Weekend work-up, Nov. 12, 2012: There's nothing like a good, old-fashioned thrashing

Once again, no one can close a deal in the CCHA.
1. There’s nothing like a good, old-fashioned thrashing. It’s even sweeter for a team at home, against its arch-rival. Both the Wolverines and the Spartans experienced that this weekend, with Michigan coming out of the weekend at the sour end. Friday’s 5-1 lopsided UM win seemed predictable: close through two periods, with the Wolverines turning up the heat in the third. There was nothing predictable about Saturday’s 7-2 MSU win, including the fact that the Spartans scored seven goals, the first one coming 34 seconds into the game. Munn Ice Arena was electric. Yes, that Munn Arena, the one with the reputation for older fans who sit on their hands. In fact, it was the better barn of the two in the series — and no one could have predicted that.
2. All it takes is four points to make a move. Alaska defeated and tied Ohio State and did not take the shootout point, but given that four of the teams the Nanooks were tied with at the start of the weekend — for first place, no less — split outright with their opponents, Alaska is in second place. This week. And the RedHawks with their five precious points are in first. This week.
3. The winners really won. For the most part, the scoring margins in games where teams actually won were impressive in conference games this weekend, with winners outscoring losers 32-10. In six of the eight league games in which someone won, losers were kept to one goal; four contests were decided by three or more goals. I don’t know what that says this early in the season, but that’s not exactly the kind of stat that indicates a parity where everyone is equally good.