Hockey East picks – Jan. 15-19

Dave and I had equally decent weeks last week, meaning I maintain my slim three-game lead.

Jim last week: 9-4-2
Jim to date: 112-47-27
Dave last week: 9-4-2
Dave to date: 109-50-27

Friday, January 15

Boston University at Boston College
Jim’s pick: Both teams are playing equally as well right now. Which means I will be using home ice to dictate my picks this weekend.
BC 3, BU 2
Dave’s pick: I think BC’s edge is larger than that, despite BU’s three straight wins (including 4-1 at second-ranked Quinnipiac, that team’s only loss of the year). Maybe I’m putting too much faith in the Eagles’ three-of-four-point weekend against Providence, but I’m more bullish on the Eagles.
BC 4, BU 2

Connecticut at Maine
Jim’s pick: Maine only managed a split last weekend against Colgate but proved they are playing well at home.
Maine 4, UC 2
Dave’s pick: I, too, am going with Maine in this one, but I don’t feel particularly confident about it.
Maine 3, UC 2

Merrimack at Notre Dame
Jim’s pick: These are two teams that are moving in exact opposite directions, which probably means Merrimack is ripe for an upset. I’m not picking that, though.
ND 5, MC 2
Dave’s pick: The Irish haven’t lost since the day after Thanksgiving. It’s hard to see that streak ending this weekend at home.
ND 4, MC 2

New Hampshire at Northeastern
Jim’s pick: This game is almost entirely dependent on Northeastern shutting down the Wildcats top line. At home, it is possible.
NU 3, UNH 2
Dave’s pick: If the Huskies can sweep St. Lawrence on the road, they can squeak by in this one at home.
NU 3, UNH 2 (OT)

UMass-Lowell at Massachusetts
Jim’s pick: The battle for the Alumni Cup between these Massachusetts schools looks one-sided but never seems to play out that way. Still, I’ll go with the logical picks.
UML 3, UMass 2
Dave’s pick: I’ll be stunned if this is a one-goal game even on the road.
UML 4, UMass 1

Providence at Vermont
Jim’s pick: I like the way Vermont is playing. Providence struggled last weekend. Vermont is at home. Easy pick, right? Not so fast.
PC 4, UVM 3
Dave’s pick: I’m not jumping off the Friars’ bandwagon yet, but Vermont’s four straight wins (giving up a total of three goals) and PC’s 1-3-1 record since the break have me concerned.
PC 2, UVM 1

Saturday, January 16

Boston College at Boston University
Jim’s pick: If BC wins on Friday, this is Jerry York’s chance for 1,000 wins. But there is no way that BU allows that to happen on their home ice.
BU 3, BC 2
Dave’s pick: BU has been really tough at home (8-2-1), but BC has been even better (6-1-1) on the road. So even though it’s really tempting to go with each team holding serve in its barn, I’m going with the better team. Jerry York gets number 1,000.
BC 3, BU 2 (OT)

Connecticut at Maine
Jim’s pick: Again with Maine, I don’t feel comfortable picking a sweep, even on home ice.
UC 4, Maine 2
Dave’s pick: I went with a Maine sweep last weekend and it cost me, but I’m doubling down on that one. That said, I can easily see UConn doing the sweeping instead.
Maine 3, UC 2

Merrimack at Notre Dame
Jim’s pick: The Irish complete the two-game sweep.
ND 3, MC 2
Dave’s pick: Agreed. The Irish make it a 10-game unbeaten streak.
ND 4, MC 2

Massachusetts at UMass-Lowell
Jim’s pick: Another pick of a sweep gives Dave the opportunity to pick differently and maybe pick up (or lose) some ground.
UML 4, UMass 2
Dave’s pick: That’s the kind of “opportunity” managers at the day job offer when they’ve got a sucker in their sights.
UML 5, UMass 2

Northeastern at New Hampshire
Jim’s pick: The Wildcats offense gets going and get the win.
UNH 6, NU 3
Dave’s pick: Agreed. The two hot teams end up with a split, winning on their home ice.
UNH 4, NU 2

Providence at Vermont
Jim’s pick: This sweep makes me the most uneasy. But I have to go by records and odds.
PC 2, UVM 1
Dave’s pick: Once again, I agree.  But if PC falters this weekend, I may be jumping off the bandwagon.
PC 2, UVM 1

Tuesday, January 19

Quinnipiac at Maine
Jim’s pick: The Black Bears will be lucky to keep this one close given Quinnipiac’s consistent fire power.
QU 5, Maine 3
Dave’s pick: Regardless of the venue, Quinnipiac (19-1-3) is the superior team and by a wide margin.
QU 5, Maine 2


  1. North Dakota isn’t really an upset. ND actually has a more skilled team, they were just much younger. Wisconsin was overrated all ear and showed why tonight–they had one line and a good goalie. That was it

  2. A 4 over a 1 in the NCAA basketball tournament elicits yawns. Why should it be any different here?

    The only “on paper” team that is sort of the equivalent of a basketball tourney 16 seed in the hockey NCAA’s is whoever the automatic qualifier is out of Atlantic Hockey.

    If RMU wins today, that will make me sit up and take notice, not a North Dakota win over Wisconsin that I sort of expected. The rest of the tourney? Everyone can beat anybody else on a good day.

    • There have been 2-3 of AHA champions (Air Force comes to mind) that would refute that remark. Comparing a 16-seed in NCAA basketball to a 16-seed here is not even close. In any given year, there are 3-4 20-win teams that sit home… And more quality 18-, 19-win teams this year than any year before.

    • As JakeB said, no one in this tourney is at the level of the worst team in the b-ball bracket. If RMU wins, it’s as you said yesterday: it will be MN’s fault. But will it reach the level of the Holy Cross loss?
      I don’t think so b/c that MN team was really dominant. This year is a pretty typical Gopher year; lot’s of wins, too many ties, and too much inconsistency.

      • 6 losses by the Gophers. Check the History books. No year in recent history have they had fewer than 8 losses. As far as record goes, this is one of the best gophers teams ever.

  3. Its just way too expensive. I didn’t go to the NCHC tournament for $35 I am sure not going to the ncaa for $65. I wanted to. Just couldn’t. Cut the prices in half I bet you see packed buildings again


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