Price To Return To BGSU Squad

Bowling Green junior forward Dan Price will return to the Falcon lineup for the first time since being suspended on Dec. 23, the school announced.

Price was suspended after he pleaded “no contest” on Dec. 16 to charges of aggravated vehicular homicide, a third-degree felony stemming from his involvement in a late-summer automobile accident in Union County that resulted in the death of a Bowling Green man. Alcohol was not determined to be a factor in that accident.

The decision to reinstate Price was made by Bowling Green State University athletic director Dr. Ron Zwierlein, on Wednesday, Feb. 4.

“Bowling Green State University recognizes that no time frame of suspension will ever erase the tragedy of Sept. 13, 1997, when Dan Price sat behind the wheel of a vehicle that ultimately claimed the life of a Bowling Green resident,” Zwierlein stated. “Dan Price’s time away from hockey was intended to give him the opportunity to reflect on his actions, devote his time to his academic endeavors and perform community service.”

According to Zwierlein, Price has “probationary status” and will be reevaluated after completing “the remainder of his community service projects and counseling requirements.”

“Upon successful completion of the essential conditions of this probationary period, I will once again reevaluate Dan’s case and make an appropriate decision with regard to his future status on the University’s ice hockey team,” Zwierlein concluded.

Price, who has been allowed to practice with the team through his suspension period, is scheduled to be sentenced by Union County judge Richard Parrott on Feb. 17 at 11:45 a.m.


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