Women’s D-I weekend picks Jan. 31: Clarkson faces Princeton, Beanpot starts

Maddie Rolfes of Wisconsin (David Stluka)
Maddie Rolfes of Wisconsin leads the Badgers against St. Cloud this weekend. (David Stluka)

I had a good week last week, as I went 27-5-5 (.797), while Nicole was 22-10-5 (.628). I’ve opened a big lead in our season picks race, as I am now 239-90-37 (.703), while Nicole is 221-108-37 (.654).

We’ve got some big games in the East this week, so let’s see how we can do.

Thursday, Jan. 31

Mercyhurst at RIT
Candace: I think Mercyhurst wins this, but it will be close. Mercyhurst 3-2
Nicole: I expect the Lakers win. Mercyhurst 4-1

Friday, Feb. 1

Yale at Harvard
Candace: An old rivalry, but the Crimson take it. Harvard 2-1
Nicole: This should be a close game, so I’ll go with the Crimson at home. Harvard 3-2

Rensselaer at No. 10 Colgate
Candace: Lovisa Selander won’t be enough. Colgate 2-1
Nicole: Colgate wins this one. Colgate 3-0

Union at No. 6 Cornell
Candace: Cornell keeps rolling. Cornell 4-1
Nicole: Cornell gets the win. Cornell 4-0

Brown at Dartmouth
Candace: Brown had one good weekend all year. Dartmouth 3-2
Nicole: I’m taking Dartmouth at home. Dartmouth 2-1

St. Lawrence at No. 4 Princeton
Candace: St. Lawrence has not had the consistency it needs. Princeton 4-2
Nicole: Princeton should take this one. Princeton 3-1

No. 5 Clarkson at Quinnipiac
Candace: Clarkson keeps the pressure on Cornell and Princeton. Clarkson 3-1
Nicole: The Golden Knights should win this one. Clarkson 2-0

Providence at Merrimack
Candace: Providence boarded the struggle bus in January. Merrimack 3-2
Nicole: Another close game, but I’ll take Merrimack at home. Merrimack 4-3

Holy Cross at No. 7 Boston College
Candace: Boston College won’t have a pre-Beanpot letdown. Boston College 4-1
Nicole: Boston College wins this one. Boston College 5-0

No. 3 Northeastern at Connecticut
Candace: Northeastern should win this, even if the Huskies are looking ahead to Tuesday’s Beanpot game. Northeastern 3-1
Nicole: I expect Northeastern to win. Northeastern 3-1

No. 8 Boston University at Vermont
Candace: A long road trip before the Beanpot could be costly, but BU will win this game. Boston University 3-1
Nicole: The Terriers should win this one. Boston University 3-1

Friday-Saturday, Feb. 1-2

No. 9 Ohio State at St. Cloud State
Candace: I think this is just what OSU needs to rebound from its recent struggles. Ohio State 3-2, 3-2
Nicole: Ohio State bounces back with a sweep. Ohio State 3-1, 4-2

No. 1 Wisconsin at Bemidji State
Candace: Wisconsin will keep pace with the Gophers. Wisconsin 3-2, 3-1
Nicole: The Badgers sweep. Wisconsin 3-1, 4-1

Saturday, Feb. 2

Union at No. 10 Colgate
Candace: I think the Raiders will secure home ice soon. Colgate 4-1
Nicole: Colgate should take this one. Colgate 4-0

Rensselaer at No. 6 Cornell
Candace: Cornell keeps pace with Princeton. Cornell 3-1
Nicole: The Big Red take this one. Cornell 3-0

Yale at Dartmouth
Candace: This one is a tough one to pick, but I think Yale has the edge. Yale 3-2
Nicole: The Elis get the win. Yale 4-2

Brown at Harvard
Candace: Harvard should win a low-scoring game. Harvard 2-1
Nicole: Harvard takes this one. Harvard 2-0

No. 5 Clarkson at No. 4 Princeton
Candace: The marquee matchup of the weekend. I pick home ice. Princeton 3-2
Nicole: The Tigers keep their unbeaten streak going. Princeton 3-2

St. Lawrence at Quinnipiac
Candace: This will be a tight, low-scoring game. St. Lawrence 3-2
Nicole: The Saints skate away with a win. St. Lawrence 2-1

Connecticut at Providence
Candace: Another tough one to pick, but I go with home ice. Providence 2-1
Nicole: I think Providence takes this one. Providence 3-1

Saturday-Sunday, Feb. 2-3

Minnesota Duluth at No. 2 Minnesota
Candace: Minnesota will pick up the big sweep. Minnesota 4-2, 4-2
Nicole: I think the Gophers sweep. Minnesota 4-2, 4-3

Maine at New Hampshire
Candace: Both teams have struggled, but I think Maine has more consistency. Maine 2-1, 2-1
Nicole: These two split the weekend. Maine wins game one. Maine 2-0, New Hampshire 1-0

Sunday, Feb. 3

Vermont at Holy Cross
Candace: Eh, why not pick the Crusaders. Holy Cross 2-1
Nicole: I’m taking Holy Cross for the win here. Holy Cross 2-1


Minnesota State at St. Cloud State
Candace: I think Minnesota State has the edge. Minnesota State 3-2
Nicole: I like the Mavericks to win. Minnesota State 2-1


No. 8 Boston University vs No. 3 Northeastern
Candace: The pressure is on the Huskies, but I think they can meet the challenge. Northeastern 3-2
Nicole: This is the toughest pick of the weekend but I’ll take a flyer by saying the experience of BU wins out here. Boston University 4-3

No. 7 Boston College at Harvard
Candace: Boston College will advance to another Beanpot final. Boston College 4-2
Nicole: BC takes this one. Boston College 3-1