NCHC Weekend picks: Oct. 17

Well, after Matthew took a big lead from the games on Friday, I rallied, and thanks to Minnesota-Duluth’s win on Sunday over Notre Dame, Matthew and I both went 9-5 (.555) in our opening week.

Every team but St. Cloud is in action this week. Let’s see how we can do.

Friday-Saturday, Oct. 17-18

No. 3 North Dakota at Colorado College
Candace: I’m tempted to pick CC in one of these games, but I’m not sure if a sweep against Alabama-Huntsville is something that indicated the Tigers have turned a corner, even if North Dakota seems destined to get off to a slow start again. North Dakota 3-1, 3-2
Matthew: UND is notorious for starting seasons slowly, and did again last Friday in losing 5-1 at home against Bemidji State, but I think UND has enough going for it against a CC team that struggled at home last weekend against Alabama-Huntsville. North Dakota 4-2, 3-1

Nebraska-Omaha at Western Michigan
Candace: UNO did a little better than I expected last weekend, and Western Michigan did a little worse, all of which means I have zero idea how this series will play out. I’ll pick a sweep and hope I get one right. Nebraska-Omaha 3-1, 3-2
Matthew: Neither of these teams really blew me away last weekend, and this looks on paper like a pretty even matchup. To me, this series has split all over it. Western Michigan 3-1, Nebraska-Omaha 3-2

Rensselaer at No. 16 Denver
Candace: It’s hard to know if RPI’s win over Notre Dame was one of those instances where the opponent was overrated, or if RPI is better than people think it is. Will Denver be able to score on Jason Kasdorf, who played so well for the Engineers in South Bend? I think just enough. Denver 2-1, 3-2
Matthew: After putting up a better-than-expected showing last weekend at the IceBreaker in South Bend, I’m a little surprised RPI didn’t get more love in our national poll this week. After they visit the Pioneers, though, I think the Engineers will come down to Earth a little bit. Denver 3-2, 3-2

No. 20 Minnesota-Duluth vs. No. 12 Minnesota State (home-and-home)
Candace: Minnesota-Duluth had a great weekend last week, while the Mavericks really only played well in one period against UNO. If both games were in Duluth, I’d go with a Bulldogs sweep, but I think Minnesota State does well on home ice. Minnesota-Duluth 2-1, Minnesota State 3-1
Matthew: I really liked what I saw from UMD last weekend at the IceBreaker, and I think there’s a good chance they could sweep MSU this weekend. I’m not positive that the Bulldogs will do the business in Mankato, though, so I’m going to take the safe option. Minnesota-Duluth 4-2, Minnesota State 3-1

No. 11 Miami vs. Ohio State (home-and-home)
Candace: This series should be one of the best of the weekend, and a split seems likely. I’ll take the home squad in each. Ohio State 2-1, Miami 3-2
Matthew: The Buckeyes fared very well last weekend — albeit at home — against a very good Providence team, and I’m starting to wonder if this will be a tougher test for Miami than I first thought it’d be. Ohio State 3-1, Miami 2-1


  1. Michigan Tech must fire Jamie Russell, we have only won 1 league game this season to date – by far the worst coach I have ever seen, I am a fan and alumni – been watching the Huskies since they played in the Dee Stadium in the 1970’s. Fire the coach, the athletic director and even the President of the University if they do not turn this team around. The other option is to play Division II or III, or maybe just get rid of Division I hockey altogether and be politically correct and give the Scholarships and money to women’s sports!

    • as a sioux fan i was excited when the huskies started out well. i want your program to do well and alot of people here in north dakota do too. ik the huskies are goin to be a problem for the sioux at the end of the season, huskies always play hard at home against the sioux. i hope the huskies can turn it around bring the program back to what it use to be

  2. absolutely the right weekend for a sweep of UND. barely beat Robert Morris the second game, lost on Friday to the Gophers, and had one strong game finally on Saturday

    • just voicing my opinion, i was at all of the games you mentioned and the sioux completely dominated every game. They did lose one but the sioux made critical mistakes in the games that were close. they wont do it again because thats what hakstol does, he has them more prepared as each week goes by. I consider the sioux unbeatable right now. everyone is finally healthy and eidsness is gointa play again. If there was a week for the sioux to get dumped it was against minnesota and i think minnesota is getting really good. they could deff get high in the pairwise before playoffs. Sioux sweep all the way dont forget the sioux crushed duluth three weeks ago

  3. UND has as many players from the city of Edmonton as it does from North Dakota (2). It’s new nickname should definitely reference Canada…the actual team has nothing to do with North Dakota.

  4. I’m still hoping for Pts. tonight. Keep fighting UAA. Nice job last night. We came up a little short. Great game, against a great team. Lets see what happens tonight. :)

  5. I look for the Gophers to sweep, but likely not in the dominating fashion that they did last year when the Spartans visited. The Gophers are not playing good hockey right now, but the Spartans are abysmal on the road. The good news is the PP, Wilcox. The bad news is the overall play and the disappearance of the freshmen scoring that was so prevalent in the first half. Although Condon and Fasching scored after long droughts, so hopefully they are back on teack.

  6. I expect the Gophs to lose a game this weekend, they have not been playing well lately and are getting outplayed by most of their opponents. They have been very lucky of late. I see a split, but I hope they sweep

    • The Gophers lose to this MSU team? You put great faith in a very bad team from East Lansing. They will compete hard, but often times the only one who knows which end of the stick goes on the Ice is the Goaltender. Paula gives way too much love to this current coach.

      I have it Minnesota 4-0 and 5-1.

  7. Horrible that’s a goal never touch the Wisconsin goalie.NCAA needs to look at that rule.Wisconsin was getting an asswhooping and thn gets a gift of a no goal.


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