Roslovic one and done at Miami, signs with Winnipeg

Jack Roslovic scored 10 goals among 26 points in 2015-16 at Miami (photo: Bradley K. Olson).

Miami freshman forward Jack Roslovic has signed with the Winnipeg Jets, giving up his final three years of NCAA eligibility.

Roslovic tied for the team lead in RedHawks scoring with 26 points (10 goals, 16 assists) in 36 games. He was named NCHC Rookie of the Month in October and was second among Miami players with 10 power-play points.

The Jets selected Roslovic in the first round (25th overall) at the 2015 NHL Draft.


  1. This leaving early after 1 season or 2 is getting really out of hand. They should give back the scholarships and pay for the time they spent. College hockey has to give a time frame of which they can leave or else like is happening now they all will leave so early and many of these players end up in the ahl or echl or other divisions. So why not penalize them also for leaving this early no matter the financial situation or not.

    • Mark, I feel your pain, but I respectfully disagree. Here’s a good example why: Last year Jack Eichel played at Boston University. People paid handsomely to watch him play, both at home and on the road and on TV. Then he jumped to the NHL after one year. Why make him pay back the scholarship? He generated a ton of revenue for the school, he helped get the best players into the program pipeline, he helped BU win several championships (which helps bring in even more alumni money into the program). Look at it this way, it is far better to have the Jack Eichel’s of the world playing in the D-1 college ranks for one year, then not at all. I am sure he could have opted for Major Junior but stayed close to home. If a college kid leaves school early for the ECHL, maybe he isn’t getting the best advice, or he is not doing well academically.


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