Boston College had a relatively mundane-looking rush whistled dead for being offsides … and the Superfans respond with “bulls***”??

I’ve certainly done my share of swearing, but since when does every last little perceived slight warrant profanity-in-unison? It’s really getting out of hand. Used to be, it only came about during especially tense, fierce, or belligerent incidents.

Now offsides. What’s next? I don’t even care to postulate.

Northeastern to the power play, Barry Almeida in the box.


  1. Good picks this week guys.  I have to agree.  You guys seem to be in total agreement except for the UND/SCSU series.  Have to give the nod to UND here, with them being home and you would think better goaltending.

    • The problem is that UND hasn’t played all that well yet this year. Seems like the younger guys just aren’t ready right now. Seems like the same old same old for UND. Play about .500 until the new year and then try and turn it on. They better hope that when they hit the switch something happens this year because DU and CC are stacked with talent and even MN seems to have gotten up off the floor. Could be a long winter in Grand Forks is the Sioux don’t pick it up quickly.

      • I know one young guy that isnt ready yet.  Grimaldi has barely even touched the ice so far this season…  I expect when he is fully healthy, he will contribute over a point a game!  Look at what Rau is doing for the goofs.  Grimaldi will smoke him when he finally gets in the action.  Does anybody know what kind of injury he is dealing with even?

        • One of the beauties of this sport is the fact it is a TEAM sport. Right now, the Gophers are getting it done. The Sioux are not (yet). Thank you through “Fan Man” for proving what Sioux fans are all about – bragging about things that they have no idea about. Heaven forbid you actually look into Grimaldi’s injury before posting or even the fact the Sioux continually come out and have a mediocre first half and blow the doors off in the second half of the season. Funny that even a Grand Forks hockey “fan” can’t mention anything besides one player coming back will change his entire teams outlook on the season. If that’s truly the case, the Fighting Susies have a lot more to worry about that just a return date for Grimaldi.

  2. Keep in mind that while Denver has started slowly in some of their games this season, they came out flying on Saturday night and destroyed Mankato in a clinical way. 

    I see Denver sweeping.   (3-1) (4-2)


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