Weekend work-up, Feb. 20, 2012: A slightly more ordered universe

A quick glance at the standings after this past weekend’s play shows us something we haven’t seen all season: nearly every team occupies a place of its own in the CCHA standings. Only Notre Dame and Northern Michigan share a spot — and what a surprise it is that those two teams are tied nearer the bottom than the top.
Three things learned from the most recent CCHA play:
1. You don’t need a single NHL draft pick to earn the regular-season title. Congratulations to the Ferris State Bulldogs, your regular-season CCHA champs! Of course, this being the season that it is, there’s still a chance that FSU will have to share that title with Michigan next weekend, but only if the Bulldogs fail to take a single point against Western Michigan. In sweeping Bowling Green at home, FSU extended its unbeaten streak to 14 games (11-0-3) and became the first team in the country to reach 22 wins.
2. Never count out the Wolverines. Never. For a team that was a long way down looking up in December, not only has Michigan played itself into a first-round CCHA playoff bye, the Wolverines have a chance at a top seed in the NCAA tournament. Since their seven-game winless skid in the first half, the Wolverines are 13-2-2, and their win Saturday to sweep visiting Northern Michigan was their second overtime win in three games. Senior A.J. Treais had the OT goal, his eighth in the second half and seventh in seven games.
3. If I’m in the building, there’s a good chance the game is going to overtime. I was lucky enough to cover the Alaska-Michigan State game Friday and I was in the press box gathering information for my column Saturday when Michigan hosted Northern Michigan. Both games went to overtime; in both cases, the home team won 3-2. I’ve seen seven overtime games this season; there have been 31 played between CCHA teams in regular-season games.


  1. IF – a VERY BIG IF – Western sweeps Ferris and Michigan sweeps BG that would make them tied in points but since Michigan won both the head to head games, doesn’t that make Michigan the CCHA Regular Season Champions?

    • Yes if michigan and Ferris would end up tied in points that would also mean they would be tied in wins and the next tie breaker is total points in h2h games. which michgan got 6 points to Ferris’ 0. So Michigan would be the no.1 seed.

    • Both teams would have a claim to the conference championship in that case, and would hang banners accordingly, but for purposes of seeding, Michigan would be #1 as a result of head-to-head.

  2. Go get that point Bulldogs and win the title outright!
    A New WCHA team (not NCHC or Big Ten) winning one of the last CCHA titles….perfect.

    • Great to see the support on this. I am a Ferris Alum, so I am a little bias on this.
      I love seeing Ferris doing this well before the conference additions. Ferris has been a growing strength in the always difficult CCHA. With the top teams from WCHA moving to NCHC, and the addition of Big Ten, it seems that Ferris is being thrown into a “weaker” conference. Long story short, great job this season showing that you belong with the big boys.
      Good Luck in Nationals!

    • thanks Bigspartan….  I’m a Ferris Alum and always like rooting for the smaller schools to do well.    Need to take care of business this Friday @ WMU to wrap the title up.

  3. Ferris State beat another below average team…yawn. Apparently people don’t choose to look at the losses to an average W.Michigan, below average Alaska, RIT, and Vermont, and getting swept by Michigan. Also Notre Dame and N. Michigan have been playing awful as of late. Have fun exiting the NCAA tourney in the first round Ferris State.

    • Why so much hate towards the Ferris State Bulldogs Jason??  Well UM plays BGSU this coming weekend another team as you put it ” below average team” So UM has an easy ending schedule??  BGSU is a young and upcoming team and deserves some credit inspite of their current record.  FSU will do just fine come the NCAA Tournament.  Is your team even being considered for the tourney?

    • Assuming you’re a Minnesota fan since you said your team is “set” to win the WCHA, you might want to check your own team’s losses before you spout off. Also, check your SOS. Just because teams are playing awful doesn’t change anything. Most of those wins against awful teams have been dominated affairs. That’s what good teams do. They don’t play down to their competition.
      I am not claiming that Ferris will succeed in the national tournament because I think, as the year as shown, that any team can win on any given night. Regardless of what happens, RIGHT NOW, who else would you vote for? The Bulldogs haven’t lost in 7 weeks.
      This is why I hate polls.

  4. So if WMU sweeps Ferris AGAIN!, will they get any respect in the polls, my sneaking suspicion is they will not. Although my other hunch is that WMU won’t be able to win on a Saturday for some reason 


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