ECAC Northeast and MASCAC Weekend Recap: Nov. 29

Out-of-conference play wasn’t particularly giving to the teams of the ECAC Northeast, while the lone game in the MASCAC saw a shift at the top of the standings.  ECAC Northeast teams posted an overall mark of 2-6-1 in out-of-conference games and holiday tournaments, with the lone wins going to Curry (6-1 over Trinity Saturday) and Nichols (5-2 over Babson Sunday). 

Wentworth was able pull a point out of a 1-1 with Wesleyan on Sunday. Despite putting a goose egg in the points column this weekend, Suffolk held tough against Colby on Saturday, bringing a 1-1 tie into the third period and losing by a deceiving 3-1 tally thanks to a late Mules goal at 15:59 and an empty-netter with one second left in the game.  No.4 Bowdoin prove to be too much the next day, as the Polar Bears cruised to a 6-2 win.

The lone weekend action in the MASCAC proved decisive. Massachusetts-Dartmouth used two first-period goals and 28 saves from senior Collin Tracy to down Salem State 2-1 and deal the Vikings their first loss of the year. Salem State now sits a point behind the Corsairs with a 2-1 league record (4-1 overall), while Mass.-Dartmouth checks in with a 2-0 MASCAC mark, 4-1-1 overall.

Here’s a rundown of every game that took place this weekend.

Saturday, Nov. 27

Colby 3, Suffolk 1 (Rutland Herald Invitational Tournament)

UMass-Boston 8, Salve Regina 3 (Bowdoin/Colby Cup)

Castleton 7, Becker 1 (PAL Cup)

Curry 6, Trinity 1

UMass-Dartmouth 2, Salem State 1

Sunday, Nov. 28

Tufts 6, Becker 3 (Rutland Herald Invitational)

Bowdoin 6, Suffolk 2 (Bowdoin/Colby Tournament)

University of New England 6, Salve Regina 4 (PAL Cup)

Nichols 5, Babson 2

Wentworth 1, Wesleyan 1

My picks for the weekend went 6-3, pushing my slowly-improving record to 25-18 (although I would have taken a few upsets by some ECAC teams this weekend if it meant my percentage dropping). Here’s what is on tap for the midweek.

Tuesday, Nov. 30

Stonehill at Worcester State: Worcester State 3, Stonehill 1

Wednesday, Dec. 1

Western New England at Becker: Western New England 4, Becker 3

Nichols at Wentworth: Nichols 5, Wentworth 4

Thursday, Dec. 2

Suffolk at Curry: Curry 5, Suffolk 3

Framingham State at Salem State: Salem State 5, Framingham State 1

Stonehill at Plymouth State: Plymouth State 4, Stonehill 2

Worcester State at Mass.-Dartmouth: Mass.-Dartmouth 3, Worcester State 2

Fitchburg State at Westfield State: Fitchburg State 6, Westfield State 5


  1. The Union not-making-it-scenario is as far fetched as it gets . . .  The chances of all those events happening are less than slim and none!

    • In all three scenarios you have a team other than Cornell or Union winning the ECAC. VERY doubtful—one of them will take the tournament.  And the Dutchmen won’t lose two, maybe one, but not two.
      And the Friars have NO chance against the Eagles. And Denver will not beat Duluth.
      So…it’s doubtful the sun will rise in the west.

    • If the odds are one in a billion it still means you aren’t a “lock” yet.  The list was clearly between definitely in and not.

  2. You have 9 teams in including atlantic champ, and 9 bubble teams to fill 7 spots? Are you sure you can’t go further out on a limb? Union , Denver, Lowell, and Maine are in unless the sun rises in the west.

    •  Providence is better than their record, I can say that as a Lowell fan who completely wrote them off before last weekend even started. But that being said, there is no chance they will win 2 games this weekend at the garden. They might win one, but no chance at getting the Hockey East bid.

      •  Rich, as a Sioux fan I have been impressed by Lowel this year.  Do you think they can make a run to the frozen though?   Any team that makes the tourney should be under “consideration” of winning it!  I dont want to see lame duck matchups and I am hoping the NCAA picks the right teams…  the teamz that are hot that is

        • I know!  Better keep those “undeserving” teams out.  Wouldn’t want a WCHA team to risk the embarrassment of losing to one.

  3. I think people here don’t understand what the bubble is.  It doesn’t mean “there’s a 50/50 chance this team makes it”.  It means “There are combinations of results that would result in both in and out”.  Yes, most of the bubble teams will make it, but every team still in a tournament needs only 2 wins to steal an at–large spot, and mediocre teams win 2 games in a row all the time.

    • Dean, I think that’s incorrect. Statistically speaking, the little 10/clop 6/crap 6/junk 6/crap 6, (insert any other terribly unoriginal name your buddy can come up with) has the largest fan base to draw from in the nation based on student body size. As a graduate of a Big Ten school I’ll tell you I cheer for them in whatever sport it is. It just makes sense, you guys.

      I’ll let your buddy spend the rest of his day tearing this down and giving us statistics about how well the sue hawks travel and their average attendance, etc. etc. etc.

      • Just because these schools have a large student body size doesn’t mean they like the crap 6 hockey. Spoke with plenty of Wisco fans in Madison this weekend that cannot stand the conference.

        • The Big 10 isn’t going away, and the member teams are only going to keep getting better, no matter how much you whine and pout about it. In case you haven’t noticed money IS power. Schools without it do things like drop their women’s hockey programs, among other things.

          • Did I say it was going away? Nope. Still doesn’t take away from the fact that people don’t like it. Fans of the schools cant stand it. If you say MN and Mich are a rivalry in hockey, you’re an idiot.

          • been a lifelong gophers fan…I hate the B1G for hockey. it has even sucked the life out of the Wisco rivalry. I watched the games this weekend. was half full at best. crap 6 or crap 7 (probation status w/ND) is a title that is fitting

          • The WI rivalry is alive and well. WI sucking 3 of the last 4 years didn’t help it but it’s still strong.

            PSU, OSU will probs never take as a rivalry, and never to the size of MN vs NoDak/WI/UMD/SCSU/MSU/Denver/etc….

        • I’m not a fan of the new conference set up either, but it is what it is. You can come up with all the dumb nicknames for it that you want, but just like so many other people have already told you, it will eventually be the best conference in the country. Attendance was just something I knew you’d bring up, because when someone proves you wrong in ANY way, you revert to another category to whine/post/think you’re right about. Attendance, how well your fans travel, national championships, etc. It’s old hat, dude, and everyone knows how to get under your skin!

          • I just love the overwhelming proof that you provide that it “will be the best conference in the country.” You are the only one bringing up traveling fans and championships in this discussion. So it will be the best conference because you say so? Hell…..can I get tomorrow’s mega millions numbers while you are at it?

          • Still waiting for the “proof” that it will be the best in the country. Its quite the statement from Nostradamus.

          • You forgot how many quality shots on goals we get and how strong our schedule is. Hope this helps.

          • You’re right. Two huge oversights. Thank you for the follow up. Maybe I’ll get a whole list going of why the hawks are best team ever. Best team ever.

      • And if you’d like to talk attendance, see any given game at the Hoochi. Like I said, people don’t want to watch these “rivalries” with OSU and Penn. In the hockey world, there is no rivalry between Wisco and Mich or MN and Ohio. Rivalries in football/basketball, yes. Hockey….not even close.

    • No one, not one single person in the NCAA will never ever ever root for one of those stinkin little 10 teams to win anything anywhere. I mean never ever…it will never ever happen.

  4. TIL…..277 games played, 5 in the NCAA tourney(one for the national championship, two in the final four, two in the quarters) isn’t a rivalry.

    • Not when they played in different conferences for 30+ years. Obviously Mich used to be in the WCHA, so they played a lot then. How many times in that probably 32 or 33 years after Mich went to the CCHA did they play? Its not a rivalry.

        • So playing a ton of games more than 30 years ago means constant rivalry? In that case, might as well say anyone that ever played in the WCHA still has a rivalry against the others. How many of those 277 games were played between 1982 and 2013? Like I said before, those two playing in hockey, is not a rivalry.


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