*Team's RPI has been adjusted to remove negative effect from defeating weak opponent.

The Ratings Percentage Index is one tool used to select teams for the national collegiate ice hockey tournament. Factors involved are 1) the team's winning percentage; 2) the average winning percentage of the team's opponents; 3) the average winning percentage of the team's opponents' opponents. These factors are multiplied by 25%, 21%, and 54% respectively and the contribution of each individual game is weighted by a factor of 1.2 for a road win or home loss and 0.8 for a home win or road loss. In addition, a quality wins bonus based on wins against the top 20 teams is added to a team's RPI.

Note: A team's record is based only on games against other Division I hockey schools which are eligible for the NCAA Tournament.

Forfeit wins do not count in the RPI and have been removed.