Ohio State looking to build smaller arena for men’s, women’s teams?

In a published report in the Columbus Dispatch, Ohio State has reportedly requested bids to construct a new arena for its men’s and women’s hockey teams.

Shaun Richard, OSU’s associate athletic director who handles hockey, said that the bids do not mean that an arena will be built soon – or ever.

“We’re more just doing our homework to get some numbers and get some concrete information for if we were to take that next step and do something,” Richard said to the Dispatch. “We are not committed to doing this at all. We have no money committed at all. We have no site picked out.

“It’s just something we want to look at. No timelines, no nothing, but hopefully some good information coming back so we can make some good decisions in the future.”

If a new arena is built, it would have a seating capacity of 4,000 and would include two rinks – one for the D-I teams and the other for intramurals and recreation sports.


    • Penn State has the perfect stadium. 6000 seats, never feels empty with all the fans packed in close. Great acoustics.

  1. This is a great idea and makes sense. I’ve been to a couple of games at Ohio State and the barn is nearly empty considering the size of it. They have a small, but faithful student section that I’m sure would seem bigger in a smaller barn. Great idea.

      • That makes sense then. I wouldn’t have guessed they averaged that much, but that would be great for a 6k seat rink. Make tickets scarce so it’s sold out on a regular basis.

        • And I would push for 8k as attendance has risen every year for several but again agree w/ you; keep the stands full.

          • What’s the capacity at Ridder? I don’t know what OSU women draw, but I know Minnesota women draw fairly well. There are several ways to look at it, but you’re probably right about the 8k. At least it gives you some room to grow in the future.

          • Ridder is around 2,500. My daughter and I have attended some games. Only thing close to a sellout was the Natty where the Gopher girls beat Hahvad. Avg attendance guess is less than 600. The Wisco games do well tho….1,500+.

          • Did a lil snooping…seems my guess of 600 was less than half of reality. They were drawing 1,200-1,500/game @ Ridder.


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