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There’s one weekend left in the ECAC regular season but still plenty of unanswered questions.   Like Brian, I’ll skip the number crunching here and link  to burgie12’s post on the fan forum.

1. Cornell and Union clinch top spots:  The Big Red broke one streak to keep another alive. Sean Collins’ overtime goal at St. Lawrence gave Cornell their first win at Appleton Arena since Feb. 25, 2005, and assured them of a top-two seed in the playoffs. Collins’ score, a nifty backhander between his feet helped Cornell extend their streak of a first-round bye to  four seasons.

Meanwhile, the Dutchmen extended their unbeaten streak to six games and can clinch their second straight Cleary Cup with a win or tie against Cornell Friday night at Messa Rink.

2. Another newcomer to the top:  The revolving door otherwise known as the final first-round bye spot has another newcomer: Clarkson. The Golden Knights find themselves there thanks to a 1-1 draw with Cornell Friday and a 2-1 win over Colgate Saturday.

Those decisions propelled them past Harvard, who fell to fifth thanks to a one point weekend. The teams close the regular season Saturday night in Boston, a game that has the potential to decide who gets that final top spot. Note that both Colgate and Clarkson can either clinch a bye or fall as far as seventh and eighth, respectively.

3. Milestone weekend:  There were a few notable achievements this weekend. Harvard’s  3-3 tie with Brown Friday was the Crimson’s 11th of the season, an NCAA Division I record. With 27 games to date, that means 38 percent (and 45 percent in ECAC play) of Harvard’s decisions have ended in a draw.  Harvard was drubbed 7-1 at Yale Saturday, where the Bulldogs drew 11 power plays and scored on three of them.

On Friday, Yale killed all seven Dartmouth power plays to take a 5-3 win but Big Green senior Doug Jones was able to break a scoring slump while reaching  a personal milestone.  His third-period goal was his first point since Jan. 28 and made him the 36th player in Dartmouth history to hit the 100-point milestone.   Yale center Andrew Miller tied Denny Kearney for fourth on the school’s career assist list with 86.

Edit: It was brought to my attention that another ECAC skater joined the 100-point club this weekend. Brown senior  Jack Maclellan  had a goal and an assist Friday against Harvard to become the first Bears player since 2008 to reach that milestone.


      • No. Head-to-head is the first tiebreaker after points, then number of wins, then other criteria. Union tied Cornell, but has 2 more wins than Cornell currently.
        If the teams tie in points, Union will have more wins.and wil win the Cup.

        • Correction: If Cornell wins both weekend games, and Union only beats Colgate, they will be tied in points and Cornell gets the Cup based on head-to-head.

          • Actually, according to Ken Schott at the Gazette, if both Union and Cornell tie in points, both teams will share the regular season title and both schools will get an actual cup as a trophy. Hence, the different scenarios above would only be used for determining the number one seed in the tournament. 

          • Incorrect: Cleary Cup is awarded regardless of tie-breakers.  If Cornell sweeps and Union beats Colgate, Cornell and Union share the Cleary Cup, and Cornell holds the top seed in the tournament.

          • I stand corrected, you are entirely right. It happened in ’05/’06 with Dartmouth and Colgate.  Sorry folks.

      • Lots of hockey to be played, especially when playoffs included.
        Probable NCAA entrants will be Union and ECAC Tournament winner (if not Union).  If Union wins Cleary and Tournament, likely to be the sole ECAC rep.

        • Point I was making is that if Cornell sweeps this weekend, the chances that it could end up in at large territory as well start to look good. Given the way things look, I’m not betting on anyone out of the top 2 winning the tournament so that’s the likeliest scenario in my mind for 2 teams from the ECAC. 3 isn’t out of the question, but its highly unlikely.

          • To get at at-large I think Cornell can only afford one more loss.  Assuming Cornell has six games remaining: two regular season, two quarterfinal games, two games in Atlantic City.  Getting an at-large by definition means they don’t win the tournament so that loss would be in the finals or semi-finals (win consolation game).  Dropping a quarterfinal game, especially against a weak opponent, could be fatal.  Wins again bad teams won’t count against team RPI but a loss does!  

    • Very good if any team but Union wins the tournament. Union has to be a lock to go at this point.  They demolished Michigan away and are a legitimate threat to win multiple games in the NCAA’s if their goalie is healthy.  The only thing holding them back, in all likelihood, from getting first place votes in the polls are the losses out west after Christmas….

  1. Sounds like that Union-Cornell game is at Lynah?!!!!!! That must mean RPI is at Colgate on TV.  Proves that only dorks with no lives read this stuff…..and count me in as one.

  2. No matter how you slice it, it’s good hockey.

    Union is very credable, and has learnd a lot in the  past year.  Can they play with the intensity and consistency necessary for success at the NCAA level?  We get to find out, and it should be exciting.  Cornell is, well, Big Red.

  3. I will be able to watch my Terriers play on TV here in Virginia. Friday night on NBCSN and Saturday on NESN Low Definition.

    That means BU is sure to give up 5 goals each game. If I set the DVR to record it, then it will be 6 goals and I will miss the overtime losing goal because the program ran long.

  4. When is UNH going to get a new coach? Umile has outlasted his time… It is time for him to go…!! Again this year his team starts out strong and then after the Christmas break plummets as usual!! Alumni are getting sick of this same old story!! He has all the excuses in the book, my team just was not ready to play, they did not play a full 60 minutes, how many more cliches are we going to hear from this guy!! I hate to use a quote but at least it comes from a former UNH player, now Broadcaster, Andy Brickley, he was commenting on BC’s Beanpot win and said ” They, referring to BC and coach Jerry York, just know how to win!!” Something that Umile just cannot seem to figure out… They will make the HE and NCAA tournament and lay an egg in the first round like they usually do, let’s move on and bring in a, young, more energetic and successful coach who knows how to win the big games!!!

    • I’ve been on this comment post as Patrick most of season but first I’ve seen another with same name… will change my posts to Patrick4

    • And when/if they do get a new coach and the team misses the NCAA’s,
      finishes near the bottom of HE, doesn’t win 20+ games, just remember you
      (the alumni) wanted it.

      I will agree that Umile hasn’t won the
      big one and whether he ever will or not, remains to be seen. But, you
      have a very consistent coach who keeps the teams in contention with the
      likes of BU, BC, and Maine. Durham, NH is not the dream town for
      college kids to want to come to, so he will never get the big time
      recruits like BU and BC (with Boston to fall back on as a city), but yet
      he keeps a competitive team on the ice, year in and year out.

      Just look at career winning percentages to see if he is competitive:

      Jerry York: 930-565-97, 41 seasons (.614)

      Jack Parker: 890-468-115, 40th season (.643)

      Dick Umile: 515-272-91, 23rd season (.638)

      • Winning % is great but winning big games and meaningful games is more important!! I see your point about competing against the likes of BC and BU but those are the only teams he should have a tougher time recruiting against! If he can’t get kids over Maine and the other HE schools then that is his fault… As an Alumnus I am certainly in favor of change and many other Alumni feel the same!!
        Consistency is over rated winning Titles and NCAA Championships are far more important and meaningful…

        • I also agree with you that the NCAA Championships would be great, but by letting him go and bringing in somebody else, I think you would be making a mistake. I know a lot of Alumni and I think the ones I know are about 50/50, in favor of change. I did not attend UNH, but live in Dover and have had season tickets for 25+ years now. While I think some things that happen are frustrating, I think he does very well with what he has to work with. UNH is not Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio St., etc… in terms of money.

          I think the recruiting is just going to get tougher. The areas where UNH has gotten most of it’s talent lately is from the Ohio, PA, NJ areas and with Penn St, starting up and even UConn possibly stealing some since they will be joining HE, some of those recruits will be lost. They have had a number of very good players from Western Canada in the past, but then everybody (including Alumni) said UNH was too soft, just a bunch of skating sallies. The bottom line is, no matter who is coaching, people won’t be happy without a NC.
          Umile should (and of course should means nothing) have at least 1, they outplayed Maine in ’99, but one bounce and they lost. ’03 was also good until they ran into the one man wrecking crew of Thomas Vanek.

          • God bless you for being a season ticket holder for 25 years, thank you for dedication but I would think you would be sick of this act too by now…. That 1999 game is the problem and if you will curse!!! That is the precisely the problem how many times has UNH outplayed teams and lost on the scoreboard!!! Too many frankly, I think your #’s are sorely skewed, I would say more like 65/35 vs 50/50.. Yes it is going to get tougher but that is life in HE!!! Put up or shut up!!! It also does not help they play on an Olympic sheet of ice.. People say that is an advantage, that is incorrect it is a disadvantage!! Once they get to HE playoffs and the NCAA’s the ice shrinks and UNH cannot compete!!! For years Alumni feel that rink should be reduced to normal size like every other rink other than Colorado Springs.
            You are too kind, enough of the excuses and enough of that annoying and child like whistle that Umile makes!!

          • It’s not easy, but I look at teams such as Maine. They have 2 NC’s, but what have they done since the passing of Shawn Walsh? Walsh was incredible there and they could not replace him, now they struggle mightily just to make the NCAA’s, or this year, just to get into the top 8 in HE. Maybe Umile is the best we can ask for, I would just not like to see the program go backwards. I am also not a fan of the whistle!
            As far as the 25 years go, I love the games and have also been to every FF since ’98. College hockey is a great sport, even better when UNH wins, but love it no matter what.

            As far as the ice surface, I really believe they should all be the same, but that will never happen. I think with the closing the corners in a couple of years ago should have and probably has helped them in those areas.
            There obviously is a curse somewhere, or they would have won one or more. But, if they outplay somebody but lose on a bounce of the puck, how does that come back on the coach? I think that means he prepared them as well as he could and they did what they needed to do to win, but didn’t get the breaks, hot goalie, bad bounce, whatever…

            The 50/50 I was referring to are the Alumni that I know, not the entire Alumni.
            Anyways, I think we are hoping for the same thing, just different ways of going about it. I think Umile has given so much to UNH (and no, I am not a relative or anything) that I would like to see him get one as much as anybody else. Whatever happens, I hope somehow UNH gets to the top sometime soon, before I get too old to enjoy it! So, take care Patrick and Go ‘Cats!

  5. BU was sooooo lucky this weekend. They deserved to lose/tie game 2 after giving up that 3 goal in the 3rd. They might have even deserved to lose game 1. I’m thrilled with 3/4 this weekend.

  6. Are you kidding me?! Vermont is NOT a lot better than given credit for! NU completely mailed it in! NU is a lot worst than we all think. Jim Madigan for some crazy reason loves to shorten the bench. A dumb strategy from an clueless head coach that only results in leaving the huskies out of gas by the third period. It is also obvious that just like last year, the huskies are giving up on Madigan. I don’t blame them.


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