Vermont, LaTulippe Reach Out-of-Court Settlement

The University of Vermont has settled out of court its lawsuit with former walk-on goalie Corey LaTulippe, and will pay him $80,000.

UVM athletic director Rick Farnham, assistant athletic director Jeffrey Schulman and head men’s hockey coach Mike Gilligan had been named in the lawsuit. LaTulippe settled separately with former team captains Matt Sanders and Kevin Karlander earlier this year. A confidentiality clause prohibits either side from revealing the amount of that settlement.

“We felt under this particular set of circumstances the settlement was in the best interest of the university,” said Enrique Corredera, spokesperson for the university. “The $80,000 covers the university, any of its officers and any of its employees named in the suit. The settlement takes care of any and all claims.”

LaTulippe and his attorneys could not be reached for comment.

Five other players were originally named in the lawsuit: Ryan Cox, Joe Flammia, Graham Mink, Andreas Moborg and Donald Richardson. All agreed to unknown out-of-court terms. School president Judith Ramaley was dropped from the suit earlier this year.

LaTulippe filed his lawsuit in December, in the aftermath of severe hazing allegations. LaTulippe claimed he was forced to undergo a freshman hazing ritual that caused him emotional distress. He charged that his civil rights were violated.

Midway through the season, the school found that team members lied to investigators about the severity of the hazing rituals, and the school cancelled the remainder of its schedule.

During a deposition, LaTulippe pulled back from some of the charges, including the idea that Gilligan cut him from the team in retaliation for bringing the hazing to light.