Report: Soldier Field to host doubleheader in ’12-13

The Wisconsin State Journal has reported that Chicago’s Soldier Field may be hosting an outdoor doubleheader next season.

Wisconsin would play Minnesota, while Miami and Notre Dame would also take the ice at the home of the NFL’s Chicago Bears.

“In order to make this work, we’d have to play Thursday night at the Kohl Center and give both teams a chance to practice in Chicago,” said Mike Cerniglia, the assistant to UW athletic director Barry Alvarez who helped coordinate the Camp Randall outdoor game between Wisconsin and Michigan in 2010.

Talks for this potential event are still in the early stages, the story added.


  1. I (obviously) really wish it would’ve been Western MIchigan as opposed to Miami.  Kalamazoo is much closer and there is a strong WMU alumni base here in Illinois.  I’m not sure what kind of following Miami has around here, I don’t want to completely dismiss them because it could be really good for all I know, but I still have to believe that Bronco Nation would provide a larger crowd.  

    • This is an ridiculous statement. You’ve been decent for a year, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. But, since you’ve opened this can of worms, Chicago is Miami territory. Both from the number of students that come to Miami from Chicagoland and the large alumni association that’s there. Plus, it’s a five hour drive from SW Ohio. Miami/Notre Dame has a lot more cache at the present than Western. This “we’re better than Miami thing” that Western has going is insane.

      • Can you please point to the part in my post where I said that we’re better than Miami?  What’s ridiculous is that you assume that I don’t know anything about college hockey.  Of course Miami is a better program, they’ve definitely proven that in recent history and any fellow Bronco fan who feels otherwise is getting way ahead of themselves.  I can only hope that we can become what Miami is right now, their blueprint for success is the one to follow.  Again if you would actually read my post, I also said that I didn’t want to dismiss Miami’s following  and that it could be really good.  Apparently it is.  Also, I never said WMU SHOULD be in instead of Miami, I said that I WISH they would be.  As an alumnus, why shouldn’t I feel that why?  

        • You certainly should feel that way. And, you’re right, I was generalizing what I’ve heard from several WMU fans both on the board and off. That it manifested itself in my response to you was probably misguided.

          • No worries at all, there’s nothing wrong with a little healthy debate on here. I completely understand where you’re coming from, I’ve been a die-hard Bronco fan since my freshman year, which means that I’ve suffered through a lot of bad seasons. There are plenty of knowledgeable fans in Kalamazoo so trust me in that the fans you speak of embarrass most of us.  Should be a great weekend in Oxford, I’m nervous because you’re Redhawks seem to be finally hitting their stride.  If we can come out with at least a split, I’ll be more than happy.

      • Why are Miami fans so insecure?  The Bronco booster didn’t even say for sure Miami DIDN’T have a bigger fanbase.  Anytime you guys perceive someone NOT bowing down to Miami, Rico, or the unbelievable achievements of Redhawk hockey, you guys come out of the woodwork.  It’s getting old.

          • Please, you can search my entire record as a poster on this particular forum, and you will not find one post that even remotely resembles that.  I never brag on the Notre Dame hockey team like I have something to do with their recent success.  I’d go further than that and speak for my fellow ND-centric ones and say they don’t post in that fashion either.  Miami fans on this forum too frequently display an arrogance in these spaces that makes you look like what most people claim UM fans look like.  In contrast to the UM fans here, who almost universally (with a couple of notable exceptions) behave nothing like that.   In truth, taking shots at everyone who doesn’t bow down to your program or shots at me for my supposed “holier than thou” Notre Dame attitude proves the point I was trying to make,  that you guys are comically insecure. 

  2. As a college hockey (and BU Terrier) fan living in Chicago, it would be great to see college hockey here. It would be nice if an event like this can encourage a Div 1 school to start a college hockey team. Come on, Northwestern, DePaul. I would even take NIU or Valpo or the return of UIC Flames hockey!

  3. Miami is known as the school of four C’s…Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, and you guessed it Chicago. Miami is a better fit.


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