Hockey East picks – 2/1-2/4

Seriously, I’m not sure what is worse at this point: my ability to pick games or the fact that I can’t make any head way on the old man. Miserable week all around last weekend.

Jim last week: 3-5-2
Jim’s record-to-date: 78-57-15
Dave last week: 3-5-2
Dave’s record-to-date: 85-50-15

Friday, Feb, 1

Vermont at Boston College
Jim’s pick: Three weeks ago, this pick is a slam dunk. Now it’s a tough game to choose.
BC 3, UVM 2
Dave’s pick: You know that scene in Moonstruck when Cher slaps Nicolas Cage and says, “Snap out of it!”  That’s what I think of when I see how poorly BC has been playing.
BC 4, UVM 2

Massachusetts-Lowell at Merrimack
Jim’s pick: Though I think Lawler Arena is a tough place to play, I also believe Lowell is playing so well right now that may not matter.
UML 4, MC 3
Dave’s pick: I’d feel a lot more comfortable about this pick if Dougie Carr were playing as well as he did last year.  Last weekend’s performance looked pretty ugly. Still, I’m going with the River Hawks.
UML 5, MC 4

Providence at Maine
Jim’s pick: I know Providence is the easy pick here but there’s a part of me that feels this Maine team is about to do something special. Let’s hope I’m right.
Maine 3, PC 1
Dave’s pick: I’m not sure what to make of Maine now.  The Black Bears couldn’t score more than two goals in 20-of-23 games, then suddenly their offense came to life over BC.  Will that continue or were the planets merely in some bizarre alignment last weekend?  When in doubt, I opt for the bizarre.
PC 3, Maine 1

New Hampshire at Northeastern
Jim’s pick: Sorry to say Huskies fans but I think last weekend was a very negative emotional weekend for the Huskies and I don’t think they can rebound.
UNH 5, NU 2
Dave’s pick: I have to agree.  It’s been a tough season for the Huskies, but last weekend’s soul-crushers will haunt them.
UNH 5, NU 2

Boston University at Massachusetts
Jim’s pick: This won’t be a landslide, but I think BU should win.
BU 4, UMass 2
Dave’s pick:
Yeah, the Terriers seem to putting the pieces back together.  Just in time for the Beanpot.  Imagine that.
BU 3, UMass 1

Saturday, Feb. 2
Merrimack at New Hampshire
Jim’s pick: Merrimack always plays New Hampshire tough but I think the Wildcats can win at home.
UNH 3, MC 2
Dave’s pick: Merrimack’s brutal schedule results in a lost weekend.
UNH 4, MC2

Sunday, February 3

Massachusetts-Lowell at Maine
Jim’s pick: Lowell will have the spirit to play well in a must-win game.
UML 3, Maine 2
Dave’s pick: Who’s the Grinch who scheduled this game during the Super Bowl, back when the Patriots were a strong contender?  Seems to me like an attendance death wish.
UML 3, Maine 1

Monday, February 4

61st Beanpot Tournament (at TD Garden, Boston)

Boston University vs. Northeastern
Jim’s pick: Though NU beat BU a couple of weeks ago on the road, there simply is no picking against the Terriers in the first round of this tournament.
BU 4, NU 2
Dave’s pick: Agreed.  Go ahead, folks, bet the ranch.
BU 4, NU 2

Boston College vs. Harvard
Jim’s pick: Part of me feels this game won’t be close. Another feels we’ll see overtime.
BC 4, Harvard 3
Dave’s pick: Hey Eagles!  Snap out of it!
BC 5, Harvard 1