NESCAC picks: Jan. 25

Rolling! The pursuit of perfection may not be so elusive after all, as a 6-0-0 (.1000) record last weekend leaves me with a 34-12-6 (.712) overall record. Finally have crossed the threshold for the 70 percent success rate, but I am not taking anything for granted coming down the home stretch of the season. Have to execute just like the boys on the ice.
This week sees another batch of challenging games to pick. Here are this week’s selections.
Friday, January 25, 2013
Wesleyan at Amherst
The two teams always seem to play very low-scoring games, not that either coach has a problem with that. One coach is not going to be happy coming up just a goal short, but the home ice is worth that to the Lord Jeffs. Amherst 3-2
Middlebury at Connecticut College
The first game ended in a tie between these two teams, and both have struggled with consistency this season overall. The Panthers have no problem creating chances, but finishing has been an issue in the second half. Maybe this one on the road can kick start the offense into some higher goal production. Middlebury 4-2
Trinity at Hamilton
It is almost impossible to pick a score at Hamilton that is not a one-goal difference. They apparently like to play them that way. and have had some success. I think the visitors have shown that proclivity as well. and the final marker is the empty-net flavor to create more than the one-goal spread. Trinity 3-1
Saturday, January 26, 2013
Trinity at Amherst
Can you imagine the benefit of staying in your own dorm while your opponent drives hours on a bus after a hard-fought game just to get some rest at the local hotel before Saturday’s matinee? Amherst can, and takes advantage against the Bantams for a 2-0-0 weekend. Amherst 4-2
Williams at Connecticut College
The Ephs have quietly been among the league’s best behind Bowdoin this season, and maybe with the Polar Bears off from league play this weekend, coach Bill Kangas’ squad will get the attention they deserve. The opponents have been paying attention, but that hasn’t been enough. Williams 4-1
Middlebury at Tufts
OK, so maybe I haven’t picked Tufts in too many games this season, but the fact is that they have struggled in the conference against quality opponents, and this is the time of the year when coach Bill Beaney’s group starts to “get it” and launch into that playoff mode. The Panthers have not won back-to-back games since the first week of December 2012. This one ends that skid and doubles their win total for 2013. Middlebury 3-2
As usual it is close but only eight get to play in the conference tournament so every point matters a lot! You can’t take anything for granted at this time of the season — drop the puck!