PairWise Predictor: What are the NCAA playoff possibilities?

Once again,’s PairWise Predictor is live.

What’s the PairWise Predictor? It’s your opportunity to test out your choices for winners in next weekend’s five conference tournaments to see how they affect the PairWise Rankings.

You can find out which teams are in no matter what, which ones are definitely out, and which ones need a lot of help — or some weird results — to make it into the tournament.

Can you get more than five teams from one conference into the NCAAs? Is this the year Atlantic Hockey sends two to the big dance? Are Quinnipiac and Minnesota locks as No. 1 regional seeds? Give your match-ups a shot and let us know in the comments area below what odd scenarios you find.

Please be sure to check back all week as our resident bracketologist Jayson Moy and the rest of the staff adds its thoughts about who can make it in and what they need to do to get there.