Video: Minnesota State’s 180-plus-foot, banked, own goal on a delayed penalty

Here’s something you don’t see every day. And probably something Jimmy Mullin and Minnesota State would like to never see again.


From more than 180 feet away, Mullin banked a pass off the boards and into his own net while Mavericks goaltender Cole Huggins was pulled for a delayed penalty.

That goal — yes, announcer, it was — gave Alabama-Huntsville a 3-2 lead in the second period of Friday’s game. The Chargers’ Madison Dunn got credit for his second goal of the night.

“That’s one you don’t plan on,” Minnesota State coach Mike Hastings told the Mankato Free Press. “I don’t know what to say, other than that’s kind of the way our night went.”

The Mavericks earned a 3-3 tie when Bryce Gervais evened the game with a power-play goal in the third period.

Here are all of the goals from the game:

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  1. WMU is second not third, also serves U of M and MSU right, glad to see the Big Flop at the bottom the standings…quite upset though that probably the last series ever against OSU and they got the better of us, oh well, we will see you at the JOE!!! Let’s Go Broncos!!! #Lawsonlunatics

  2. Notre Dame was not on a 6 game winless streak when then won in Chicago. The swept Michigan last weekend and were 3-2-1 in their last 6 going in to Sunday

  3. Yeah, so glad that MSU and Michigan’s failures are your joys, Dusty Bronco. Talk to us when you make a Frozen Four or win an NCAA championship. Such brazen, empty trash talk is so MAC like.

    • Why shouldn’t Dusty take joy in it? Michigan hockey is declining and everyone knows it. Maybe Michigan should find a capable goalie rather than playing a hack/hacks they found at the local mens league skate (this is true). Not to mention the selfish individuals that call themselves a team. Just saying…

  4. WMU has a LOT of work to do, so can it, Dusty. I love the Broncos as much as you do, but they have not shown well on Saturdays the last three weeks. Is it nice to see Michigan and Michigan St in the basement? Of course, but let’s not put the cart before the horse. Western’s better fortunes in the last two seasons and this season are, yes, cause for celebration, but not self-aggrandizement.

    You have my apologies, James.


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