What we learned: Nov. 14

The WCHA hosted one of the NCAA’s best matchups this weekend and it lived up to the billing.

Here is what we learned this weekend:

1. Bemidji State can get it done in overtime. The Beavers picked up WCHA sweep this weekend in overtime against Minnesota State. The first victory came in the 3-on-3 overtime session and officially counts as a tie for the pairwise rankings. The second victory came in the first overtime, giving the Beavers a 2-1 victory.

2. Bowling Green is back in the WCHA race. The Falcons scored 10 goals this weekend as they swept Northern Michigan. Bowling Green has only played six league games, the second least in the WCHA, and appears to have shaken off the early season funk.

3. Michigan Tech’s offense is firing on all cylinders. The Huskies scored 10 goals this weekend and registered 77 shots in a two-game sweep against Lake Superior State.


  1. What about Drew Leblanc. At least he doesn’t get suspended for throwing under age parties like the Un Named D-bags crew. Class act and the mayor dangle city.

    • WOW, that is some real hatred for a bunch of kids doing what college kids do—go to parties and drink when they are under aged. Not saying that Knight should win the Hobey as a matter of fact this little incident should probably keep him out but you can’t argue that he is having an outstanding season and putting up some pretty sick numbers. I’d be shocked if you wouldn’t have been able to find pretty much every college hockey team in the nation having that same party either that very same weekend just about every single year. Again that doesn’t make it right but cool your jets man, they are just college kids.

      • Do not use logic and intelligence when replying to wonderful posters like “huskyfan”. Far easier to paint all the players on a team for the misdeeds done by one or two players.

        The players are young men that are often kings of the campus because of their talent. Pretty sure that many teammates of players struggling to stay out of trouble try very hard to help them on a good path. Just like the rest of society, there are variations in the morals and deeds of these players.

        As you say, it does not make it right and probably excludes that player from an award like the Hobey Baker, but at the same time, it does mean that someone playing on the same team or the same line should be excluded.

      • I can’t believe how uneducated even North Dakota’s own fans seem to be about the charges Corban Knight is facing.

        Corban Knight is an adult (he’s 22, going on 23 years old this September) and he is charged with procuring alcohol for minors. This is a Class A misdemeanor in North Dakota (read: the most egregious level of misdemeanor in that state). There are many states where, if committing this act results in any level of injury or death as a result of it, it rises to the level of a felony, and, there are other states where legislation is currently pending to make this an outright felony under any circumstances, Rhode Island and Nebraska among them. Predictably, MADD is fervently advocating such legislation all over the country. Quite rightly so, I might add. The crime of “Adults procuring alcohol for minors” should be a felony. Period. To try and excuse this behavior on any level is utterly irresponsible, and, dangerous.

        Not only does this say a lot about the “character” of Corban Knight, if, in fact, he is convicted of these charges, it’s just plain stupid beyond words. This act could have conceivably not only jeopardized his college career but any chances he has for a pro career as well, if someone had gotten hurt as a result of his actions. This goes for the other players involved as well, I might add, since there are 4 other teammates of his facing the same charges–Andrew MacWilliam (age-almost 23), Danny Kristo (age-almost 23), Carter Rowney(age-almost 24), and Joe Gleason (age-almost 23).

        These aren’t “kids”. These are grown men.


        • I didn’t even try to justify it and he will face whatever charges he should. You either didn’t go to college or you went to an all girls school. People in college drink get over it. You are the reason that I stopped posting on this site years ago and once again this may very well be my last post you tool.

        • I’m not making excuses, there will be consequences and repercussions.
          My only question is can my daughter vote if she is “almost” 18?

        • LOL He will get probation, and a deal that usually goes like this…. 2 years of jail time suspended on that he doesn’t perform similar acts or gets arrested for any misdemeanor or felony charges in those two years. After those two years his charges will be dropped and off his record…So no It’s not a big deal.

      • yep. probably pretty safe to say every single college hockey team (including his beloved huskies) has some underage kids pounding cheap swill on off weekends and after game 2 on game weekends. last time i checked, college kids still drink beer.

    • I am sure Drew Leblanc would prefer you not support him than use his name in a personal attack on another school, city and state.

    • wait, what? you mean there are underage college kids who drink alcohol??? but, but, but….that’s illegal? well, i never! i’ll bet your hero drew leblanc never did that! screw the hobey. drew leblanc for president!!!!!!!!!!!

      the real question is….will st cloud double their NCAA D1 wins total this year with 1 win and make it to the 2nd round for the 2nd time in their history? enquiring minds want to know!

      P.s. I just checked again….and you STILL can’t spell sucks without SCSU.

    • You mean the Nick Bjugstad that is 33rd nationally in scoring? Heck of a pro prospect, just hasn’t produced enough to be in the running.

    • oh come on you homer. a little common sense please! bjugstad may very well make the best pro of the bunch, but unless he picks up the pace, he’s got no shot at hobey. (this coming from a gopher fan.) i mean, c’mon…1) he’s not even in the top 30 in scoring in the nation. 2) he’s only the third leading scorer on the gophers. (both rau and haula have more points.) and 3) he’s scoring at < pt/game clip. sorry, but that ain't gonna do it. frankly, haula would be a better pick at this point.
      (haula added 2 more pts tonight. rau, 1pt. bjugstad, 1pt.)

  2. “BC is in a stronger position from a team perspective”

    Yeah, that’s why BC is tied with New Hampshire for 4th in the pairwise and Nodak is 6th. BC has 17 wins, UND has 16. Both have 8 losses. I don’t see how BC is in a stronger position from a team perspective. Unless I’m just not understanding what you are saying.

  3. In it’s most simple terms, Hobey voting is not unlike Heisman voting, which ends up usually with votes for players coming from the region that player plays in, unless there is a transcendent clear-cut majority. As it stands right now, nobody in the ECAC or Hockey East is really putting up a strong challenge against Gaudreau, despite the efforts of Carey, Flanagan and Gensler (which should not be minimized) while players like Knight, Kristo, and/or Walters could split the western contingent of votes of those out there who haven’t bought into the Gaudreau arguments.

    Still plenty to see, but yes, as of right now it’s a Gaudreaubey Baker for him to lose or someone to catch on fire and steal.

  4. unless gaudreau’s production falls off a cliff, i’d be comfortable placing a wager the hobey will go to him. leblanc (SCSU) has put up good numbers, but i’ve watched him play and he doesn’t control a game like gaudreau, knight or bjugstad. knight is good enough, but his off-ice distractions will probably rule him out. (and if it doesn’t go to him, they’re certainly not going to give it to kristo, the 2nd best player on UND). walters is an interesting case. but as go the (UNO) mavericks post season, so goes his shot at hobey. bjugstad may end up the best pro of the hobey bunch, and though he can control a game even when he doesn’t score, he simply doesn’t have the numbers. and then there’s the hartzell kid from quinnipiac. he makes a compelling case (and a feel-good story) as one of the top goalies in the nation for the current no 1, but….my money is still on gaudreau.

    • Leblanc has played with 2 freshman on his wings for 20 games this season, after Hanowski went down with an injury. If he would have played with Hanowski all year he would have a lot more points this year. After those games those two freshman were both top five in the nation in scoring how can that not be production and controlling a game. I would like to see somebody else in the nation do that and also going against teams number one lines. Must not have watched him enough. Also want to add one more thing, I’m sure Drew is the only one out of these guys thats going to actually graduated with degree.

      • Really he is the only one that will get his degree? How do you figure that? What a stupid comment. How about you stick to commenting on what you know. And since you appear to know nothing at all about anything just shut up.

        • What kind of degree is your boy Corban Knight getting?? Phy. Ed., Ex.
          Sci. & Wellness!! Can you even get a job with that in the real world. I mean they have to take a class on rest and relaxation where all
          they do is sleep. #Whatajoke

          • You must be confused, knight isn’t “my boy”, maybe you think the icon is for und, look closer it is the Blackhawks. I just like college hockey man. There is no way that what his degree is in is relevant to is or any conversation that I have ever seen on this blog.

            The best players at the top programs (MN, BC, UND, DU, ETC) are not there for the college degree and thats okay. i hope they take advantage of the situation and get a degree but honestly that is now what they are there for. They are there to work on their game and get to the next level—very similar to the alabama football programs of the world.

            And to answer your question I bet that is just the type of degree that someone that wants to coach in the future might go after. I would guess there are a lot of guys in college hockey getting very similar degrees.

          • Also if Leblanc is your boy, he is getting his degree in educational math and a minor in coaching. Diffentiation degrees with. Pretty much the same thinking in mind, if I don’t make it at the next level I can teach and coach.

          • He is going to make millions in the NHL. He’s the best face Off man the NCAA has seen in years and he passes so beautifully…HELLO POWERPLAY

  5. I am watching Vermont UNH on the CBS national game of the week. They have been counting down the best ten college players of the last ten years. I am a BU guy but for this countdown to have Nathan Gerbe at #10 and Colin Wilson at #7 is just wrong. MAYBE if you are talking in terms of pro prospects. But Gerbe was SPECIAL in the way Gaudreau is special. I hate to admit it but BC and their Merry Smurfs have dominated college hockey. Gerbe was FEARED and had to be accounted for every shift he was on the ice … Wilson took periods off, no doubt was a gifted talent in his two years at Agganis, and put up big numbers during his final year, but I would argue was not even the MVP forward of that National Title team. Jason Lawrence scored more big goals in big situations than Wilson did. I think my appreciation of Wilson has been tarnished by the Charlie Coyle legacy as their games were similar, and that is not fair to Wilson..

    Still, like I said, i am NO DOUBT a BU man, but to say Wilson was a better Collegiate player than Gerbe is heresy.

    • As a BC man, I agree. Wilson always had more talent than Gerbe, but it was Lawrence who was the catalyst of that BU title team (and Milian in net), but people forget that Gerbe carried that BC team to a title on his own during that tournament, more or less being a one-man show and tour-de-force.

      And Wilson is a better pro player than Gerbe. Shhh. People will think we’re traitors though, having reasonable matching opinions.


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