Minnesota shuts down Connor Reilly after third knee surgery

Connor Reilly’s third knee surgery has ended his 2014-15 season with Minnesota (photo: Ryan Coleman, d3photography.com).

Minnesota sophomore forward Connor Reilly underwent knee surgery on Tuesday, effectively ending his 2014-15 season, according to a report in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Reilly returned to Vail, Colo., for his third knee surgery by Dr. Robert LaPrade.

“Connor had surgery [Tuesday], so obviously he’s finished for the year and should be back and ready to go once September rolls around,” Gophers’ coach Don Lucia said in the report. “I feel bad for Connor and what he’s had endure, and one more injury. We just felt at this point that it’d be better for him to go ahead and have the surgery so he’s healthy once next year rolls around.”

Reilly, who posted 11 goals and 16 points in 24 games this season, had been out of the Minnesota lineup since the end of January when he was kneed in the right knee by Wisconsin’s Corbin McGuire, his third knee injury in three years.

“It’s tough for Connor, we all know he’s been through a lot with injuries,” Gophers’ senior forward Travis Boyd added in the report. “You never want to see a teammate get hurt or go down like that. We’ve been playing without him for the last five weeks, so nothing really changed in the locker room, we just need to step up.”

Reilly previously missed the 2012-13 season with a knee injury after falling before the season.


    • If a hit is deemed intentional, the player committing the penalty should be suspended until the injured player returns, plus a multiplier of missed games, like .25 or something. So Connor misses 12 games plus postseason. McGuire should be out for 15 games plus however long Minnesota’s postseason run lasts.

      Injuries happen all the time, it’s hockey. What the sport doesn’t need is goons intentionally trying to injure other players. Ridiculous.

    • You have to have all hands on deck if you’re desperately searching for that elusive 5th win in order to turn things around in Mad Town.

  1. I feel bad for Connor and that what had been, up to that point been a very productive season for him. I sincerely hope he is able to make a full recovery and be back to game form when next season starts. As for the B1G, it is so comforting to know that they are on top of these sort of flagrant injurious actions by handing out those 1 game suspensions.

  2. Shame to have a real break out season for Connor ruined by a dirty hit from McGuire (who probably should have gotten suspended longer, for a knee to knee hit that ended someone’s season).

  3. Tough blow for a good, hard-working kid. The dirty play should be dealt with accordingly. Hopefully this will help set some sort of ‘standard’ moving forward for taking a more serious look at suspensions.

  4. In hindsight, Mike Eaves should have shut McGuire down for 2-3 weeks to send a message that those kind of plays will not be tolerated. That would have been a classy move as the season was pretty much lost already. I’m not sure what was worse, the play itself or his actions in the penalty box.

  5. Maybe 21 and 22 year olds shouldn’t come in as freshmen. Like a junior college transfer. Some of these teams have freshmen older than seniors on some teams.

  6. Absolutely disgusting that his season was ruined by that cheap shot. There is no place for that in hockey. Keep your head up Conner, here’s hoping for a quick recovery! Can’t wait to see you back out there on the ice in our beloved Maroon and Gold next season!

  7. I think after the 3rd surgery, this has to be getting difficult for Connor. All the best. And, we’ll be cheering for you next year.


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