Gallery: St. Cloud State wins the North Star College Cup

St. Cloud State beat Bemidji State for the title at the North Star College Cup on Sunday in St. Paul, Minn., after Minnesota State beat Minnesota for third.

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  1. Finally Miami makes it into Grand Rapids or Toledo! Hoping that holds up as I would love to not have to travel to Manchester or Providence to watch them play!

  2. The problem with doing this in college hockey, which makes this exercise, for the most part, something of a waste of time, is that Pairwise will look absolutely nothing like this on selection day.

    There is a much better chance that every single placeholder on the entire list finishes in another spot entirely than it is that even one team holds the spot at season’s end that they do right now.

    • This all assumes that the current conference leaders take the AQ. In HE for example, if BC, UNH, BU or Lowell end up winning the conference tournament, all things hold serve (for the most part) but if Providence (then you get two HE schools with host sites) or even Maine somehow pulls it off, then all hell breaks loose. Same for every other conference of course.

      • Right now, that bubble team is Alaska, then BU. All it takes is Maine winning it all (like they almost did in 2010, taking BC to OT), getting far enough in the Pairwise to push BU out of the NCAA. BU was ahead of Maine in Pairwise heading into the semifinal. Maine got the bid based on that extra game against BU.

        But it is not a waste of time having Jayson do bracketology. It shows the effects a couple of good or bad games can have on making the NCAA tournament, where teams might play and who they might play if they get there. Being a bubble team last week certainly helped BU this weekend push to get three points and have a little more room. This only makes Friday’s and Monday’s game that much more important.

  3. jayson did you read my comment last week? i would like you to look into the future and comment on how things would be as if you were doing this next year. (bigten, nchc, wcha etc)

  4. You said: “I wish I could bring Notre Dame to Toledo, but that can’t be done.” Notre Dame would probably prefer Grand Rapids, where you have them, to Toledo. According to mapquest, it is 1 hour 56 minutes drive from South Bend to Grand Rapids and 2 hours 29 minutes drive from South Bend to Toledo.

  5. Why would we toss out the possibility of a Minnesota-North Dakota regional final just to save attendance? (which, if history is correct, is going to pretty much suck anyway) This is what I hate about the current system–it’s neither a “regional” nor a “pure” bracket. We wind up with a hybrid that, for example, ships Air Force to Worcester the one year there’s a regional in Colorado Springs (and probably the only chance most of the team’s fan base has to see their team play in the NCAA tournament!) all to save “bracket integrity,” but make ample modifications the rest of the time. Either group the teams by proximity to a regional site or run a bracket seeded on the Pairwise. Stop trying to stuff a size 12 foot into a size 8 shoe.

    • Good post. The system is clearly not fan friendly. No wonder college football has trouble figuring out a fair way to do a national tournament.

      • Football’s problem is much different. too much money to be made from the current bowl system. Has nothing to do with tournament sites. The football fans travel much better than hockey fans, simply because football is so popular. The bracketing here is more modeled after how they determine the basketball brackets. But because there are 64 (plus 4 is it now?) Its easier for a school to get slotted close to home and not hit the intra-conference match up early on.

        And football could always emulate FCS level, where you do campus sites for the first 2 rounds, then neutral sites for the semis and finals.

        • I will also add to Bronx’ point about NCAA basketball. Basketball has some fairly regular host sites, not each year, but in rotation. There is always first/second round games in North Carolina, far enough away from Duke/UNC that those teams are not “hosts” but close enough so that the buildings sell out. It can be Charlotte, Winston-Salem or Wilmington, all more than 50 miles from the campus but close enough for a day trip.

          For hockey, it is harder because there are but sixteen slots with four regionals (no sub-regionals) and hockey’s sweet sixteen is too close to the end of conference tournaments. Four/five days for someone in New England to plan a trip to St. Louis/Green Bay/Denver? Same with a Western School planning to go to New Haven/Albany/Worcester/Providence/Manchester? I say this. Play the regional rounds the same weekend as the Final Four of basketball. Have the Frozen Four the week after. Allow nearly 12 days between the end of conference tournaments to ensure people can plan.

          Having a host school is a good idea to help with tickets, but in reality, it should be Hockey East hosting Northeast, ECAC/AHA hosting East, BTHC/new WCHA hosting Midwest and NCHC/new WCHA hosting West. You could swap the East/Northeast and West/Midwest hosts, too. But if the leagues host, then a team like BC/BU/UNH as a number one/two seed would stay in Manchester/Providence, while if one was a three/four seed, they might have to fly to Denver/Minnesota precisely because they were a lower seed. A league that can fill the TD Garden, the Joe Louis Arena or the XCEL Center can cover the ticket costs of a regional better than a member school.

  6. This is really kind of silly. Looooong way to go, including league tournaments. One upset there by a non-TUC and this whole thing blows up. I understand the need for “material”, but really. A couple weeks out, okay. Now? Not so much.
    Someone will email you in March and say: “but you said in JANUARY that my team was going to Manchester!!! You liar.”

    • I have looked forward to bracketology for years now. I imagine others have as well, all of us smart enough to realize that it is a “how things stand now” analysis. It occurs to me that it is done for the NFL, the NBA, MLB, the NHL, NCAA Football and NCAA Basketball.

      I have seen, in the past, my BU Terriers be ranked #1 in the country about this time of the year and listed as playing in Worcester/Manchester only to see them miss the tournament because they played poorly. That is why it is a “how things stand now” analysis.

      Last year, many posters moaned about Merrimack, its ranking and its Pairwise. It turned out that they got a number 2 seed and lost in OT to Notre Dame. Pretty much what could happen for a team that looked good in the bracketology for weeks.

      • I hear you Joseph. It IS kind of interesting. A bracketology mental exercise. But it IS meaningless.

        This quote at the very top of the article troubles me: “It’s our weekly look at how I believe the NCAA tournament will wind up come selection time.”
        Really? This is how he believes things “will wind up come selection time”? Really?
        I want his crystal ball.

  7. Notre Dame in Manchester would be awesome, and I think they would fill more seats at the VWA than nearby Dartmouth would. This is one instance where attendance would possibly suffer by swapping Notre Dame and Dartmouth.

    • This BU alum disagrees, having seen Bemidji State play at a Frozen Four with his own eyes. Niagara can score, if what I have read about them is true. BU this year has given up a ton of goals.

      I would not take Quinnipiac lightly. It is a short trip for them and Yale to the Dunk as well, and there just might be some desire for the two of them to meet in the regional final for Connecticut/ECAC bragging rights.

      I agree that it would be nice to lock in a berth for the Terriers right now. They are a young team that sometimes takes a step back to get two steps forward.

  8. This has BC being rewarded after a getting swept at home by Maine in a big upset this past weeked. As opposed to last week, the Eagles are now eatng home cooking, and are in a weaker bracket besides.
    It’s very much like the way life works under the Obama administration!!

    • That explains your 2 losses to UNH already this year… maybe SCSU in Manchester, so they could lose a 3rd time. And 3 out of the 4 HE teams would be on the same side too. Get over the “NCAA doesn’t want an all WCHA FF, so they place them all together.”

  9. I don’t like the swap for attendance crap, because we(Minnesota) get screwed, we drew Dartmouth as the Pairwise sits right now. But instead get a higher ranked Notre Dame team, whose mad that we whooped in our rink in Jan. No disrespect to Darthmouth they’re a good hockey team, but ND is dangerous team. Also quit trying to get the MN/Nodak match up, i’d rather not have my top line injured and have my players pulled out of the handshake line, because they’re mad we beat them.

    • There really would be no reason to move Dartmouth for attendance purposes anyways, as they would already have UNH and BC in Manchester, that would fill the building. You might have disrespected Dartmouth a little though, as you spelled their name wrong.


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