Three things: Oct. 25

This is a big year for the Omaha athletic department, not least because of the opening of the new Baxter Arena. So far, the school’s hockey team is holding up its end of the bargain.

The second-ranked Mavericks’ great start to the season continued this weekend when UNO swept non-conference foe Air Force in the first two hockey games at the city’s newest venue. Omaha’s Steven Spinner scored the first goal in Baxter Arena history 14:28 into Friday’s series opener and later picked up a second tally en route to his team’s 4-2 victory over the Falcons.

UNO was even stronger on Saturday in a 4-1 win over AFA. Three first-period goals from Aaron Pearce, Jake Randolph and Austin Ortega proved more than enough to bump the Mavericks to a program-best 6-0 start to the season.

Omaha will visit Western Michigan over Halloween weekend before hosting No. 5 Minnesota-Duluth on Nov. 6-7.

Western struggles on eastern swing

Speaking of WMU, they will feel they have something to prove when Omaha comes to town. The Broncos will be fresh off of a pair of losses this weekend at non-conference opponent Clarkson.

Western started its weekend in Potsdam, N.Y., well, with Nolan LaPorte giving the Broncos a first-period lead on Friday. Two Clarkson goals in the second period and another pair in the third, however, boosted the Golden Knights to a home victory at Cheel Arena.

Clarkson topped its performance on Friday with a 6-2 victory over the Broncos on Saturday. WMU again took  a first-period lead on a Kyle Novak goal, but two Golden Knights tallies in that same period and three more in the second helped to put Clarkson out of sight.

Western now sits at 2-2-1 ahead of Omaha’s visit. Both teams will open NCHC play against one another.

CC’s early struggles continue

Colorado College’s rough start to the season continued at pace this weekend when the Tigers welcomed fourth-ranked Boston College to the World Arena. The Eagles didn’t run into a lot of trouble and instead shut CC out twice in the teams’ two-game set.

Ryan Fitzgerald scored both of BC’s first two goals in a 3-0 victory on Friday before four different Eagles scored in a 5-0 win over CC on Saturday. The Tigers struggled to capitalize on the chances it got and finished 0-for-10 on the power play.

CC could face another scary proposition over Halloween weekend when top-ranked North Dakota pays a visit to Colorado Springs.


  1. Great game … the only thing missing is if ESPN could get announcers who actually know the sport. Thorn amd Melrose are a JOKE and a DISGRACE……. What team is MIke Brown???? Clendending took alot of shots on hs own net,, the problem was that it was JT Brown , they have the same number… Those 2 fools ruined the game

    • I agree–Melrose knows hockey, but didn’t have a clue about college hockey or their players–better off having college announcers call the game!

      • Melrose has openly stated his disdain for American college hockey since he began covering it after he was fired years ago. Join the Sioux in hating the NCAA and ESPN for the absolute lack of underestimating of college hockey, bcs sucks lets have a 3 game playoff for hockey. Make it real. BC and Minnesota are the only number one teams in a decade to achieve a national championship.It is tradion in college for a team to make a run for the title. UND 97, Denver 04, Boston 09, etc. It is hard in a one game series for the best teams to meet in the frozen four.

  2. Umichfan is bigger loser than Barry Melrose…

    Just one question, did the puck cross the line before or AFTER the whistle blew? I guess it wasn’t a goal then.

    Get over it, you are taking away everything your team accomplished this year with this whine of yours. Michigan had an amazing team and a great run to the championship game, but they LOST. It doesn’t take away from what they accomplished this year, but your BS does. Way to ruin a good thing for Michigan.

    • Actually, if you watched the replays and listened the puck crossed BEFORE the whistle – not sure if that was just an artifact of the slow-motion replay or not. It was stated that the whistle is not the thing that ends the play, rather it is the referee’s decision that the play had ended when he could no longer see the puck. That is, the play ends when the ref deems it should end, not when the whistle blows.

  3. Congrats to the Bulldogs! They decided to play their best hockey at the perfect time of the year. Great to see Michigan not catch the breaks they did against UND and UNO, Hunwick still played a lights out game, congrats on Michigan’s run, all coming from a Sioux fan!

  4. Props to Michigan for shutting down the top scoring line in the nation, but it just wasn’t enough! Kenny Reiter chose the right time of the year to step up his game, and Tardy chose the right game to score his first college goal.

    • Better late than never! Hahaha Tardy get it! One to remember that’s for sure. Congrats Bulldogs! And go Sioux!

    • Well, the WCHA is the best league. Are you telling me they are not? Come on, honestly, do you think the WCHA is not the best conference? I think this is a very difficult argument to make there tiger….:)

  5. As a Minnesota Hockey fan living in Connecticut, it was a dream come true that they landed in the eastern regionals, and I got to see them beat Yale. I am torn between the Gophers and the Bulldogs because I can get the Gophers on TV here and follow them, but I’m from Duluth and visit the North Shore every Summer. What a week. UCONN wins in round ball, and then Duluth wins a championship.

  6. It is refreshing to come to the B1G board and find real hockey fans discussing issues relating to our favorite sport. I have but one question: Can one of you B1G fans tame your poster “#1 Wisco SportsFan”? He/she/it has multiple screen names and is destroying the experience on the NCHC board. The moderators apparently don’t have time to rein in the drivel that the National board is subjected to by “#1 Wisco SportsFan”. It would be a shame if he/she/it came here and posted the same inane ramblings…

    • I agree.. It’s funny how you come here and read comments and can’t even see his two cents on his own team’s conference blog. He/she/it is out of control over there.

      • I recognize many screen-names as I surf the boards for opinions and perspectives on other teams as North Dakota does play an OOC schedule and, inevitably, these teams will be in the Regionals and NCAA’s… However, I rarely post on boards other that the NCHC’s as I haven’t observed the games being discussed.

          • I like reading the NCHC blog because most of those teams were part of the old WCHA. Even though I’m a diehard Gopher fan, I still follow those teams. When I saw there were 148 comments on that blog, I didn’t even bother to check it out as I’m sure most of them were nonsense.

    • He has his moments on here as well. I think he just likes to stir it up with the NoDak fans. What is Hakstol doing right this year? NoDak is usually only a .500 team in the first half of the season.

      • I wish we knew? It is refreshing, tho. That said, the injury bug bit ’em hard. Christmas break will be a welcomed recovery period. (Do not let my screen name offend. I raised my kids in the Cities though I myself attended UND. As a Sioux fan in Minneapolis I am nogofer!)

    • You’re welcome here anytime nogofer! Don’t really see he/she or their dozen or so screen names being tamed any time soon though. It was kind of enjoyable last year (from our perspective anyways since he went after you guys just as #1) but now it’s gotten a little absurd. Best thing is for everyone to simply not respond ever.

      • He/she finds ways to respond to themselves by creating new names then uses all those names to like the posts so they jump to the top so everyone can see it. It’s a little weird.

    • I think He/she/it is a basement dweller in mom/dad’s cellar. Just comes out to see if it is daytime or nighttime. A sad, sad life form.


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