NCHC picks: Oct. 14

Thanks to correctly picking the Colorado College-Massachusetts split, I have a two-game lead on Matthew in our annual picks contest. Last week, I went 6-4-2, while Matthew went 4-6-2. On the year, I am 8-4-2 while Matthew is 6-6-2.

Let’s see if I can widen the lead this weekend.

Friday-Saturday, Oct. 14-15

Western Michigan vs. Bowling Green (home-and-home)
Candace: I thought I should have picked Western to sweep last weekend. I’ll do so this week and probably get it wrong, but what the heck. Western Michigan 3-2, 3-1
Matthew: I want to go with a Western sweep here but I think the home teams will win. Bowling Green 2-1, Western Michigan 2-1

Massachusetts-Lowell at Colorado College
Candace: CC rallied and scored a bunch of goals last Saturday against UMass, but Lowell is a way different Massachusetts team. Lowell 4-1, 4-2
Matthew: CC had a good first weekend, but I’m not sure if the Tigers pick up a win here despite being at home. Lowell 3-2, 2-1

Boston University at Denver
Candace: Even with Dylan Gambrell in the lineup, I think I would have picked Boston University to sweep. Boston University 3-1, 3-2
Matthew: How different will Denver look with Dylan Gambrell projected to be out injured for around a month? This series is tougher for DU without him. Boston University 3-2, Denver 3-2

St. Cloud State at Minnesota State
Candace: This could be a really interesting series, and will probably be a split, but I’m going with the league homer pick. St. Cloud State 3-2, 3-1
Matthew: I’m sort of surprised that this isn’t a home-and-home, but SCSU will be glad for the road experience against a tough opponent. St. Cloud State 3-2, Minnesota State 2-1

Notre Dame at Minnesota-Duluth
Candace: It’s hard to know what to make of Notre Dame from a sweep of Arizona State. On paper, the Irish look really deep and experienced. I was impressed by Duluth’s performance in Lowell though. I’ll pick an NCHC sweep and hope I get one of the games right. Minnesota-Duluth 3-2, 3-2
Matthew: Maybe the nation’s series of the weekend. It’s the safe choice, but I’m going to take a split here. Notre Dame 3-1, Minnesota-Duluth 3-1

Omaha at the Alaska Goal Rush (Alaska-Anchorage Friday, Alaska Saturday)
Candace: I was a little surprised to see Omaha lose its exhibition game. I’m not completely sold on Alaska, but I’ll pick a split. Omaha 3-1, Alaska 3-1
Matthew: UNO has room for improvement after dropping its exhibition game against Alberta. I think the Mavericks pick up their first win of the season here but I don’t know if they win the tournament. Omaha 3-1, Alaska 3-2

Ohio State at Miami (Saturday)
Candace: Ohio State looked really good last weekend in Denver, but I think the RedHawks get the win. Miami 3-1
Matthew: Miami did well last weekend on the road against Providence, but they’ve got another tough test Saturday against a good Ohio State team. This game will be close. Miami 3-2

Saturday, Oct. 15

Rensselaer at North Dakota
Candace: I don’t see North Dakota having much trouble at home against the Engineers. North Dakota 4-1
Matthew: This ought to be a fairly easy win for UND at home. North Dakota 4-1