North Dakota loses top goal-scorer MacMillan indefinitely to lower-body injury, surgery

Top-ranked North Dakota will be without Mark MacMillan on an indefinite basis (photo: Candace Horgan).

North Dakota announced Tuesday that senior forward Mark MacMillan will undergo surgery on Wednesday to repair a lower-body injury and will be out of action indefinitely.

MacMillan suffered the injury during North Dakota’s 3-1 victory over St. Cloud State last Saturday in Grand Forks, N.D.

On the season, MacMillan leads top-ranked UND with a career-high 16 goals, ranks third on the team in scoring with 25 points and his 13 goals during conference play lead the NCHC.

A fourth-round draft pick of the Montreal Canadiens in 2010, MacMillan has posted 99 points (46 goals, 53 assists) in 151 career games and this season, is a finalist for both the Hockey Humanitarian Award and the Senior CLASS Award.


  1. It’s been a tough year for Mac as far as injuries are concerned.
    After missing time earlier this season with a lacerated wrist, he still is the team’s leading goal scorer. Wishing a speedy recovery again for him.

    • The guy is tough and if indeed this is the end as far as playing for the Sioux he went out sacrificing his body for the team and thinking of the team first and his well being second. A true Fighting Sioux. With that said I hope he can somehow put that jersey on again sometime in the playoffs.

      • Yeah, I just can’t see how any kind of surgery on the lower body is something that you can come back and play with given where we are in the season. I hope he can, and my guess is that he will do anything and everything he can to get back on the ice, but even if he were to be ready for the FF (if UND gets there) do you play him? I would guess they would but if that top line is clicking going in and he is only back on the ice for a few days, how could the coaches break up a line. I don’t know. My guess is that there is very little chance but there is always hope and I will keep hoping for him. He deserves a better end than that.

  2. must be an odd injury to require surgery from blocking a shot, toughest part about this is und’s lines have been so consistent for so long you don’t want to mess the other lines up but then who else has the speed and kill to play with parks and poolman

    • Yeah, I wonder if it is similar to what happened to Rocco a few years ago. He blocked a shot in practice and it did something to his knee cap and it needed to be repaired. I don’t remember all of the details but I think he missed a good portion of time. I think it is highly unlikely that we Mac again in a UND jersey. Rough way to end your senior season, plus he was out earlier this year when his wrist got cut in a game.

  3. I wish the kid a speedy recovery. I want the Sioux to be at full strength when we go for the hat trick of ending the Sioux season.

    There is such a limited window in college sport and it sucks to read these types of stories, regardless of the rivalry.

  4. Now that we are approaching tourney time, I would venture to say that Mark MacMillan’s Sr leadership will be missed as much as his offensive contribution. Scoring goals is one thing, every team needs as many goal scorers as possible. However, even though Mark is the leading scorer on the team, his goal total is not a large “percentage” of all goals scored this year. The success of this team lies with no one individual (though you could make an argument that McIntyre might fit that bill), losing MacMillan’s goal scoring will not diminish UND’s goal scoring as much as some might think. If UND lost someone like Matt Frattin, for example, we would surely see a noticeable drop in total team scoring. On the other hand, losing MacMillan’s leadership on/off the ice will be a noticeable loss to…..the players. Team leadership is most important at tournament time, this is when the calming affect of your senior players becomes tremendously important. Remember the Michigan game in MSP? Michigan scores relatively early (forgot the exact time or period) and UND is now pushing hard to score. Frattin receives a pass in mid-slot, totally unmolested, only to shoot 12-18 inches wide of the net. I doubt anyone saw him do this during the season, I don’t recall a shot of his missing by this much. My point….playoff games are stress filled, even Frattin was affected. This is why MacMillan’s leadership will be missed more than anything else. Just mho……

    • I disagree with you a bit. You are right it isn’t about one player for UND but it has been about consistency for the last 4 or 5 weeks. These lines have pretty much been the same for a while now, so losing him, means you lose the productivity of that entire line to some degree. Not like the others won’t step up and get it done but they just can’t be expected to do what they were with him.
      And yes his leadership will certainly be missed but there are 6 other seniors on this team so I am less concerned with that.

  5. Good luck with your career, young man, whether it resumes this season or next. Timing is everything and the timing is unfortunate with so little of the season left.


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