Women’s D-I picks: Nov. 6

Ties were the bane of me last week, but I still went a respectable 20-6-6, and am now 100-23-13 on the year. The WCHA and Hockey East are virtually dormant this weekend because of the Four Nations Cup, but there are still a lot of games.

Friday, Nov. 6

Dartmouth at Brown
Brown will win eventually, but I don’t think it happens this game. Dartmouth 3-1

Cornell at Princeton
The Big Red have scoring issues, and playing Kimberly Newell won’t help. Princeton 3-1

Colgate at Quinnipiac
The Bobcats were surprised by Yale last weekend, but I like them to right the ship. Quinnipiac 4-1

St. Lawrence at Rensselaer
Goals are still an issue for the Engineers, so I like the visitors. St. Lawrence 3-2

Clarkson at Union
I’m sure the Dutchwomen will hang around, but it won’t enough. Clarkson 3-1

Harvard at Yale
Home ice will keep the Elis close, but I think the Crimson win this. Harvard 3-2

Northeastern at Maine
Can the Huskies score without Kendall Coyne? Just enough. Northeastern 4-2

Friday-Saturday, Nov. 6

Syracuse at Lindenwood
My percentages would be even better if I didn’t pick CHA games. Syracuse 3-2, 2-1

Mercyhurst at Penn State
CHA play got the Lakers their first wins of the year, and that continues. Mercyhurst 2-1, 3-1

Robert Morris at RIT
I don’t think the Tigers are ready to make their annual surge just yet. Robert Morris 3-2, 3-1

Bemidji State at Ohio State
The Buckeyes bedeviled the Beavers last year, winning all four games. I think Bemidji turns it around. Bemidji State 3-1, 3-2

Saturday, Nov. 7

Harvard at Brown
The Crimson keep pace with the league leaders. Harvard 3-1

Colgate at Princeton
I think Princeton might not lose until it plays a team like Harvard. Princeton 3-2

Cornell at Quinnipiac
Cornell couldn’t beat Union, so I  don’t see the Big Red taking points on the road from the Bobcats. Quinnipiac 4-2

Clarkson at Rensselaer
The Golden Knights probably can’t wait to get back to Canton, but should have enough in the tank. Clarkson 3-1

St. Lawrence at Union
Another game that will be very close, but see Union fall short. St. Lawrence 2-1

Dartmouth at Yale
The Elis surprised last week against Quinnipiac, and I like them to take this one. Yale 2-1

Boston College at Boston University
The Terriers have shown signs of life of late, but BC Alex Carpenter and Haley Skarupa were left off the Team USA roster. Boston College 4-2

New Hampshire at Providence
I figure the Friars might finally get a win here, but there’s no percentage in picking it. New Hampshire 3-1

Merrimack at Connecticut
The Warriors will keep it close, but fall short. Connecticut 3-1

Sunday, Nov. 8

New Hampshire at Connecticut
The Huskies are looking to me like the final home ice team in Hockey East. Connecticut 3-1

Tuesday, Nov. 10

Boston University at Boston College
A change of venue won’t help the Terriers. Boston College 5-1

Syracuse at Clarkson
Home sweet home for the Golden Knights means a win. Clarkson 3-1

Maine at Dartmouth
The Big Green should be able to eke this one. Dartmouth 2-1


      • I can’t speak for BC fans, but in Minnesota we were concerned about how long the freshmen would take to transition to D-1 hockey (and, with new line combinations, when chemistry would develop). The questions have been answered.

  1. I hope there will be an equal number of matchups in this Challenge next year. Michigan and Michigan State competed in 9 of the 14 games played. 33% of the B1G conference played 64% of the games. Boston University and Boston College played 7 of the 14 games, thus 18% of Hockey East accounted for 50% of the games played in the Challenge.

    Ohio State didn’t even play a game. Neither did Maine, Merrimak, Northeastern, Notre Dame, or Providence. I’m not saying that the teams that didn’t play are bad, I just want a fair-fought Challenge.

    I would like the top 4 of the B1G to play the top 4 of Hockey East and the bottom 2 of each conference to play one other. I think that would bring more parity to the Challenge.

    I don’t read into the results of this Challenge as evidence for greatness, not that teams in both conferences aren’t excellent. I just want to point out that the ECAC is showing that it might be the cream of the ice given its total inter-conference record of 26-11-4.

    • The top 2 teams in the Big 10 are better this year than the top 2 teams in Hockey East. Who cares about 3rd-8th place? MN would have swept BC if they did not take their foot off the gas on Friday night…Sunday was the same game as Friday with the gophers having learned their lesson. MN is the best team in the country right now and Michigan should be #2. ND losing to UMD shows that ND is overrated. UMD is in a total rebuild year and a #2 team should not lose to them. Michigan is the real deal and their games with MN this year will be great for college hockey. This is the best MN team (chemistry and balance) since the 2002 championship season. 16 players registered at least 1 point over the weekend. The scary part is both teams (MN and MIch) are only going to get better as the season moves on.

      • So UMass Lowell’s win at Michigan shows that Michigan is a better team? And I am not sure anybody knows who the best 2 teams in HE are. Big 10 clearly Gophs and Wolverines and people are assuming UML and BC but Providence should be every bit as good as both of them.

        • MN is the clear #1 team right now. Mich is the 2nd best team I have seen this year. UMass Lowell (preseason #1?) are a better team than UMD..(I live in Duluth by the way). I am not a big Mich fan but having seen Mich, ND, MN, UMass L, Miami, Nodak and WI all play this year (and their opponents) MN and MIch have the best teams from the goal out. WI was overrated (they are top 15 but not top 10 yet) and the rest of the Big 10 is weak but the top 2 are definite threats to win it all. Mich will be their own worst enemy this year with the inconsistency of their young players (especially the goalie). The gophers young players don’t play as young……They will be tough to beat with that much firepower and that goalie. York said they are the best team he has seen this year and I agree wholeheartedly. BC has a nice team but they are not tough enough yet. Great skill but lack that big front of the net presence. The Big 10 HE challenge final tally is meaningless in the big scheme. I agree with an earlier poster who said they should seed and have 1 play 1, 2 play 2, 3 play 3 …6 play6. At least there would be good games all through.

          • I completely agree with you on Minn., but I think there are still questions on Michigan. A loss to UML on home ice and being outplayed at UNH twice (though they escaped with a tie and OT win). I really think PC is going to be abetter team that BC and many others this year because they are strong from the net out as well. Three points over a very good Miami team this past weekend. I was not disagreeing with your post other than the fact that the best 2 Big 10 teams are better than the best 2 in HE. Clearly Minny is but after that, I am not so sure.

          • Where is your east Coast Bias? You are being to agreeable here. I appreciate your insights on PC. I will try and watch them in the next couple of weeks. Are they are junior Senior type of team? One of the interesting things with College hockey is that the big high profile programs get the blue chip Freshman and sophs and churn roster every year and in the end the mid teir programs (no disrespect intended) win with Juniors and Seniors. MN is fortunate this year to have a better mix of old and young. Their old is in the right spots (goal, 1st and 2nd line Centers and D). They remind me a lot of the 2002 team in that respect. Chemistry is really a big thing.

          • No east coast bias here, just a college hockey fan. Attend all FF’s and just enjoy the games, no matter what. PC has a good mix of upper and under classmen right now. They hired Nate Leaman 3 years ago, right after he got Union on track and he has done a great job with the team. He talked Derek Army into staying even after they fired his dad for Leaman. He managed to land Jon Gillies last year, as good a goalie as any out there. If you follow the NTDP, he was the back up on the U-20 World Junior team and played some there too. Outside of the goaltending, they are very aggressive and physical. They will be a tough team for anybody.
            I agree with you on MN, the ’02 and ’03 teams were loaded that way.

          • They are the 2013/14 version of Yale!
            There is going to be a lot of parity in college hockey this year. There are only a handful of really great teams and then a huge pool of mediocre teams. It shoudl mak for some wild games all year long. I am looking forward to seeing PC play now. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. I hope the BTHC-HEA Challenge continues because it adds to the quality of the non-conference schedule. As a MN season ticket holder, I was concerned that more non=conf games this year (due to 8 fewer conference games) would mean a parade of weak opponents early. Not so. The BC-MN series last weekend was the best early season non-conf hockey I have had the pleasure to witness. I hope there’s more on tap for next season.


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