Clarkson coach Roll relieved of duties

According to a report in the Watertown Daily Times, Clarkson has fired head coach George Roll and assistant coach Greg Drechsel.

“We’ve started our national search,” Clarkson athletic director Steve Yianoukos said to the paper. “We’re very committed to hiring the best possible coach to fit the Clarkson University athletic mold. We are committed to get the best possible person.”

Roll finishes his eight-year stint at Clarkson with a 130-142-33 record. He won one ECAC regular season title and one tournament title and led the Golden Knights to two NCAA Tournament appearances.

The report also speculates former Clarkson assistant coaches Ron Rolston and Casey Jones as well as former Clarkson player Phil Roy, now an assistant at Merrimack, could be in line to replace Roll.

Assistant coach Chris Rogles, who joined the program midway through the 2009-10 season, will remain on staff.


    • as an outsider, i’m kinda surprised by this. i know he’s had a few down years, but i thought his back to back NCAA tourney appearances would buy him some more time

      • yeah there’s no need to swap out Paul. He is one of the top goalies in the conference. It’s just the team had a couple issues last year where they didn’t seem to be playing together and suddenly the opposing team was getting shooting opportunity left and right. you can only block so many.

        If your team isn’t helping to make sure they don’t take shots then you’re screwed.

  1. A lot of this crap is caused by clueless fans who don’t know crap about hockey or what it takes to coach at this level. All they do is go after coaches. Check out the message board with regards to fire this guy…fire that guy. When the RPI fan who posted a Fire Appert thread….Jason Moy had it taken down! Nice. Hey Jason…you should ban all fire threads…..if you have the cohitas to do it!!! Fire Jason Moy!!!!

  2. I know George Roll personally and he was all about the team. He’s had a few bad years because of some players not buying in, but overall he’s shown that he could build a winning team. During his eight years as a head coach, he helped the program at Clarkson shine and built some great hockey players. I understand that the program at Clarkson wasn’t going in the direction that the school wanted and that changes had to be made, but I think that with a little more patience and faith from the heads of the athletic department, George would have restored the program to its former glory. The problem is that we don’t know who will be replacing Roll, and what level of teaching his replacement will bring. George brought to the rink heart and passion everyday and treated his players with respect and professionalism. In my books, that is a victory far greater than wins and championships.

  3. This is one Clarkson alum glad to hear this mediocre coach has gone. I think it’s more than just the coach. Clarkson use to have a great (private) alumni event where a satellite broadcast was given to local sport bars throughout the US. They substituted an ESPN station for the private event. Then, with the team record so bad too years ago, Clarkson was not even schedule to appear on a broadcast. Outcome: No alumni event. Clarkson is too proud of it’s Hockey Tradition. Roll was no Len Ceglarski or Mark Morris.


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