Friday’s team practices at Frozen Fenway

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Boston University, UMass, Boston College and Providence practiced on Friday, January 6, at Fenway Park. Their games originally scheduled for Saturday were postponed for weather concerns to Sunday.


    • Or, there really isn’t that much of a difference between any of the four teams that are in the Frozen Four and UND losing might not be a choke job but instead might be getting outworked and outscored.

    • Sounds just like a Michigan football game against Ohio State to me. One teams fans do all the talking, and coincidentally all the losing as well…. Does this sound familiar? The only difference is UND isn’t overrated

  1. I don’t think that UND is really acting all the superior or overconfident in any way and how anyone can say that is absurd. They have dominated the first two games of the tournament and after the game did they over-celebrate?? No, they just went and smacked the goalie’s pads in a sign of respect and went to shake hands with the teams. They are workman-like individuals with a goal and they are taking every game like its their last in which it is. So where is the arrogance?? The Overconfidence?? The only overconfidence is that stupid CCHA writer who said they aren’t scared of UND. So say what you want they are bringing their lunch pails and are going to put in some work tomorrow regardless of the outcome.

  2. all i have to say is I’m a Michigan fan Go Blue!!!! A red wings fan also all 4 teams r deserving to be in the frozen four and that is that North Dakota has great players senior leadership and good goal tending on the other hand Michigan returned a lot of seniors just for this moment and also have a good goalie who is coming into his own. I give an advantage to UND on paper but Michigan does have the greatest coach of all time cant argue that with me UND fans he will have the Wolverines ready I promise u. Anyone can win the championship even though i think whoever wins the UM UND game will win it all that doesn’t matter their is parody in every level of hockey thats what makes it a great sport, and all i have to say is look what Butler did in basketball that means any team can beat anybody. Good luck to all four teams should be all good games, and Go Blue!!!!


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