t seem to generate. However, much like the ND-Mich game UMD badly outplayed the Wolverines and had marquee scoring chances where they didn’t get the bounce. I.E Jack Connolly rifling one short side in the first period that went off the cross bar that easily could have been a goal. UMD put it together at the right time, I don’t think there were many that thought that would happen after their atrocious final five game. Congratulations to them, being able to witness my hometown team win a natty championship in person was an unforgettable experience.

            Can’t wait for the season to get started next year, will be a completely different dynamic with the mass exodus of marquee players from the top programs. Congrats to the Sioux on an unbelievable season, they just couldn’t finish the big one. And again Congrats to the Dogs on putting together a hell of a run. That was a hell of a team and its sad to see M Conn leave and Faulk. Both of which were more than deserving to be on one of these 3 teams the brilliant USCHO minds put together.

          • Nice commentary Steiner. I agree with all you said. The Sioux, and anyone else, have to play the game(s) as is determined by the NCAA “hockey smart” people. Is it the best way to determine a national champion? I don’t know for sure? I like the idea of playing a best of 3 but then you start to get into fatigue issues….assuming the tournament remains the same coming into the FF. I have been throwing around some ideas and am not sure if there is really a better way to manage this thing. I do have a few things to say that I wonder if others would agree with. Here they are:
            1. Never, ever, ever put any portion of the tournament (no matter how it is set up) in a city or location where college hockey is not the #1 or #2 (or, at least very popular) most popular sport. Trying to “use the tournament” as a way to build college hockey is just assanine. Just look at the regional tournaments this year, the paucity of fans at these games was horrible for the sport we all love. Had the regionals been in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Boston, Grand Forks, Detroit and some other eastern locations I am not familiar with I am sure the games would have been near capacity.
            2. Consider having a tournament where the semi-finals (last 8 teams) play a best of 3 to move on to the FF. I do not think this would be necessary in the frist round since a #1 team should beat a #16 team and so on. If a #8 loses to a #9 then this is just too bad…..this is where the higher ranked teams receives some benefit for having a successful regular season. There should be a western and eastern location for each semifinal round. Four teams in MSP and 4 teams in Boston for example.
            3. Have the FF at a host city that moves each year. But, do not put it in places like Tampa, St. Louis, Atlanta, Kansas City… get my point.
            4. The FF needs to be two weeks after the semifinal games. It is very hard to procure reasonable airline tickets (and seats to the FF itself) reasonable airline tickets when you have less than one week to purchase them….as things are now.
            5. OK, the number of total games will be in issue if the regular season stays the same. By this I mean the total number of games will go up a fair amount if we start playing a 2 of 3 in the national tournament starting at the semifinal round. Maybe we need to look at all the conference tournaments and see if there is a better way to incoroporate these tourneys into the national tournament? Not sure how to get around this completely….maybe someone has an idea with this part?

            I think college hockey is a great product, though it may never be on the same level as college BB or FB. I think there are ways to make the national scene better, starting with a new national tourney fromat. What do people think?

  2. This is what you get from staff writers for USCHO. Perhaps the 3rd grade class from PS 104 would like to give us their picks.

  3. Leaving off Mike Connolly of UMD is a mistake. Those in the know and the scouts I have spoken to all say Mike Connolly is the best player on UMD. I watched enough WCHA (usually caught at least one of UND”s games every weekend) and Matt Frattin is a nice player who excelled on a very deep team but Mike Connolly is a better player. Although deserving in his own right, Jack Connolly (2nd team) isn’t even the best player on his team. Mike is a special player who plays both ways that is tough, gritty, highly skilled and has a high hockey “IQ”.

    • Seriously you are saying that either of the Connolly’s is BETTER than Frattin? So Frattin shouldn’t have won the WCHA player of the year, or been a Hobey Baker finalist over Mike Connolly? Are you kidding me? Frattin led the league in scoring and goals, played on the PP and PK (believe he also led the league in shorthanded goals) but Connolly is the better player? I guess that everyone else is wrong then.

      Both of the Connolly’s are very good players but they neither are better than Frattin. UMD played an easier schedule also (SOS 11 versus UND’s which was 3 overall in the nation) but again Connolly is the better player.

      Sorry but all of the stats and the fact that I saw both of them play at the FF a few weeks ago says that Frattin is by far the better player.

        • So the all-USCHO team is based on the FF only? Didn’t realize that there were that many teams that made it that far? Has nothing to do with the last weekend of the season. It should be based on the entire season and this guy is claiming that someone that played a weaker schedule and ended the season with less points and less recognition for his season was a better player. I disagreed with him.

          • You said “I saw both of them play at the FF a few weeks ago and Frattin is by far the better player”, even though Connolly was clearly superior to Frattin in the FF. Because you saw both of them play you somehow felt entitled to make up your own reality. Just like the Sioux and Frattin, you are currently a LOSER!

          • In the game that I saw UMD play the Connolly like did NOTHING. Don’t think they had a point same as Frattin. Dude stop calling people names, your just childish. Why is it that we can’t just have a conversation about it? Get a life would you please and stop with the names, make a point while you’re at it.

      • I never said Frattin shouldn’t have won any of those awards. He’s a very good player but I would take Mike Connolly over him. My point being that if Frattin is considered good enought to get all this attention then Mike Connolly is definitely part of the discusssion.

        Actually Mike had more shorthanded goals than Frattin. Mike also played PP and PK. Frattin did have 6 more points than Mike Connolly and but only 1 more than Jack Connolly. The Connolly, Connolly and Fontaine line was the #1 line in college hockey which had more offensive weapons than the line Frattin played on. More of the offense was thus run through Frattin because he was the designed goal scorer where there was more even distribution on Connolly’s line. Mike is better all around player.

        • So you are still trying to say that Mike is a better player than Frattin? And that other people support that idea even though all of the awards went to Frattin? How is that possible? So you are saying that you are right and everyone else is wrong? Also if all of these “experts” are so smart how did the kid go undrafted? You think everyone in the NHL is also wrong? Just don’t see how you can think Mike is the better player when everything is pointing to Frattin. Not to mention Mike is fairly small at only 5’9 versus Frattin at 6′ even. Look you can have your opinion I just don’t see how you can think that either of the Connonlly’s are better players. They are great college hockey players but they were not as good as Frattin this past year. The stats say so, the awards say so, the NHL looks like it agrees with Frattin being the better player.

          • you need to look at the numbers and be able to understand them. Frattin only had 6 more points than Mike and Mike played on a better line which had an even distribution of points. If Mike played on a line where the offense was run through him (like Frattin) then Mike would, no doubt, have had more points than Frattin. So looking strictly at numbers isn’t the simple answer. However, if we did Jack is a better player than Matt because he had only 1 less point but played 2 less games so in PPG average he would have more, thus better. You have to agree with this by your logic, correct?

            There are plenty of players who are “better” and have less points and also there are a lot of players that go undrafted in their draft year that turn out to be pretty good hockey players in college and then the pros (Jason Blake, Norm Maciver, Eddie Belfour, steve Reinprecht, Brain Rafalski, Martin St. Louis – who were alos all under 6 feet). Shall I continue?

            Also, I never said “everyone” else is wrong. You’re starting to sound like a typical idiot NoDak fan. (Are you?).

          • Guess, I just can’t understand how if Frattin isn’t the better player how he got all of the accolades for his season that your guy didn’t? In terms of making the case that Frattin played on a lesser line and thus scored more doesn’t make any sense to me at all. If the line for Mike was so strong I would think that they would have been able to score more than a guy playing with less talent. I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree because there is no argument that you have made that makes me believe that anyone on the UMD team is as talented as Frattin. I think that Frattin was arguably the best player in college hockey this year along with Miele and the fact that Connolly wasn’t even in that conversation should be the end of this but you have every right to your opinion. Congrats to your team, they started to peak at the right time and played absolutely beautiful hockey once in the NCAA tournament. I had been saying for the last couple of months that I didn’t want to play one team and that was UMD because if they got it figured out defensively they were going to be a problem. And they got it figured out at the right time. Go SIOUX. Can’t wait for next year.

    • Jack is a better player than Mike. Jack is a great set-up man and has much better hockey sense. He has an ability to slow the game down and seems to always find the open man. Mike has a big shot – often the recipient of a Jack passing play.

      Also, you’re dreaming if you think that either are better than Frattin. I hope you don’t label yourself as one of those who is “in the know” because numerous coaches throughout the WCHA and scouts would completely disagree with your statement. “Tough, gritty, highly skilled” – Frattin was tougher and more skilled than Mike all year. Unfortunately that doesn’t win you a national championship.

      So please, enjoy the championship but don’t make ridiculously uniformed comments.

      • Both Jack and Mike are great set up men. Very similar players but Mike has better hockey sense. Jack is probably a better skater but Mike is very strong for his size and more gritty. And to correct you, Mike does NOT have a big shot. Both work low around and behind the nets where they score most all of their goals. Either way its debatable about the two but I think I was just proven correct as far as what the scouts think when San Jose just signed Mike.

        My conversations with scouts and coaches were about comparing Jack and Mike – not Frattin. And how you label someone “in the know” is up to you but I do consider coaches on the staffs at UMD, UND, Wisc, UNO as well as half a dozen agents and scouts as friends and clients. So if you want to label me “in the know” so be it. Frattin is a very good player but I would take Mike Connolly over him. My opinion, and I am not alone in that amongst other “experts”

  4. Wow Mike Connelly was a good player for UMD but he was not as good as Frattin. Matt carried UND all season and should of been the winner of the Hobey Baker award. If you put Miele in the WCHA he wouldnt of had close to 70 points

    • let it go

      they got the Hobey right

      miele might not have scored 70 points in the WCHA, but the award isn’t designated for the WCHA player of the year

      • I’m a Sioux fan and I agree. Obviously it would have been nice to see Frattin receive the award but most people – even in the Sioux community (whether they admit it or not) – knew Miele was the favorite. Frattin’s off the ice incidents probably did not help his chances but in the long run it may not have mattered.

  5. Paul Zanette? Dominated the weakest league in the country. Paul Thompson went almost the whole season leading Hockey East, but still can’t even make 3rd team? What USCHO staff members were at the FF?

  6. It seems odd to me that the goaltender who ranked first in GAA, eighth in save percentage, first in wins and tied for first in shutouts in the NCAA doesn’t make any of the three teams, especially since he has better numbers for all those categories than the three who were picked, save Hunwick with a save percentage of .925 to Arron Dell’s .924.

    • Couldn’t agree more with this. Was Hunwick picked for first team just based on the FF? He had a good season but to say he is the best goalie in the nation this year is just wrong. Not sure that Dell is that player either but I know for sure that Hunwick isn’t.

  7. They must have put Hunwick in there because that is the only award he will ever win. Good to see but Im not sure how the one game would classify him as being the best goaltender in the country??????? They are leaving a lot of really good ones out who had tremendous seasons…

    • 947 saves, .925 Save %, 2.21 GAA, 22 wins in 35 games, and finishing the season with a 40 save performance again North Dakota and a 34 save performance against UMD? I don’t see what the issue is here.

      • His GAA of 2.21 left him like 14th in the country. Again I am a Sioux fan and I don’t think that Dell probably deserved the #1 team either but I know for sure that there were far better goalies in the country than Hunwick. Not sure if Dell deserved to be on the list or not but if he didn’t than neither did Hunwick how basically had one great game and for that according to the people on this site deserved to be the top goalie in the country. It would be a little like waiting to see who has the best FF and then picking the Hobey Baker. This honor should go to the player that had the best season at his position.

        Can you honestly say that Hunwick had the best season at goalie this year?

      • How does the leading gaa and wins leader of the the NCAA on the best team in the country and in the toughest conference in the country not make the top three for goalies??!!! Dell you just got screwed. Another east coast bias set up. Good for you USCHO. Any more verbal blowjobs for HE would be appreciated. but not from me. Hey maybe you and Barry Melrose and ESPN can get together and have a nice circle jerk and you can each whisper sweet nothings(east coast teams) into each other’s ears.

  8. This is absolutely Atrocious! What a spectacular disaster USCHO is and this list is an amazingly sick joke.

    I just deleted USCHO from my favorites on my browser.

  9. Typical East coast bias… what a freaking joke you reporters are out there! No mike connolly, justin fontaine, or justin faulk?? what a joke

    • Do you guys ever stop whining? The WCHA is great league with great teams but there excellent players throughout the country who happen to play in CCHA and HEA. The NHL actually scouts these leagues too.

  10. Congrats to all selected! Especially glad to see Drew Shore get acknowledged for his great play this year. His improvement from frosh to soph was simply amazing. He and brother Nick should center DU’s top 2 lines next year.

    Best of luck to Matt Donovan! It seems he was more spectacular as a frosh, but perhaps expectations for this year were higher. Think he could have used another at DU, but thought the same thing for Patrick Weircioch and still do. :-}

  11. Geez folks…..give it up. UMD won it and totally outplayed Michigan. They just got stronger as the tournament went on. Hockey is all about momentum leading up to the finale and UMD had it. Congratulations UMD – you’re the best. I was ecstatic after you beat (and totally outclassed) Yale.

    Woof, woof -ECAC geezer.


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