NCHC preseason media poll shows Minnesota-Duluth the favorite

In a vote of 30 local and regional media members, Minnesota-Duluth was picked to win the NCHC this season.

The Bulldogs garnered 17 first-place votes. Denver earned seven, North Dakota four and Miami the remaining two.

School (First-place votes)Points
1. Minnesota-Duluth (17)208
2. Denver (7)187
3. North Dakota (4)183
4. Nebraska-Omaha148
5. Miami (2)142
6. St. Cloud State117
7. Western Michigan60
8. Colorado College35


  1. The pre-season media poll is always a seemingly “educated” guess as to how the season will unfold. I’d switch Denver and Omaha in the media poll and agree with the other guesses.

  2. This is just stupid, no way UND is #3. They are the clear lead in talent after all the recruits they brought in and the seniors they have this year.. Maybe they don’t have faith in the new coach but its should read 1. UND 2. UMD 3. DU 4. UNO 5. SCSU 6. UM 7. UWM 8. CC PUT IT IN THE BANK!!


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