Hockey East picks: Oct. 21-27

When you have two people who are wearing Hockey East tinted glasses and picking non-league games, well let’s just say their records aren’t going to be very impressive if Hockey East struggles as it has been. But hey, .500 is an excellent batting average, right?

Jim last week: 8-8-3
Dave last week: 9-7-3
Jim to-date: 16-16-3
Dave to-date: 16-16-3

Friday, October 21

Colorado College at Boston College
Jim’s pick: CC struggled last weekend with goaltending. So unless they have some sort of miraculous turnaround in net, I think BC should get a win.
BC 4, CC 2
Dave’s pick: CC just hasn’t been a strong program for a while now. At home, this shouldn’t be close.
BC 5, CC 2

Sacred Heart at Boston University
Jim’s pick: Games like this can be like the Stanley Cup for Sacred Heart. But unfortunately, BU will likely treat this as their Stanley Cup after being swept in Denver a week ago.
BU 6, SHU 2
Dave’s pick: The Terriers definitely need a rebound game.
BU 5, SHU 1

Colgate at Merrimack
Jim’s pick: I so want to believe in this Merrimack team. But thus far they’ve shown me not reason to do so.
CU 3, MC 2
Dave’s pick: I have to agree.  I was leaning toward the Warriors at home until I looked again at their home loss to Sacred Heart and then 4-0 and 4-1 losses in the North Country.
CU 3, MC 1

Maine at Miami
Jim’s pick: We all know Maine is better than most predicted before the season began. But how will the Black Bears fair on the road, an Achilles heel in recent years.
MU 4, Maine 3
Dave’s pick: I was stunned that the Black Bears took Quinnipiac to overtime both games last weekend and emerged with a split, but this will be their first game on the road. I need to be convinced they can do it without Alfond magic.
MU 3, Maine 2

Penn State at Notre Dame
Jim’s pick: This should be a good matchup and a good brand of hockey played between these clubs. Look for Penn State to have the speed to keep up with Notre Dame, but for the Irish to still come away victorious at home.
ND 4, PSU 2
Dave’s pick: Penn State is probably better than I’m giving them credit for, but with this weekend series at South Bend, I’m all-in on the Irish.
ND 3, PSU 1

Arizona State at Northeastern
Jim’s pick: Last week, Arizona State earned its first-ever win against a top-20 program. Don’t expect to see number two this weekend.
NU 5, ASU 2
Dave’s pick: Here’s another game I expect to be lopsided. Arizona pays dues that might take a few seasons to cash in.
NU 5, ASU 1

Clarkson at Providence
Jim’s pick: I like Clarkson a lot and am not totally sure about Providence yet. That said, because the Friars are at home, I’m picking them.
PC 3, CU 2
Dave’s pick: Uh-oh.  I make all my picks before I look at Jim’s and so far it’s monkey see, monkey do.
PC 4, CU 3

AIC at Connecticut
Jim’s pick: It’s a short trip down I-91 to renew an old MAAC/Atlantic Hockey rivalry for AIC. But no doubt in my mind UConn is the stronger team.
UConn 4, AIC 1
Dave’s pick: Quite a few easy picks this week (he says, knowing the .500 anvil is going to hit him in the head).
UConn 5, AIC 1

Army West Point at Massachusetts
Jim’s pick: Army has played well out of the gate and is poised to go on the road and earn the win.
Army 2, UMass 1
Dave’s pick: I haven’t picked a lot of UMass wins in recent times, but there’s no way a Hockey East homer like me is going with Army. Jim and I finally disagree. Euphoria ensues.
UMass 2, Army 1

St. Lawrence at UMass-Lowell
Jim’s pick: The biggest clash of titans of the weekend is also the toughest to pick. Lot to like about both teams, so I’m using home ice as the deciding factor.
UML 3, SLU 2 (OT)
Dave’s pick: I might pick the River Hawks to win this one even if it were on the road, but it’s not so I think they take care of business in regulation.
UML 4, SLU 2

Vermont at Omaha
Jim’s pick: Some nights Vermont surprises you, like a road win at Clarkson a couple of weeks ago. But reality is Omaha should be the better team here.
Omaha 3, UVM 1
Dave’s pick: I was hoping Jim would go for the Catamounts here just for variety’s sake, but I’d lean toward Omaha at a neutral site and have to go with the Mavericks at home.
Omaha 4, UVM 2

Saturday, October 22

Quinnipiac at Boston University
Jim’s pick: A battle of the last two national runners-up is a very interesting clash. Both have plenty of fire power, but personally I like the experience of Quinnipiac in this one.
QU 4, BU 3
Dave’s pick: It was troubling to see the Terriers get swept in Denver, but Quinnipiac’s split at Maine–getting taken to OT in both games–wasn’t awe-inspiring either. Homer Hendrickson goes with BU in yet another overtime for Quinnipiac.
BU 3, QU 2 (OT)

Boston College at Holy Cross
Jim’s pick: Can Dave Berard and Holy Cross pull of upsets of fellow Catholics in back-to-back weeks? It’s quite possible playing at home, but I think BC is the deeper team.
BC 4, HC 2
Dave’s pick: I’m giving BC the edge both in depth and high-end talent.
BC 4, HC 2

Colgate at Merrimack
Jim’s pick: Sweeps are difficult and sweeping Merrimack at home is extremely difficult. Thus, I’ll go with the Warriors here.
MC 4, CU 2
Dave’s pick: I’m going to be stubborn and pick against the Warriors again, playing the “show me first, then I believe” card.
CU 3, MC 2

Maine at Miami
Jim’s pick: Here is another series that I can’t see a sweep. Though I’m more likely to pick the reserve split and take two losses.
Maine 4, MU 3
Dave’s pick: Chalk another one up for my stubbornness, though I’ll love it if Maine’s Cardiac Kids prosper this weekend.
MU 4, Maine 3 (OT)

Penn State at Notre Dame
Jim’s pick: Though Penn State keeps this series competitive, I see the Irish getting the sweep.
ND 3, PSU 1
Dave’s pick:  I’m going with another sweep. The Irish all the way.
ND 4, PSU 2

Arizona State at Northeastern
Jim’s pick: A well-conditioned Northeastern team might run circles around the ASU club on night two.
NU 7, ASU 2
Dave’s pick: Let’s see where the Arizona State program is four years from now. At this point, though, it’s all Huskies.
NU 5, ASU 1

St. Lawrence at Providence
Jim’s pick: There is so much to like about this St. Lawrence team, thus I don’t see them coming to New England and to getting a win.
SLU 3, PC 2
Dave’s pick: We disagree again. Give me the Friars at home over the invaders from the North.
PC 3, SLU 2

Clarkson at UMass-Lowell
Jim’s pick: These two teams have played a number of games against one another in recent years and almost all have been low-scoring nail bitters. Look for the same again.
UML 3, CU 2
Dave’s pick: The River Hawks come away from the weekend with four  hard-earned points.
UML 2, CU 1

Colorado College at New Hampshire
Jim’s pick: Neither of these clubs have played inspired hockey thus far this season. And while I don’t like picking against UNH at home, I’m going out on a limb here. Expect a high-scoring game.
CC 6, UNH 4
Dave’s pick: The Wildcats’ 5-3 win at Clarkson last weekend was enough to make me believe. The Cats get the W at the Whitt.
UNH 4, CC 3

Vermont at Omaha
Jim’s pick: Maybe I’m getting a little gun shy picking Hockey East teams after the first two weeks. But I’m going with an Omaha sweep hoping to be wrong.
Omaha 3, UVM 1
Dave’s pick: I thought sure Jim would pick a split, but even though I’m just following suit here, I’m also going with an Omaha sweep.
Omaha 3, UVM 2

Tuesday, October 25

Boston College at Merrimack
Jim’s pick: League play finally gets underway and Lawler Arena should see a pretty good tilt. Still I think BC has enough firepower to win.
BC 4, MC 3
Dave’s pick: I like the Eagles by a wider margin, begging the pardon of all my Warrior friends (ex-friends?).
BC 3, MC 1

Massachusetts at Quinnipiac
Jim’s pick: The fact that Quinnipiac took down UConn easily makes me believe they can do the same to UMass.
QU 5, UMass 2
Dave’s pick: Agreed. Hard to see UMass “pulling a Maine” and escaping with an upset.
QU 4, UMass 1

Thursday, October 27

Connecticut at Notre Dame
Jim’s pick: I am tempted to pick and upset here as I like the offensive fire of UConn. But I’m going to stay on the straight and narrow (and boring) and pick the Irish.
ND 4, UConn 3
Dave’s pick: Hey Jim, straight and narrow (and boring) is my turf. I love the progress UConn has made, but it’s not enough to top the Irish.
ND 3, UConn 2