Picking the WCHA: Dec. 5-7

Well, 2020 continues to give us lemons and we try to do the best we can to make lemonade. The three series this weekend have all gone through some changes, and Ferris finally makes its debut on a Tuesday. However, those are the breaks as we move forward with the 2020-21 season.
Daver this season: 7-0-1
Jack this season: 2-5-1
Mercyhurst at/vs Bowling Green
Jack: Let’s hope we actually have some hockey this weekend! Bowling Green has scored at least 5 in all three of their games (two were against Adrian, but still) so they should still be firing on all cylinders. I think they’re going to get a sweep here.
Daver: Mercyhurst is a team looking to continue to build, but they face a tough opponent in the Falcons, who look like they are ready to contend this season. Their offense has been good so far, so now its time to see their defense improve. I like the Falcons to sweep here, but the games will be close.
Jack: Saturday: Falcons 5, Lakers 2; Sunday: Falcons 3, Lakers 0
Daver: Falcons sweep, 4-1, 3-1
Alabama Huntsville at Lake Superior State
Jack: The Lakers, weirdly, have played more games than anyone in the WCHA (a whopping 4!) and are so far undefeated (a cool 3-0-1). UAH hasn’t played at all since their loss at Robert Morris Nov. 22-21. This seems like a LSSU sweep.
Daver: The Lakers have gotten off to a good start, but it still early. However, it is tough to see them taking a step backwards against a Chargers squad that is still trying to sort out a new coach and a new commitment to hockey moving forward. I feel that the Lakers will escape this weekend with two more wins.
Jack: Saturday: Lakers 3, Chargers 2; Sunday: Lakers 4, Chargers 2
Daver: Lakers sweep: 2-1, 3-1
No. 6 Minnesota State at Michigan Tech
Jack: It’s really hard to predict how these games are going to go. Neither of these teams have played since before Thanksgiving. There’s going to be some rustiness so I have no idea how these series are going to go. Seems like a tossup to me but until MSU loses I have to keep going with the team to beat.
Daver: The Mavericks have played just one game, the Huskies two to this point. It is tough to figure out which way this series will go, but one thing is for certain, both squads will be ready, despite fighting off the rust. I have a feeling that Michigan Tech will play with more urgency at home against Minnesota State than they played with against Lake Superior two weeks ago.
Jack: Sunday: Mavericks 4, Huskies 2; Monday: Mavericks 2, Huskies 0
Daver: Mavericks win Friday, 3-1, Huskies win Saturday, 2-1
Alabama Huntsville at Ferris State
Jack: Another random Tuesday game. A weird time for Ferris to open their season. But here we are. I think this one will be close.
Daver: The Chargers will continue to find the early season difficult, and facing a Bulldogs squad at home on a Tuesday will not be easy. I expect that Bob Daniels’ squad will be fired up to finally get some action in.
Jack: Tuesday: Bulldogs 2, Chargers 1
Daver: Chargers win, 2-1