Atlantic Hockey Picks Nov. 25-27

Last Week: 5-5-3
On the Season: 53-27-9 (.646)

This Week’s Picks:

Friday, Nov. 25
Rensselaer at Rochester Institute of Technology – The Tigers have never defeated the Engineers since moving to Division I and despite RPI’s record, I have a feeling they may break out of their slump. RPI 3, RIT 2.

Saturday, Nov. 26
Brown at Holy Cross – The Bears are playing their third straight game against AHA competition, and they’re 0-1-1 so far. I don’t think they get a win here, either. Holy Cross 3, Brown 2.  

Sunday, Nov. 26
Clarkson at Holy Cross – I think the Crusaders will have to settle for a weekend split with the ECAC. Clarkson 3, Holy Cross 2.

Friday Nov. 25 and Sunday, Nov. 26
Army at Robert Morris – The Colonials are coming off a bye weekend and I think they’ll be ready for a home sweep. RMU 4, Army 2; RMU 4, Army 3.

Niagara at Sacred Heart – The Pioneers pulled off a big win last week, upsetting No. 8 Yale. But I think the Purple Eagles get the road sweep. Niagara 4, Sacred Heart 3; Niagara 5, Sacred Heart 3.

Connecticut at Air Force – The Falcons are 12-1-1 all-time at home against the Huskies, and I like that trend to continue. Air Force 5, UConn 4; Air Force 3, UConn 2.

Mercyhurst at Wisconsin – The Lakers are getting great goaltending, and that means they have a chance to win against any team. But I think the Badgers find a way to win these games. Wisconsin 3, Mercyhurst 2; Wisconsin 4, Mercyhurst 3.

Saturday, Nov. 26 and Sunday, Nov. 27
Canisius at American International – Canisius is 9-0-1 against AIC in their last ten meetings, but I think an improved Yellow Jacket squad gets a split. Canisius 3, AIC 2; AIC 3, Canisius 1

Join in the fun
While I’m not hosting a quest analyst this year, feel free to post your predictions in the comments, and if you beat me, you’ll get a mention.


    • You would like you would actually do research when you put your garbage together….Might want to look up stats before putting your crap down. Cody Reichard has a 1.5 gaa in the last two months and only given up more than 2 goals once since the middle of december…but yea a Western team without their top goal scorer and a limited offense to begin with will put up 4 on a team with big game experience and hitting on all cylinders….good luck with that…look forward to reading more mistake filled crap next week….USCHO would do itself a service and find someone who actually knows the game to write…

      • Here’s the thing, anonymous “someonewhoknowshockey” who is taking issue with what I wrote in my picks Friday. I said I didn’t want to pick against either team. I’ve given Reichard props in much recent writing. The RedHawks are not — and I know this is a really difficult concept for you to grasp — are not invincible, and I respect Western Michigan’s unbeaten streak.

        Last night, Reichard allowed three goals in regulation and lost the shootout. Well, that’s one way to look at it. Another is that the determined and hot Broncos scored three goals in regulation and Jerry Kuhn won the shootout, extending that unbeaten streak that I so respect to 14 games. I picked WMU to win 4-2 last night. I was factoring in an emotional aspect to their play; it had nothing to do with Miami. I don’t think I look like an idiot this morning for that pick.

        I’ve also picked the RedHawks to pretty much crush the Broncos in tonight’s second game. I don’t hear any WMU fans jumping me about that, because they’re realistic and know that it can happen. This could go another way, too — Western picks up at least a point, as they have for the last 14 games. I don’t know. As the coaches say, that’s why they play the games.

        I don’t know why you come to the interwebs and display such anger and misery. Perhaps this is a way for you to vent because there are other aspects of your life that cause you anger and misery. If so, then I’m sincerely glad that I can provide a safe target for you to spout. In any event, I thank you for continuing to read my “mistake filled [sic] crap” and I genuinely hope that you find some joy in your weekend.

  1. Hey, it’s easy to get a lot of these stats confused..heck WMU has had including tonight 10 ties, 5 being shoot-outs they won on the road, Kuhn is posting a 1.99 overall and 1.92 in conference and is 1.42 in regulation and 1.85 if you include shootouts..since December.

    • Why can’t we ever get a recap of a WMU game? They haven’t lost in 14 games and just came back in Oxford to win tonight. The Broncos are legit!

      • actually its a tie officially…must be a west coast michigan thing…keep celebrating ties…one day you might be relevant again….

  2. someone needs to get over herself lol….your pathetic rant is again filled with mistakes, but we all have become acustome to that…keep up your bad work.

  3. RIT over RPI
    Holy Cross over Brown
    Holy Cross over Clarkson
    Robert Morris over Army (Fri)
    Army over Robert Morris (Sat)
    Sacred Heart over Niagara (Fri)
    Niagara over Sacred Heart (Sat)
    Wisconsin over Mercyhurst (Fri/Sat)
    Air Force over UConn (Fri/Sat)

    AIC over Canisius (Fri/Sat)

  4. ok i did this once before and didnt fare to badly so ill try it again

    [email protected] -the tiger has woken up from the early season slump and with madalora in goal r even better and with RPI not exactly being a top team this year im going with (and as an army fan i hate to do this) RIT 5-2 and thats pushing it with RPI’s inability to score goals

    [email protected] Cross-after witnessing an unbelievable tie game against army and then getting shut out against AIC i agree i dont think brown finds a win here 2-1 holy cross

    [email protected] Cross-also agreed holy cross settles for a split with the ecac but im going 4-2 clarkson                                                                                               

    [email protected] Morris-as much as it pains me to do this i dont see much luck for army this weekend the first game i can see a 2-2 tie but the second i predict a 3-1 robert morris victory (trying not to be biased)

    [email protected] Heart-with niagara not having a great season and with alot of low scoring/close games they’ve lost and with alot of momentum/uplift sacred hearts shocking win over #8 yale(and thats putting it lightly)gave them i can see sacred heart taking the first game 2-1 but niagara rebounds in the second for a 3-1 win

    [email protected] Force-well first off UCONN sucks on the road and Air Force is undefeated at home so far this season and i can see that trend continuing but only for the first game Air Force wins the first game 4-3 and UCONN winning the second 3-2

    [email protected] mercyhurst leading the AHA and Wisconsin being middle of the pack in the WCHA and having 1 win in its last 6 games i can see a split here first game 4-3 mercyhurst then 3-2 wisconsin

    [email protected] AIC coming off an impressive 3-0 shutout of brown and surprisingly high in the standings for them and actually their last 2 wins have been shutouts and Canisus not exactly doing a whole lot this year nd not winning since november 6th im going out on a limb here and seeing an AIC sweep of 2-1 nd 3-1
    –hopefully i can beat u—sean the army fan

  5. Michigan didn’t win a NC in 97. That was likely the best team of his time at Michigan, but the 96 and 98 teams won NCs. 97 lost in the semis to BU. I know, I was at the game….

  6. Candace, with UND’s injuries, it will not surprise me if CC steals one this weekend. I won’t predict this because I think it is not likely. However, if Cam Johnson is not on top of his game, CC could steal one. Cam Johnson played OK last weekend, but UND might need him to stop a few grade A’s this weekend if we are to sweep.


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