NCHC pick: Dec. 29

Easton Brodzinski (SCSU-26) 2018 October 7 St. Cloud State University hosts Mount Royal University in a exhibition contest at the Herb Brooks National Hockey Center (Bradley K. Olson)
Easton Brodzinski leads St. Cloud against Minnesota. (Bradley K. Olson)
Sunday, Dec. 29St. Cloud State versus MinnesotaCandace: Maybe a break is what St. Cloud needed, because the Huskies crushed Minnesota State yesterday. In fact, they looked like last year’s St. Cloud team. St. Cloud has also been very inconsistent, but it’s not like Minnesota has set the world on fire, so come on, Huskies, rep the NCHC against the Little 7. St. Cloud State 4-2Matthew: So yeah, we could’ve done better first time out here, but beating Minnesota State (and convincingly, too) is big for St. Cloud. Watch the Huskies get another win here. St. Cloud State 4-2