NCAA, Westwood One extend deal to air Frozen Four on radio

The NCAA and Westwood One have announced a multi-year extension to a contract that will keep the men’s Frozen Four on national radio.

Details of the agreement were not announced.

In addition to the Frozen Four, Westwood One broadcasts the men’s and women’s basketball, baseball, softball and men’s lacrosse championships.


  1. I’m curious as to just how many radio stations actually broadcast the FF. I wasn’t aware of any arrangement to broadcast it in the past, despite the article noting this is an extension. Anyone know how many, or know of any of the specific stations that have broadcast it in the past?

  2. Westwood One owns the radio rights for a number of NCAA championships and details on how to broadcast in accordance with their rights is listed for local stations in the NCAA Championships manual.

    I don’t recall exactly how many affiliates picked up the 2010 FF, but I think at the time I saw a number somewhere in the low 40s. The listing isn’t online at the Westwood One site now but was last April.

    In Rochester, N.Y., the local Clear Channel sports station carried Westwood One while we were broadcasting on RIT’s station. About a week prior to the FF, a Westwood One producer requested a highlight reel from our regionals, which they used as part of their broadcast. The Westwood One team was seated in broadcast row between us and the Wisconsin broadcasters.

    With the large number of sports outlets around the U.S., including many in college hockey hotbeds without teams in the Frozen Four, it seems like a reasonable thing to carry.


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