Hockey East picks: December 8-10

Well, how was that for one week wiping out an entire season of picks that hadn’t been lighting the world on fire in the first place?  Both Jimmy and I went down in flames with all the underdogs sweeping the favorites, though I’d be surprised if anyone publicly listing his or her picks (before the games are actually played, of course) showed good results.

A great week for Hockey East underdogs. A bad one for Jimmy and me. Let’s see if there’s a bounce-back within the two of us.

And those of you who like to chide us for picking against your team, please make your own picks (all of them) in the comments. Before Jimmy and I either look like fools, geniuses, or somewhere in between.  Seriously.  It’ll be fun.

Dave last week: 4-8-1
Jim last week: 4-8-1
Dave’s record-to-date: 54-35-9
Jim’s record-to-date: 53-36-9

Here are this week’s picks:

Friday, December 8

Boston University at New Hampshire
Dave’s pick: I’ve been a believer in the Terriers, and their ability to win at BC last weekend makes me believe they’ll do the same at the Whitt.
BU 4 UNH 3
Jim’s pick: I’m with Dave. BU is the better team right now. But barely.
BU 3, UNH 1

Friday, December 9

Boston College at Massachusetts-Lowell
Dave’s pick: I’ve been so consistently wrong about the River Hawks this year, their fans have begged me to continue to pick against them. As a result, I’ll comply. (That, plus even though the Hawks have made me believers that they could be serious contenders at home ice, the Eagles have made me believers — recent inconsistency notwithstanding — that they could be serious contenders for the national title.)
BC 4 UML 3
Jim’s pick: And here I will go against Pops. Too easy to try to pick up a game in the standings. Plus, after last Friday, I expect Tsongas to be rocking.
UML 4, BC 2

Saturday, December 10

Massachusetts-Lowell at Northeastern
Dave’s pick: I have to disappoint my River Hawk “fans” this time and pick for their team. Both teams have played surprisingly well — very surprising to me — but the Hawks have done it more than the Huskies.
Jim’s pick: I actually think this may be the most difficult game of the week to predict. I think that Northeastern is playing well. My only issue is the Huskies haven’t played well at home.
UML 4, NU 3

Boston University at Maine
Dave’s pick: The Black Bears did sweep last weekend, but I’m putting that more on their opponent (Vermont) than themselves. They’ll need to show more over a longer stretch before I go for them even at home against the (5-1 in their last six games) Terriers.
BU 4 Maine 2
Jim’s pick: I like Maine’s mojo. Sorry, Pops, you’re going down.
Maine 5, BU 3

Merrimack at Colgate
Dave’s pick: The Raiders have won five in a row and the Warriors did get swept last weekend. Call me stubborn (my wife does all the time),  but I still believe in Merrimack. Even on the road. And it didn’t take the rebound win on Wednesday.
Merrimack 3 Colgate 2
Jim’s pick: I don’t even think it will be as close as Dave predicts. This could be a blowaway.
MC 6, Colgate 2