Gallery: Players with NCAA ties selected at the 2017 NHL Draft in Chicago

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  1. Despite Maine’s disappointing season, I’m still a bit surprised that Gustav Nyquist has not been (at least) mentioned as a Hobey Top 10 candidate. Stats are just stats, and his numbers are a little bit below last year’s, but he is tied for 7th nationally in total points and after a “slow” start he had 23 points in his last 12 games (12 g, 11 a). Maine’s early departure from the HEast Tourney certainly didn’t help his candidacy.

  2. The Duluth answer is easy. Mike Connolly hands down! He’s a part of every major aspect of the game. He can put the puck away too!

    • What makes you say that? He is leading the nation in goals scored, he has made a huge impact on his team, and even though he made some bad decisions in the past, I think his return and new attitude are a testament to his work ethic, his demeanor, and the respect he has for the game. Not saying he is a lock to win it, as there are plenty of very talented players being considered, but to say he is definitely not a Hobey is a very bold statement.

      • Well said. To fall the way that he did last year and make it back? To turn down a contract only to turn around and pay his own way through school? Thats character. He stayed loyal to the program, to his teammates, and as far as I’m concerned, is more worthy of contention for the Hobey than many past winners.

        Good luck to him in the future, Hobey or no Hobey.

  3. When Frattin came back last year, he came back without scholarship and having to pay out of state tuition. All this when he could have “bolted” for the “Leafs”. Let talk character.

  4. Just a guess on my part, but since future Frozen Four sites will be announced in such a manner that host cities may have less time to prpeare than has been the case in the past, perhaps that means that cities which have hosted a Frozen Four in the past will be given preference.

    • I sure hope they bring it back to the X in St. Paul in 2015 or 2016. Awesome venue! I wouldn’t be against it being in Milwaukee or even Denver soon..

  5. Considering that there will be less time to prepare and the last three host cities will have been in the “east” it seems like the 2015 FF will be a repeat host in the “west” which means St Paul or Milwaukee are the leading candidates.

    • For a short notice Frozen Four, St Paul and Milwaukee are great candidates. Detroit would be good, but they just hosted at Ford Field. Boston is a good short-term candidate for the east, but going west after DC, Detroit, Tampa, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia makes a lot of sense to this Hockey East fan.

      I still would love to see UVM be the host of a Montreal Frozen Four at the Centre Bell. Maybe St Lawrence and Clarkson could host there, too.


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