The Big ‘Chaud

P.O. Michaud (mee-SHOW) scored for the third straight game, and this one was a doozie. Now tied again at three, there are 130 seconds of regulation play left to decide who advances to the finals … and who plays the dreaded “Early Game” next week.

Of all people, Harvard captain Jimmy Fraser sits for a deuce. Here’s BU’s chance.


    • I don’t think it could lose out, but in reality it’s not far off. Go to Siouxsports’ pairwise tracker, and you’ll see Yale is only vulnerable to losing about 5 comparisons at this point, and that solely because losing the RPI category would mean a tiebreaker going against them. Having a 10-3 record against TUC is a very strong helper, especially with only two TUC games left (Dartmouth and Princeton).

  1. How is Iles not the goalie of the week? His numbers don’t tell the whole story, given that at least four of those saves at Harvard were sliding across the net pad saves.

    • you weren’t at the fieldhouse either, when York shuts out Brown on Friday and then beats the Number 1 team in the country on Saturday. He alone kept them in that game for 30 minutes while Rpi took penalty after penalty and lost their best defensemen. if not for him they would have been down a handful by the middle of the second.

      • At least then Iles should have gone for Rookie of the Week. No offense to Ammon, but the Red would have had a sweep if it werent due to Brisson’s shoulder and Iles was the number one reason for that

    • Hard to argue against Yale, this weekend notwithstanding. They’re the team to beat, until they’ve been thoroughly beaten.

        • What does anything we just said have to do with the WCHA? The only part of this entry that addressed anyone outside of ECAC Hockey was the ballot, and your comment clearly doesn’t pertain to that. Please try to keep your contributions somewhat relevant, if you care to engage others in something resembling a reasonable discussion.

          • Please! This comment is absolutely silly…
            “I think so. Yale has more margin for error than it — or we — may believe. The Bulldogs are still atop the PairWise, and could likely lose out the rest of the way and still pull a No. 1 seed in the NCAA’s.”

            Second your post is nothing but chest pounding arrogance. Like I said if you team actually played in a league that was tough top to bottom we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

          • @ Goon maybe ECAC teams would be more willing to come to the Ralph if they were more willing to reciprocate a series the next year on the road. You can’t complain about teams not scheduling you when you go out of your way to ensure they won’t schedule you.

          • That is an incorrect statement as well, UND has played @ Harvard and they had played at REA before. Also, Harvard is coming to the REA next season, UND also traveled to SLU and had a home and home with Cornell the last two season. Harvard also coming to UND next season. UND played QU two or three season back at REA. I am sure if the Yale coach asked Coach Hakstol they would be happy to have them come to UND as well as travel out to Yales home rink.

          • Not going to argue with you on that point: UND has been good at reciprocating. One of the ECAC’s biggest problems is that half its teams – the Ivies – play restricted schedules, with only seven non-conference games on the docket. Add in universal challenges to arranging a reasonable schedule, and you get the current arrangement.

          • Fair enough, I am a recent newcomer to the sport, as I am now a freshman in the Lynah Faithful, but I know many WCHA teams aren’t great at reciprocating series. UND however has my respect as a program no doubt.

          • That said Yale plays great hockey, you have to see them in person to really see them play, and yes I wish they’d play fewer AHA teams out of conference, but they are a solid team, and I say that having seen them in person. I’m convinced they can play with anyone in the country, I guess we just have to wait until March to see it.


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