Four Plattsburgh Skaters Afoul Of Law

Tuesday, Plattsburgh players Michael Dauoust and Eric Wiedenbach were sentenced to jail time for a vandalism incident back in September.

Dauoust was given 10 days in jail and Weidenbach 30, according to WPTZ news. However, the sentences will be set aside providing that both receive alcohol evaluations and pay for the damages resulting from the offense.

Additionally, two other Plattsburgh players were arrested Tuesday on felony assault charges. L.A. Ross and Eric Siedel are due in court this week, and are suspended from the team pending the outcome.

Siedel was arrested with Weidenbach and Dauoust back in September, but apparently was not charged in that incident.

There has been no official word on the status of Dauoust and Weidenbach, although it was reported recently that both could be back in the lineup in January.



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