PairWise, RPI and KRACH: Sorting things out

Yale’s No. 1 ranking in last Monday’s Division I poll certainly generated a lot of  controversy, at least judging by the comments left here on USCHO.

So while it’s probably a bit early to start making brackets for Bridgeport, Manchester, St. Louis and Green Bay, it’s not too early to take a look at the components that make up each ranking system. Perhaps voters will begin taking the computer rankings — at least the “official” PairWise and RPI — into account in making their decisions.

One thing that does bear out the opinions of the poll voters: Yale sits atop both the PairWise and RPI (and the entertainment-only, non-official KRACH.) But the opinions of those who feel Yale hasn’t faced a tough schedule — particularly supporters of Minnesota-Duluth or North Dakota at No. 1 — are also borne out by Yale’s middle-of-the-pack schedule strength.

In any case, with USCHO’s 2010-11 edition of all three computer rankings having been live for the past several days, we thought we’d point readers to the new, improved versions for this year. The biggest addition is the ability to sort columns: clicking on the column headers will allow you to see RPI, PWR or KRACH sorted by various parameters. It should make for some interesting discussions — especially strength of schedule.

Watch for bracketology discussions here on this blog through the latter half of the 2010-11 campaign, and later in the season, columns from our resident bracketologist, Jayson Moy.

By the way, USCHO also publishes a PairWise, RPI and KRACH for women’s D-I hockey, which is now live for 2010-11. For D-III men and women, a PairWise Comparison — showing the raw data used to select teams — and KRACH are published and are also now live. Links to all are found either in our main menu or in the side menus within the rankings section of the site.


  1. Yale #1 you got to be kidding! Winning all their games in 1 of the 3 weak conferences doesn’t make them a top team or even a top 10 team. Strength of schedule should be the number 1 factor in determining who’s #1. Go sioux!

  2. I’ve been wondering, since the host in St. Louis is the CCHA, is there a specific team that is required to play there as a host for the tourney? Like is the CCHA champion guaranteed to go there?

    •  He has encountered a scenario that challenges his previously held beliefs, so he must accommodate the new information somehow… so yes, I do believe I am.

      • I always thought cognitive dissonance meant a person maintains their original belief even when presented with overwhelming evidence that that they are wrong.  I don’t think the fact that the game is relevant this year means the game is relevant. And Schafer acknowledges that the game has meaning this year.  

        But I have to ask, is the game really relevant?  Sure if Cornell wins (or ties), they’re in.  Cornell loses, they’re out.  What if the game didn’t happen?  I could see it being ironic if Cornell was currently on the outside looking in and needed a win but there was no consolation game.

      • But we didn’t need the consolation to make the tournament. Without a consolation game, we would have finished 14th in PWR and still made the tournament, demonstrating its uselessness. The only reason we needed to win it was because it exists. That’s not cognitive dissonance at all because the fact that it could only have hurt us reinforced Schafer’s argument that it is a mostly useless game.

  3. I’m guessing an attendance in the 300 range for all next week AHA games in Rochester. We were at the Saturday game in Niagara and easily 40% of the crowd was loud (for most the game), and wore Tiger Orange.
    GO TIGERS!!! Regroup and fight again next year, another year smarter and stronger!

    • It was worth a Tweet, which I did last night. It’s now happened 3 times in 33 series. Canisius has now done it twice,

      Other useless trivia: All but Canisius has won a conference championship of some kind. Mercyhurst won the MAAC in 2001 and 2003 and AHA in 2005. Niagara won the CHA in 2000 (no autobid but got an at-large bid), 2004 and 2008. UConn won the MAAC in 2000 but the league didn’t have an autobid yet. So UConn and Canisius have never been to the NCAA tournament.

  4. Even with Canisius and Niagara I still think the stands will seem empty, as it is they are the 4pm game on Friday. Bet is each school will bring a bus maybe 2. Each school is more basketball, Niagara does a decent job a filling their arena, despite a lack of student interest (They go to the basketball games) with locals and a decent youth hockey imprint, but hardly anyone will travel, these are causal fans at best…

  5. Slight correction. PSU hosts Wisconsin and travels to Michigan to close out the season. Thanks for all the work you’ve done this year Paula, I appreciate it.

  6. NIce recap artical Pauly!

    Still pretty steamed about Saturday’s game. Wisco shoulda had the sweep and we let em off the hook. Wisco is ramping it up guy’s! Just in time for the natty. Gotta think they’re a dark hoarse favorite too win it all! ###############ONWISCONSON

    • Go to 1500espn to check out Pitlicks shot dancing on the goal line. Dance Jurusik…..Dance.

      Steamed? C’mon…the better team won.

    • Minnesota played Zombie hockey for 45-50 minutes on Friday and came close to tying it up. Worst 2+ periods of hockey this half of the year. Wisconsin is a much improved squad. Glad to see they’ve removed the Eaves’ goon squad mentality.

        • I was there. Their passing was horrible for the first two periods. Maybe after the Penn State sweep I was expecting them to come out firing on all cylinders. Both nights we had some decent odd man rushes we just didn’t connect on. Wisconsin capitalized on their break-ways and we didn’t on Friday. Maybe it’s the curse of high expectations.

    • A hot goalie can defeat a superior team every time. Gophers had the offense Friday but Wisconsin had the goalie. Why does Minnesota play lousy on Friday? Maybe they should play a d3 teaming thursday to pull theirs heads out of their *sees.

  7. MN will probably not win it all this year (although I’m hopeful), but the quality and overall consistency of play this year demonstrates the importance of a strong senior class.


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