Max Newton: Career Statistics

Position: Forward
Height: 5’-10”
Weight: 175 lbs
Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia
Previous team: Cowichan (BCHL)

Season totals

Career Totals5797160.2835971.703020
*Exhibition Games do not count in team stats.

Game by game

1: Newton (Virtanen, Jandric) 0:16 (1st)
3: Jandric (Kaļķis, Newton) 12:00 (3rd)
Holding 7:52 (3rd)
10/11/19WC@Michigan Tech01100:00Scoring
3: Jandric (Newton) 6x5 11:41 (2nd)
10/12/19WC@Michigan Tech000215:00Penalties
Contact to the Head 20:00 (2nd), Game Misconduct 20:00 (2nd)
10/17/19NC@Penn State00000:00
10/18/19NC@Penn State10100:00Scoring
4: Newton (unassisted) 11:15 (3rd)
10/25/19WC@Alaska Anchorage10112:00Scoring
1: Newton (Thompson) 19:14 (1st)
Roughing 20:00 (2nd)
10/26/19WC@Alaska Anchorage00012:00Penalties
Cross-Checking 5:04 (3rd)
11/01/19WCBemidji State00000:00
11/02/19WCBemidji State022110:00Scoring
1: Thompson (Hope, Newton) 6x5 2:47 (1st)
3: Cline (Newton) 6x5 19:44 (3rd)
Misconduct 5:10 (3rd)
11/08/19NCArizona State00000:00
11/09/19NCArizona State00000:00
11/15/19WC@Northern Michigan00000:00
11/16/19WC@Northern Michigan00000:00
11/22/19WCFerris State00000:00
11/23/19WCFerris State21300:00Scoring
1: Newton (Cline, Jandric) 6x5 3:21 (1st)
2: Newton (Pyke, Jandric) 7:07 (2nd)
3: Cline (Newton, Young) 6x4 19:11 (3rd)
11/29/19WCMichigan Tech11200:00Scoring
2: Newton (Jandric, Jandric) 6x5 2:03 (3rd)
4: Thompson (Young, Newton) 16:27 (3rd)
11/30/19WCMichigan Tech00012:00Penalties
Roughing 1:03 (3rd)
12/06/19WC@Bemidji State00012:00Penalties
High-Sticking 15:23 (2nd)
12/07/19WC@Bemidji State02212:00Scoring
1: Young (Jandric, Newton) 9:34 (1st)
4: Jandric (Newton, Jandric) 6x5 10:48 (3rd)
Interference 4:24 (2nd)
01/03/20WC@Minnesota State00000:00
01/04/20WC@Minnesota State00012:00Penalties
Cross-Checking 0:29 (2nd)
01/10/20WCLake Superior01100:00Scoring
2: LaDouce (Cline, Newton) 19:31 (3rd)
01/11/20WCLake Superior00000:00
01/17/20WC@Ferris State01100:00Scoring
2: Cline (Newton, Thompson) 19:43 (3rd)
01/18/20WC@Ferris State00000:00
01/24/20WCNorthern Michigan01112:00Scoring
3: Jandric (Newton, Hope) 6x5 18:24 (1st)
Tripping 17:41 (3rd)
01/25/20WCNorthern Michigan00000:00
02/07/20WC@Alabama Huntsville13400:00Scoring
1: Cline (Hope, Newton) 6x5 12:42 (1st)
3: Hope (Newton) 4:59 (2nd)
4: Komuls (Newton, Kaļķis) 19:02 (2nd)
6: Newton (Jandric, Hope) 15:51 (3rd)
02/08/20WC@Alabama Huntsville00000:00
02/14/20WCBowling Green01112:00Scoring
2: Jandric (Jandric, Newton) 6x5 9:52 (3rd)
Hooking 3:29 (3rd)
02/15/20WCBowling Green00000:00
02/28/20WCAlaska Anchorage02200:00Scoring
3: Jandric (Hope, Newton) 7:37 (3rd)
5: Jandric (Newton, Jandric) 12:02 (3rd)
02/29/20WCAlaska Anchorage00000:00
03/06/20NCBowling Green11200:00Scoring
1: Newton (Jandric, Hope) 6x5 18:14 (1st)
2: LaDouce (Newton, Jandric) 6:56 (3rd)
03/07/20NCBowling Green10100:00Scoring
2: Newton (Hope, Jandric) 6x5 11:04 (3rd)

10/12/18NCSt. Cloud State01100:00Scoring
2: LaDouce (Cline, Newton) 5x5 2:59 (3rd)
10/13/18NCSt. Cloud State00000:00
1: Leiter (Newton, Jandric) 6x5 8:21 (1st)
Roughing 11:28 (2nd)
10/26/18WC@Minnesota State00000:00
10/27/18WC@Minnesota State10100:00Scoring
1: Newton (Jandric) 4:01 (1st)
11/09/18WC@Lake Superior00012:00Penalties
Holding 0:53
11/10/18WC@Lake Superior00012:00Penalties
Hooking 20:00 (3rd)
11/16/18WCAlabama Huntsville00000:00
11/24/18WC@Michigan Tech00000:00
11/30/18WCFerris State20200:00Scoring
1: Newton (Marino, LaDouce) 2:10 (2nd)
3: Newton (Koberstein, Thompson) 4:11 (3rd)
12/01/18WCFerris State10112:00Scoring
4: Newton (Marino, Thompson) 6x5 1:34 (2nd)
Slashing 8:27 (2nd)
12/07/18WCLake Superior00000:00
12/08/18WCLake Superior10100:00Scoring
1: Newton (Ruffin, Thompson) 6x5 16:49 (1st)
01/04/19WCNorthern Michigan00012:00Penalties
Boarding 12:28 (1st)
01/05/19WCNorthern Michigan00000:00
01/11/19WC@Bemidji State00000:00
01/12/19WC@Bemidji State00000:00
01/18/19WCBowling Green00000:00
01/19/19WCBowling Green00000:00
01/25/19WC@Alabama Huntsville10100:00Scoring
3: Newton (Staley, Koberstein) 9:02 (3rd)
01/26/19WC@Alabama Huntsville10100:00Scoring
4: Newton (Leer, Virtanen) 6x5 13:07 (2nd)
02/08/19WCAlaska Anchorage00012:00Penalties
Slashing 13:24 (3rd)
02/09/19WCAlaska Anchorage00000:00
02/15/19WC@Bowling Green00000:00
02/16/19WC@Bowling Green00000:00
02/22/19WCMinnesota State00000:00
02/23/19WCMinnesota State00000:00
03/01/19WC@Alaska Anchorage10112:00Scoring
1: Newton (Young, LaDouce) 14:40 (1st)
Holding 0:50 (3rd)
03/02/19WC@Alaska Anchorage00000:00
03/08/19WC@Northern Michigan01112:00Scoring
3: Jandric (Newton, Young) 12:46 (2nd)
Elbowing 3:05 (1st)
03/09/19WC@Northern Michigan00000:00

10/06/17NCAir Force00000:00
10/13/17NC@St. Cloud State00000:00
10/14/17NC@St. Cloud State00000:00
10/20/17NC@Alaska Anchorage01136:00Scoring
4: Leer (Newton, Marino) 9:20 (3rd)
Unsportsmanlike Conduct 11:55 (3rd), Roughing 17:35 (3rd), Slashing 17:35 (3rd)
10/27/17WC@Bowling Green00012:00Penalties
ROUGHING ATW 8:43 (1st)
10/28/17WC@Bowling Green00012:00Penalties
ROUGHING ATW 10:05 (2nd)
11/03/17WCBemidji State00000:00
11/04/17WCBemidji State00000:00
11/10/17WC@Ferris State00024:00Penalties
Slashing 14:22 (2nd), High-Sticking 3:54 (2nd)
11/17/17WCNorthern Michigan00000:00
11/18/17WCNorthern Michigan11200:00Scoring
1: Thompson (Newton, Frye) 6x5 2:44 (2nd)
2: Newton (Jandric, Hinz) 17:13 (2nd)
11/24/17WCMichigan Tech00000:00
11/25/17WCMichigan Tech00000:00
12/01/17WC@Lake Superior00012:00Penalties
Tripping 7:22 (3rd)
12/02/17WC@Lake Superior00000:00
12/08/17WC@Alaska Anchorage00000:00
01/05/18WCAlabama Huntsville01100:00Scoring
1: Heidt (Newton, Frye) 6:17 (1st)
01/06/18WCAlabama Huntsville000212:00Penalties
Misconduct 20:00 (3rd), Holding the Stick 20:00 (3rd)
01/12/18WCMinnesota State01100:00Scoring
4: Leer (Heidt, Newton) 1:40 (3rd)
01/13/18WCMinnesota State00036:00Penalties
High-Sticking 15:27 (3rd), Roughing 10:52 (3rd), High-Sticking 10:52 (3rd)
01/19/18WC@Michigan Tech00012:00Penalties
Cross-Checking 5:17 (2nd)
01/20/18WC@Michigan Tech00000:00
02/02/18WCFerris State00000:00
02/15/18WC@Bemidji State00000:00
03/03/18WC@Minnesota State00012:00Penalties
Interference 13:36 (1st)

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