Penn State to add Holstrom, Jensen from Mercyhurst

Mercyhurst has confirmed to that Atlantic Hockey rookie of the year Taylor Holstrom and defenseman Nate Jensen have left the Lakers and will play for Penn State starting with the 2012-2013 season.

Both 21-year-olds will play for Penn State’s club team next season and will maintain three seasons of D-I eligibility, according to the Erie Times-News.

Holstrom had nine goals and 33 points in 36 games last season, while Jensen had two goals among 16 points in 36 games


    • hey bob you big dummy go look at every Div1 roster.  A lot of guys don’t start playing college hockey until they are 20, therefore graduating when they are 24 just like these two.  The ignorance is through the roof haha why are you on a hockey website when you know nothing about the game??

  1. Bad Idea transfers from Mercyhurst to Penn State. This year, both of them will be red shirt for a year. They would NOT playing the hockey games in 2011-12.  waste their time.

    • Last I checked, transferring from DI to any non DI team doesn’t cost a year of eligibility and doesn’t mean they have to sit out. 

      This year, Ryan Hill of UND transferred to one of the DIII UW schools and can suit up right away.

      • doesn’t cost a yr to go D1 to D1 that’s why they sit out a year, they only have 3 left because they played a year @ mercyhurst already.  You can go down to DIII and play right away

  2. They must be under the impression that a handful of the club roster will remain and be present on the first D1 varsity roster. 

  3. Really need to have a cap on age for these “freshman” coming into NCAA DI.  Many years there are 22-23-24 year-olds coming into Hockey East.  Big difference between them and an 18- or 19-year old kid.  Ridiculous if you ask me….


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