Assault Report Filed Against Parker

A Northeastern student has filed assault charges against Boston University coach Jack Parker for an incident before a game between the Huskies and Terriers on Jan. 4. The report was filed with Northeastern campus police, according to the Northeastern News.

The student and Huskies fan, Justin Harriman, filed the report on Jan. 17. According to the News article, he didn’t want police to investigate the incident, but just wanted it as part of the record.

The report alleges that Parker confronted Harriman about harassing the Terrier players as they came out of the tunnel to the ice before the game. As Harriman prepared to use a megaphone to taunt the Terriers, Parker confronted him and warned him not to do it, then pulled Harriman’s jersey over his head, according to the News.

Harriman then says other BU team members joined in.

Parker admits to confronting the fan, but said he was just trying to protect his players as Harriman got overzealous. Parker said there was a similar incident last year, where campus police warned Harriman not to get too close.

“I told him I didn’t want him using that horn while my players walked by for the safety of my players,” Parker said to the News. “When he began doing it I went to grab the megaphone. I couldn’t reach and grabbed the jersey he was wearing.”

The Northeastern athletic department says it is not planning any action at this time.