Test of USCHO Staff Report user

Test of user.


  1. Apparently, the test worked. The removal of the post after the successful test, not so much..

    Although I probably shouldn’t mock much, it only took a year for someone to stumble across it, which either means it was pretty well hidden, or nobody else gives a whit…

  2. And just for good measure, a response to the “Test of multiple authors posting” post, which has closed their comment section.

    I do this because I can.

    And a “Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam circumspice” to you, too.

    You’re welcome!

    • What was really funny was that if you try to tell them about this via their “contact us” link, the authentication part fails. I did stumble upon what appeared to be a trouble ticket mechanism, but haven’t seen any progress on that yet.

      Good to see that someone else stumbled across this, since it confirms that I’m not the only one seeing it. Thanks for the post.


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