Picks for Jan. 6

RIT: 6 Adrian: 2

RIT too tough for Adrian in rematch of last year’s NCAA Quarterfinals.
Elmira: 4 Manhattanville: 1

Lots of history between these two schools including back-to-back appearances against each other in the 2002 and 2003 national championship games with Elmira taking both. EC keeps rolling in this one.

Gustavus Adolphus: 5 Stevens Point: 1

The Gusties stay unbeaten. Stevens Point hasn’t played much of the meat of their schedule yet and they drop this one to a tough GAC squad.




  1. Troy Jutting is an embaresment to the WCHA and college hockey. Buismen is no better for letting him continue to coach the mavs

  2. Empty does not even begin to explain the attendance. I think that there were more people at Cheli’s Chili than at the games. First and last time at an outdoor game(s), good luck to the 100k+ headed to the University of Michigan trying to follow the puck/game. Been there, done it and will not be back.

  3. Ugly ugly weekend from Michigan. Michigan teams often go through stretches of laziness bordering on boredom where there’s just no effort on the ice. I’d say this should be a ‘reality check’ for them but I know better. I hope they just don’t snooze their way through the rest of the season

  4. Penn State scored its second goal with around three minutes left in the third period, not “late in the second [period].” BC’s #3 goalie was in net at the time, and BC’s top line had been retired. Two of BC’s top three defensemen are in Sweden, along with BC’s top goalies. Surrendering eight goals in a row wasn’t too impressive.

  5. Actually, the first and second place teams are not decided. If the Sioux and St. Cloud both get swept and UNO sweeps, they will win the conference as they are only 3 points behind UND and SCSU……..

  6. It’s beyond stupid that head to head isn’t the first tiebreaker in any scenario – why did they decide to use conference wins instead? You’re just asking for trouble that way.

    • It is counter-intuitive to me too, not to use H2H as the 1st tie breaker. However, were I told to defend it I would have to say this is the “Conference” title … so then we default to who has the BEST conference record & not the BETTER H2H.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one to have this reaction to the tiebreakers being used in the NCHC, but I’m guessing all the schools had to agree to it before the season. I get the argument of more conference wins being a measure of how a team played against the entire conference, but more conference wins also means more regulation losses. In the current scenario, UND has one more regulation win than SCSU, but two more regulation losses, so there are arguments for both teams based on the first tiebreaker. Just an overall odd decision to not have H2H be the first tiebreaker…

      • Again, it’s the Conference title that is up for grabs, the overall regulation record has it’s place too, in sorting out the pairwise. If I were to argue against conf wins, I would say replace it with conf win%, which may better account for tied games. Presently SCSU is clearly ahead of UND in conf win% and clearly the conf leader.

    • I was shocked to see it H2H wasn’t the first tie breaker either, but the more I thought about it I think I like it this way. Its a better picture of the overall conference performance, besides UND is a totally different team than the one who was swept in Grand Forks by STC in Nov. Since the Friday night loss to St Lawrence on November 29th, UND has only lost 3 times.

      • The counterpoint to that is that all the games count the same, no matter when they were played. Theoretically, if UND had swept SCSU instead of the other way around, they’d have won the league already. That’s why head to head matters.

      • “Overall conference performance” would best be represented by conference win percentage. For a team to have a higher win % but not finish first is pretty embarrassing for the conference, so I hope that’s what happens and they get together this summer and change the tiebreaker procedure. That, or even better, eliminate shootouts, as the old 2-1-0 WCHA point system would currently have SCSU up by one point in the standings. So individual skills competitions have played a role in crowning a conference champion in a team sport.

  7. Candace: The second place team in the final regular season standing would have home ice for the opening round of the playoffs. Therefore your assertion that St. Cloud would travel to Colorado College needs to be revised. And the comment by “UofMGC’s” is correct. Mathmatically UNO is still in the hunt for the Penrose cup.

    • David

      No, my assertion doesn’t need to be changed vis-a-vis St. Cloud, because St. Cloud plays CC this weekend in its final series, which is what I was referring to.

      • My bad. Too focused on the NCHC tourny and somehow forgetting the last weekend of regular season. I guess I am guilty of trying to figure the various seeding possibilities.

  8. The tiebreaker rule does seem counter-intuitive, but I suspect it’s driven by the fact that the league plays an unbalanced schedule. That is, some teams will only play two games against some others. In those situations the head to head match up would be unfair to the team that had to play the two games on the road. They could have adopted the WCHA rules, which provided that head to head only applied if you had played at least 4 games against the other team, but when you added in the fact that there could be three or four way ties, it was probably just easier and clearer to use league wins as the first tiebreaker.

  9. Hate to admit how much I liked watching UND / SCSU Friday night…even though it turned into a blowout — the dislike between the teams was apparent. Ahhh, the good old WCHA days gone forever.

    • I do miss the rivalries of the old WCHA. Being at the game Friday and Saturday was awesome. I’m surprised there wasnt more scrums on the ice. Plus the atmosphere in the arena was amazing both nights.


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