Full Schedule

Day Date Time Visitor Score Home Score OT Notes Type Channel
Thu.2021-10-077:00 ETMerrimack2@(11) Providence5HENESN
Fri.2021-10-087:07 CT(2) St. Cloud State0@(1) Minnesota State1NCSpectrum 191
Fri.2021-10-087:00 CTMercyhurst4@(4) Minnesota7NCBSN+
Fri.2021-10-087:00 CTMichigan Tech5@(13) Wisconsin2NCBSW
Sat.2021-10-096:07 CT(2) St. Cloud State3@(1) Minnesota State1NCSpectrum 191
Sat.2021-10-096:00 ETLIU2@(19) Notre Dame5NCNBC Chi, NBC Phila, SNY
Sat.2021-10-097:07 CT(15) Bemidji State1@(5) Minnesota Duluth2NCMy9
Sat.2021-10-095:00 CTMercyhurst3@(4) Minnesota5NCBSN
Sat.2021-10-097:00 CTMichigan Tech5@(13) Wisconsin1NCBSW
Thu.2021-10-147:00 CTArmy West Point1@Wisconsin4NCBSW+
Fri.2021-10-157:00 ET(18) Northeastern3@(6) Boston College5HENESN
Fri.2021-10-157:00 CT(2) St. Cloud State2@(4) Minnesota1NCBSN
Fri.2021-10-157:00 CTArmy West Point0@Wisconsin1NCBSW
Thu.2021-10-217:30 ETRIT3@(13) Notre Dame2OTNCNBC Chi+, NBC Phila+, SNY
Fri.2021-10-227:30 ETRIT0@(13) Notre Dame6NCNBC Chi+, NBC Phila+, SNY
Fri.2021-10-227:00 CT(5) Minnesota Duluth5@(4) Minnesota3NCBSN
Thu.2021-10-287:00 ETWisconsin0@(2) Michigan3B10BTN
Fri.2021-10-298:00 CT(14) Notre Dame1@(7) Minnesota4B10BTN
Sat.2021-10-305:00 CT(14) Notre Dame2@(7) Minnesota3B10BSN
Thu.2021-11-047:30 ETHoly Cross2@(17) Notre Dame5NCNBCSN
Fri.2021-11-057:00 CT(5) Minnesota3@Wisconsin4OTB10BSW+, BSN+
Fri.2021-11-057:07 MT(1) St. Cloud State3@Colorado College2OTNTATTRM
Fri.2021-11-057:30 ETHoly Cross1@(17) Notre Dame4NCNBC Chi+, NBC Phila+
Sat.2021-11-068:00 CT(5) Minnesota4@Wisconsin1B10BSW, BSN+
Fri.2021-11-127:30 ETWisconsin1@(15) Notre Dame5B10NBCSN
Fri.2021-11-126:30 CT(18) Ohio State4@(6) Minnesota3B10BSN
Sat.2021-11-136:00 ETWisconsin0@(15) Notre Dame3B10NBC Chi
Sat.2021-11-135:00 CT(18) Ohio State0@(6) Minnesota2B10BSN
Fri.2021-11-197:00 CTPenn State5@(7) Minnesota3B10BSN
Sat.2021-11-208:00 CTPenn State2@(7) Minnesota4B10BSN
Fri.2021-11-26PPD(19) Boston College@(8) Notre DameNCNBC Chi+, NBC Phila+
Fri.2021-11-267:07 CTClarkson1@Wisconsin1OTNCBSW+
Sat.2021-11-276:00 CTClarkson3@Wisconsin0NCBSW
Fri.2021-12-037:30 ET(18) Ohio State4@(8) Notre Dame2B10NBCSN
Fri.2021-12-036:30 ET(11) Minnesota5@(3) Michigan1B10BTN
Sat.2021-12-046:00 ET(18) Ohio State1@(8) Notre Dame5B10NBC Phila+
Sat.2021-12-047:00 ET(11) Minnesota2@(3) Michigan6B10BTN
Fri.2021-12-107:30 ETMichigan State@(8) Notre DameB10NBCSN
Fri.2021-12-107:00 CTPenn State@WisconsinB10BSW+
Sat.2021-12-117:00 ETMichigan State@(8) Notre DameB10NBCSN
Sat.2021-12-116:00 CTPenn State@WisconsinB10BSW
Fri.2022-01-076:30 ET(10) Minnesota@Michigan StateB10BTN
Fri.2022-01-077:00 CT(17) Ohio State@WisconsinB10BSW+
Fri.2022-01-077:30 CT(11) Denver@(14) Nebraska-OmahaNTCBS
Sat.2022-01-087:30 ET(10) Minnesota@Michigan StateB10BTN
Sat.2022-01-086:00 CT(17) Ohio State@WisconsinB10BSW+
Fri.2022-01-147:00 CTMichigan State@WisconsinB10BSW
Fri.2022-01-148:00 MT(6) St. Cloud State@(11) DenverNTCBS
Sat.2022-01-158:00 CTMichigan State@WisconsinB10BSW
Fri.2022-01-218:00 CT(3) Michigan@(10) MinnesotaB10ESPNU
Sat.2022-01-226:00 CT(3) Michigan@(10) MinnesotaB10BTN
Fri.2022-01-286:00 CT(3) Michigan@WisconsinB10BSW
Fri.2022-01-287:07 MT(14) Nebraska-Omaha@Colorado CollegeNTCBS
Sat.2022-01-298:00 CT(3) Michigan@WisconsinB10BTN
Fri.2022-02-047:00 CTMichigan State@(10) MinnesotaB10BSN
Fri.2022-02-047:37 CT(4) Western Michigan@(6) St. Cloud StateNTCBS
Sat.2022-02-058:00 ETWisconsin@(17) Ohio StateB10BTN
Sat.2022-02-055:00 CTMichigan State@(10) MinnesotaB10BSN
Fri.2022-02-116:00 ET(10) Minnesota@(17) Ohio StateB10BTN
Fri.2022-02-117:30 CT(8) Notre Dame@WisconsinB10BTN
Fri.2022-02-117:05 ET(14) Nebraska-Omaha@MiamiNTCBS
Sat.2022-02-126:00 ET(10) Minnesota@(17) Ohio StateB10BTN
Sat.2022-02-127:00 CT(8) Notre Dame@WisconsinB10BSW
Fri.2022-02-186:30 ET(10) Minnesota@Penn StateB10BTN
Fri.2022-02-187:30 CT(7) North Dakota@(5) Minnesota DuluthNTCBS
Sat.2022-02-196:00 ET(10) Minnesota@Penn StateB10BTN
Fri.2022-02-258:00 CTWisconsin@(10) MinnesotaB10ESPNU
Fri.2022-02-257:07 CT(4) Western Michigan@(7) North DakotaNTCBS
Fri.2022-03-047:30 CT(6) St. Cloud State@(5) Minnesota DuluthNTCBS

Television Channel Abbreviations

Altitude Altitude [DirecTV 681, Dish 410]
Altitude2 Altitude 2 [DirecTV 682, Dish 451]
ATTPitt AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh
ATTRM AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain
ATTSW AT&T SportsNet Southwest
BSD Bally Sports Detroit [DirecTV 663, Dish 430]
BSD+ Bally Sports Detroit Plus [DirecTV 664, Dish varies]
BSN Bally Sports North [DirecTV 668, Dish 436]
BSN+ Bally Sports North Plus [varies; check listings]
BSW Bally Sports Wisconsin [DirecTV 669, Dish varies]
BSW+ Bally Sports Wisconsin alternate [varies]
BCSN Buckeye Cable Sports Network (Ohio) [Cable 109]
BTN Big Ten Network [DirecTV 609]
CBS CBS Sports Network [DirecTV 221, Dish 158]
CET Comcast Cable 900/105 (Colorado)
CharMank Charter Cable 226/826 (Mankato, Minn.)
CharMN Charter Cable 87 (Minnesota)
CharSC Charter Cable 823/426 (St. Cloud, Minn.)
Comcast Comcast Television (Michigan)
ComTC Comcast 999 (Minnesota)
CPTV CPTV Sports (Connecticut)
CSNChi Comcast SportsNet Chicago [DirecTV 665]
CSNNE Comcast SportsNet Northeast [DirecTV 630]
CSNPh Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia
CoxPr Cox Sports (Providence, R.I.) [Cable 3/1003]
ESPN ESPN [DirecTV 206, Dish 140]
ESPN2 ESPN2 [DirecTV 209, Dish 144]
ESPNU ESPNU [DirecTV 208, Dish 141]
ESPNews ESPNews [DirecTV 207, Dish 142]
FCS Fox College Sports [DirecTV 608/623/626]
FerTV Ferris Television, Cable Channel 190/22 (Big Rapids, Mich.)
FloHockey.tv WCHA Men | WCHA Women
FoxUP WLUC, Channel 6.2 (Negaunee, Mich.)
KFXF KFXF, Channel 7 (Fairbanks, Alaska)
KRDO KRDO, Channel 13 (Colorado Springs, Colo.)
KXTU KXTU, Channel 51 (Colorado Springs, Colo.)
LPTV Lakeland Public Television (Minnesota)
MidcoSN Midco Sports Network (North Dakota)
MidcoSN3 Midco Sports Network 3 (North Dakota)
MSG MSG Network [DirecTV 634]
My9 KBJR-DT2, Channel 6.2/Charter 9 (Duluth, Minn.)
MyTV9 WCTX (New Haven, Conn.)
NESN New England Sports Network [DirecTV 628, Dish 434]
NET1 Nebraska Public Television
NBCSN NBC Sports Network [DirecTV 220, Dish 159]
OSN Ocean State Networks, Cox Cable 5/1005 (Providence, R.I.)
Pac12 Pac-12 Networks [Dish 409]
Root Root Sports Rocky Mountain [DirecTV 683, Dish 414]
RootNW Root Sports Northwest
SNY SportsNet New York [DirecTV 639]
STO SportsTime Ohio [DirecTV 662, Dish 431]
TWCO Time Warner Cable Ohio [cable 311/1311]
TWCS Time Warner Cable Sports* (New York state)
WABI WABI, Channel 5 (Bangor, Maine)
WABI-2 WABI-DT2, Channel 5.2 (Bangor, Maine)
WBIN WBIN, Channel 35 (Derry, N.H.)
WCAX WCAX, Channel 3 (Burlington, Vt.)
WCCT WCCT, Channel 20 (Waterbury, Conn.)
WFVX WFVX, Channel 22 (Bangor, Maine)
WLUC WLUC, Channel 6.1 (Marquette, Mich.)
WSHM WSHM, Channel 3 (Springfield, Mass.)
WVII WVII, Channel 7 (Bangor, Maine)
*Games vary by area: check local listings (Listings include games broadcast on national television and regional sports networks that are available on national cable and satellite providers, according to published schedules. Games broadcast on Fox and Root regional stations frequently are available on Fox College Sports stations as well. Check its website for broadcast details.) Have more information? Send it to us.

National television schedule

Games broadcast on national television and regional sports networks that are available on national cable and satellite providers, according to published schedules: