Three things we learned: Feb. 19

There is just one week remaining in the regular season schedule, and it’s going to be a good one. This past weekend there were just six teams in action, so teams should be well rested for the regular season finales.

Here is what we learned this weekend:

1. It’s going to be a wild final weekend of the regular season. Only five teams have locked up playoff spots, everyone has a chance to get in. The playoff start in the regular season, and it should make for some great hockey.
2. Ferris State is going to the playoffs. The Bulldogs locked up a playoff spot this past weekend with a sweep against Anchorage.
3. Atte Tolvanen didn’t get a record-breaking shutout and Northern Michigan was swept by Michigan Tech. That sets up a make-or-break final series for the once hot Wildcats against Michigan Tech, which will be trying to lock up the second seed for the postseason.


    • Not that its all his fault, but I think his record is keeping him out of the race. Add in he isn’t in the top 5 in goals against or top 10 in save percentage makes it a tough argument with the others on the list. A month ago I would have said Clay Witt for this, but as of right now Rumpel is having the best season as a goalie (though Hellebuyck is who I want on my team!)

  1. Going to be honest this all should be mute because there is only one person who should win the Hobey Baker this season and that is Johnny Gaudreau from Boston College. There has not been a player at any position as dominant as he has been in arguably the best conference. If he does not win the Hobey it will be a worse sticking than Nathan Gerbe got in ’08 and will show the favoritism to the midwestern schools in the selection.

  2. .
    this blog is killing me…

    as if our non-conference record it wasn’t bad enough, NMU got swept by michigan state? FOR REAL?!? it seems we are even losing by typo!!!


    but wait… maybe it was done on purpose! yeah, that’s it! ON PURPOSE! ;)


  3. Ten teams in the WCHA and only three have a winning overall record. It’s bad for college hockey, it’s bad for the conference and it’s bad for the teams in the conference when they try to schedule tougher teams.

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      what sucks about it is that with the creation of the B1G and the NACHO, the little teams got left behind… but it is what it is right?!?

      yes, the situation is dismal at best… of ten teams, only two are on the top half of the PWR. BSU is the highest at 24th.

      but sadder yet, is that half the conference (five teams) are within the 10 worst teams in the country!!!

      i mainly think that we have had some hard luck this season but mostly not enough opportunities.

      break the WCHA down into two regions; north/south or east/west- ahhhhh… less travel!!

      you would then rework the schedule so you end up playing more non-conference games – allowing for at least a chance for more exposure and better PWR placement.

      as of now each team is playing 14 conference series. and in the case of michigan tech, five non-conference ones for this season.

      in the -LEAST- you could play your region teams twice (eight series) and the other region once (four series). that could open up the schedule for four more non-conference games (as per this season). the longer we wait on changing things, the less desirable we become…

      personally i would play even less conference games however that can be arranged (only two series with opposing region?)

      the top four of each region make into playoffs – this allows weaker teams at least a chance of some kind of cinderella story – teams would be seeded by overall record.

      something has to change!

    • .
      seriously… getting more painful by the day.

      first NMU got swept by Michigan State. now NMU got swept by Michigan Tech.

      when is NMU getting swept by Minnesota Tech?!? latter on today? tomorrow? ’cause it doesn’t look like they will ever get swept by Minnesota State!!

      ok… maybe USCHO has a crystal ball and the columnist is predicting NMU’s next series against MTU. that’s it!!

      NMU will get swept by Michigan Tech… YES!!!!



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