New donors coming forward to save Alabama-Huntsville?

Potential new donors have been identified by Alabama-Huntsville, according to an article in Thursday’s Huntsville Times, and these individuals have reportedly been said to have enough money to keep the UAH team afloat for three more seasons.

“Concerning hockey, there are some new developments,” said state representative Phil Williams in the article. “There are some folks we believe that are willing to make the financial portion of this decision go away.”

Alabama-Huntsville announced last month that this season will be the last for UAH at the Division I level.

“I am trying to really expedite these individuals, who say they will write the check, to write the check, and be willing to meet with the new president (Dr. Robert Altenkirch ) and say if this is just a financial situation, could this cause us to reconsider, given this late-breaking information,” added Williams.

An unnamed source told the Times that new private pledges have been made that would fully fund the hockey program over the next three years. Williams said he did not know the identity of the donors, only that some are in Huntsville and some are out of town.



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