Fox’s rookie-year point production a pleasant surprise for Harvard

Adam Fox has 40 points in his freshman season at Harvard (photo: Melissa Wade).

CHICAGO — It’s obvious that Harvard’s large and talented senior class has contributed heavily to the Crimson’s success this season. But freshman Adam Fox has been a factor from the start of his rookie campaign, recording points in his first five collegiate games on the way to a total of 40 so far. His 1.14 points per game average leads all defensemen in Division I.

The Jericho, N.Y., native came to Harvard with impressive numbers — he’s the third-highest scoring defenseman in the history of the U.S. National Team Development Program — but his acclimation to the college game was faster than Crimson coach Ted Donato expected.

“I think we would all have to admit we’re a little bit surprised at how successful he’s been right away, averaging a point a game,” said Donato.

“I think we certainly had very high hopes and expectations. However, with the current status of college hockey with older kids, it’s becoming more and more of a challenge for these real dynamic 18-year-olds to make an impact.”

But Fox is a very special player, according to Donato.

“I think the truly elite guys find a way to do it,” Donato said. “I think Adam is so clever, and his hockey IQ is so incredible, he’s not just relying on the physical tools he has.”

Fox said that his time with the national team gave him an idea of what was going to be expected in college.

“With the NTDP, we had exhibition games against college teams and that helped me get acclimated to the pace of play and what it takes to get to the next level,” said Fox. “Obviously, my teammates have done a good job helping me get adjusted to the game.

“I don’t know if I came in with a mindset of how quick I could adapt but with a mindset of how I could help the team as best I could.”

“He’s been a tremendous shot in the arm for our defensive corps, and offensively he makes others around him better,” said Donato. “He’s had a terrific year.”

And it’s not over.

“It’s been a fun and successful year so far,” said Fox. “And two more wins would make it even better.”


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